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James Logan COLBERT

James Logan COLBERT2,4,3,1,5

about 17212,3,1 - 7th Jan 17843,1

Trader, Chickasaw Nation, Mississippi

Life History

about 1721

Born in South Carolina.2,3,1

between 1740 and 1784

Resident in Chickasaw Nation, Mississippi.1

before 1742

Married Sopha Minta HOYA in Chickasaw Nation, Mississippi.1

8th Aug 1742

Birth of son William Cooshemataha COLBERT in now Mississippi.6,7


Birth of son Levi Ittawamba Mingo COLBERT in Muscle Shoals, Chickasaw Nation, Alabama.8,9,10,1


Birth of son Samuel COLBERT in Alabama.11

about 1764

Birth of son George Tootemastubbe COLBERT in Chickasaw Nation, Alabama.5,12


Death of son Samuel COLBERT in Mississippi.11

7th Jan 1784

Died in Creek Nation, Alabama.3,1

Thrown by a horse


  • James Logan Colbert is usually reported as born in "the Carolinas."  Some sources report he was born in Scotland.  Contemporaneous sources tend to report he was born in Carolina, and one close associate (cited below) reported it was likely South Carolina. No sources I have found have provided any source or documentation for the place of birth they report, except the passage quoted below from Chickasaw History.  I have found one that has a more specific location in Scotland, Inverness.  All report the same year of birth, 1721.

    James Logan Colbert (son of D'Blainville Colbert) was born 1721 in Inverness, Scotland, and died January 07, 1784 in Creek Nation, Alabama. He married Sopha Minta Hoya.  Children of James Logan Colbert and Sopha Minta Hoya are:
    +Levi Colbert, b. 1759, Chickasaw Co., MS, d. June 02, 1834, Colbert Co., Alabama.
    --  Stacy-Rowden, http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/r/o/w/Stacy-Rowden-Texas/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0608.html

    The names of James Logan Colbert's three Chickasaw wives are not given in many sources.  I am reproducing here a very good life summary of James Logan Colbert, Sr, from the Chickasaw History online.

    In the Civil War, the Chickasaw Nation was an ally of the Confederate States of America.  James Colbert served as a Private.

    U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865
    James Colbert
    1st Regiment, Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles, CSA, Company E
    Rank Private

    James Logan Colbert (#1014) was born in Carolinas circa 1721.   In a declaration made by Silbestre Labadie, 5 JUL 1782, (Labadie had been a captive of Colbert in the spring of 1782), he stated that Colbert, "was about 60 years old, possessed of good health, and a strong constitution. An active man, despite his years, he had a 'violent temper', and was capable of 'enduring the greatest hardship.' He had lived among the Chickasaws for 40 years and boasted that he was owner of a 'fine house' and 'some hundred and fifty' blacks. He said he had several sons by Chickasaw women, who were 'very important chiefs in that nation."

    Based on this declaration, Colbert would have been born about 1722, and would have started living among the Chickasaw in about 1742.

    Malcom McGee, in an interview in 1841, stated that Colbert was, "a native of the Carolinas, probably S. C. & came to the Chickasaw Nation prior to 1850."  [Dates conflict here, since the interview was given before the time reported.]

    Apparently, in a letter dictated to Gov. Harrison of VA, by Colbert on 25 JUL 1783, Colbert stated he wished to, "serve the Country in which he lives and was born."  James died 7 JAN 1784 in AL, at 62 years of age.  After conducting some business in St. Augustine in 1873, he began his journey home.  He stopped by Creek leader Alexander McGillivray's house for a short stay. He the left there on about 4 JAN 1874.  Three days later his horse threw and killed him on 7 JAN 1784.

    He married three times.  He married First Fullblood Chickasaw in Chickasaw Nation, circa 1740.  (First Fullblood Chickasaw is #1706.)   He married Second Fullblood Chickasaw before 1742 . (Second Fullblood Chickasaw is #1707.  He married Halfblood Chickasaw before 1768.  Halfblood Chickasaw is #1708.)  Halfblood died 1822 in Tockshish, Chickasaw Nation, MS TER.

    Conflicting evidence states that James was born in SCOTLAND, circa 1721.  James immigrated, 10 JAN 1735/6.  Destination: Darien, GA.  Early family stories have him comming to America as a stow away.  These stories have never been proven and are rather doubtful.  James's occupation: Trader in Chickasaw Nation, 22 JAN 1766. On list of Traders & Packhorsemen, found in the records of England, "James Calbert" is listed as a trader in the Chickasaw Nation as of 22 JAN 1766.

    James's occupation: Trader in Chickasaw Nation, before 1784.  One source states that, "Among the most influential mixed-bloods of the Chickasaws, were the five sons of James Logan Colbert, a Scotsman who came to live among the tribe in 1729 and married three Chickasaw women.

    Four of his sons became chiefs of the tribe.  One Colbert had three wives, one Indian and the other two were white women.  Both were sisters with the last name Allen" ("Chickasaw Chiefs and Prominent Men").  Another source states that James Logan Colbert came to America aboard the PRINCE OF WALES, which landed at Darien, Georgia on January 10, 1736. Also on board were John McIntosh, Lachlan McGillivray, and John's older brother, Lachlan McIntosh. All these men played significant roles in the history of the "Five Civilized Tribes." -- (Martini).

    Chickasaw interpreter, Malcom McGee, in an circa 1841 interview with historian Lyman Draper, stated that James Logan Colbert was from the Carolinas. Colbert himself stated at one time he was born in the Carolinas.

    About 1740, he moved to the Chickasaw Nation and married into the tribe.

    One of the earliest reports of James Colbert and the Chickasaws may be found in The South Carolina Gazette, No 1368, OCT 11 to 18, 1760.  Therein was published a journal by one Langley.  His SEP 26 entry, (made at Fort Prince George), stated, "Soon three or four other fellows (Indians) came, and were at our bake house when to our surprize,  JAMES COLBERT appeared coming up, with signal and two letters upon a stick.

    As soon as he spoke to us, the Indians went off.  He then returned to the mouth of Crow Creek, about 400 yards off, and brought in 4 Chicasahs that were concealed there.  The poor fellows were extremely fatigued and their leader Jockey's Son was sick, having a fever every other day.  They left Augusta about the 18th of August, and on their way staid some time at a fort the inhabitants were building twixt this and Savannah river, and were obligrd to leave others of their party sick, in the woods a days journey from the said fort."
    --  Chickasaw History, "James Logan Colbert," http://www.chickasawhistory.com/colbert/i0001014.htm

    This account notes that he died three days ride away from the home of a friend in Creek Nation, and that his death occurred in Alabama.  A genealogy reporting James concurs with this and provides further detail, giving the actual location.  However, this sources does not provide a source or any explanation of this information.  This source also reports his birth was in North, rather than South Carolina, and even gives a specific location, Plum Island, but unfortunately, again there is no documentation.

    While this is more specific information, and the more detailed death information concurs with the Chickasaw History report,  I am hesitant to give this undocumented source priority over an eye-witness report from Malcom McGee, who reported that James' birth was probably in South Carolina.  A couple of other similar genealogies also report Plum Island NC as the birth place, but again give no documentation or explanation.

    James Logan Colbert
    Birth 1721 in Plum Tree Island, North Carolina
    Death 1784-01-07 in Creek Nation, Alabama
    Father William D Blainville Colbert b 1695, Mother Unknown
    Spouse First Fullblood b 1721
    Son Levi Colbert 1759-1834
    --  Sierra Brown, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/160066/person/-2117201191?ftm=1

    Sierra seems to be wrong about Levi's mother being the First Fullblood wife.  The Chickasaw History, and several family genealogies report it was the second wife.  Several also report her name as Sopha, although the Chickasaw History reports no name for any of the three wives of James Logan Colbert.

    Some sources refer to James as Captain.


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