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William D Marion GREEN

William D Marion GREEN1,5,2,4,3

16th May 17531,2,3 - 6th Nov 18321,2,3

Life History

16th May 1753

Born in Buffalo Creek, Mecklenburg, North Carolina.1,2,3


Resident Reported in state census in Bute County, North Carolina.4


Birth of son Henry GREEN in Buffalo Creek, Tryon, North Carolina.6,5

before 1775

Married Drucilla MCBRAYER.3


Birth of son James Lee GREEN in North Carolina.3


Birth of daughter Charlotte GREEN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.7,8

about 1794

Birth of son Abraham B M GREEN in North Carolina.9

about 1795

Birth of son Abner GREEN in Rutherford  County, North Carolina.10,3,11,12,13

28th Mar 1828

Death of Drucilla MCBRAYER in Bostic, Rutherford, North Carolina.14,3

6th Nov 1832

Died in Bostic, Rutherford, North Carolina.1,2,3

after 6th Nov 1832

Buried in Green Cemetery, Bostic, Rutherford County, North Carolina.3


  • William D Marion Green
    Birth 16 May 1753 in Buffalo Creek, Cleveland, North Carolina
    Death 6 Nov 1832 in Bostic, Rutherford, North Carolina
    Joseph Green 1715 - 1771
    Mary Sarah McEntire 1735 - 1817
    Spouse Drucilla McBrayer 1755 - 1828
    --  Sandy & Children Family,

    North Carolina, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1790-1890
    Database NC Early Census Index
    William Green
    Residence Bute County NC
    Year 1771

    William D Marion Green
    Birth May 16, 1753 Rutherford County, North Carolina
    Death Nov 6, 1832 Rutherford County, North Carolina

    William Green was born in Buffalo Creek, NC 16 May 1753. Billy died 6 Nov 1832 in Rutherford Co., NC, at 79 years of age. He was the first white child born in what is now Cleveland County, NC.

    His body was interred in a family cemetery at the old Bostic Brickyard, Rutherford Co., NC. According to an old survey of the cemetery by C. Kenyon Withrow, William Green's tombstone gave his death date and then age at death as 81. This would make his birth date 1751 or 1752. The graveyard has been destroyed since the survey.

    Billy married Drucilla LNU bef 1775. Drusy was born about 1754. Drusy died 28 March 1828 in Rutherford County, NC at 73 years of age. She is buried beside William.

    William first became well known in the Rutherford Co. area during the Revolutionary War. Like many men in the area, he fought on both sides during the war. His mother and stepfather were strong Tories [but no names for them are reported in this memorial]; Billy was a Major (Tory) captured at King's Mountain. He was sentenced to hang, but escaped and joined the Continental Army.

    From 1781-1782, Billy served with the Ten Months Men under Sumter. He fought in the Battle of Eutah Springs.
    He settled in Rutherford County, after the War. Billy was a Charter member of the Sandy Run Baptist Church and later founded Concord Baptist Church.
    Billy served in the NC House of Commons in 1798 and served 14 terms as a NC legistlator (Whig) from 1800-1824.
    (DAR Lineage Book Vol. 130 p 235-237 under application #129796, Mrs. Tempe Boddie Hill Carraway}.

    Burial Green Cemetery, Bostic, Rutherford County, North Carolina

    Created by Barbara White-Frank Selletti Jul 24, 2005
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #11417056,

    A second memorial was created in 2009 for William, under the alternative spelilng of the surnmae Green.  Both memorials are still posted.

    Maj William Marion Greene
    Birth May 16, 1753 Rutherford County, North Carolina, USA
    Death Nov. 6, 1832 Bostic, Rutherford County, North Carolina, USA

    Fought for the patriot (Whig) Forces and by 1780 he was a Captain in the Whig Militia where he was captured by the Tories. They held him as a prisoner until he was freed during the Tory defeat at the Battle of Ramsaur's Mill. His only British service was at King's Mountain. He was captured by the Patriots and sentenced to death. The story of the escape became a favoite of many historians.

    According to Lyman C Draper in "Kings Mountain and Its Heroes"

    Captain William Green along with Lieutenant William Langum, were among the Troy Prisoners, were tried before Colonel Cleveland, the charge against Green seems to have been, That he had violated the oath he had taken as an officer to support the governments of the State of North Carolina and of the United States, by accepting a British commission, and fighting at King's Mountain. Some of the British officers were present, and remonstrated at the course taken, when Cleveland cut them short, saying: "Gentlemen, you are British officers, and shall be treated accordingly---therefore give your paroles and march off immediately; The other person is a subject of the State." Green and Langum were condemned to be executed the next morning. "May be so," coolly remarked Green.

    That night, as he and his comrade, Langum, were lying before the camp-fire, under blanket, Green rolled over so that his hands, fastened with buck-skin straps, came in contact with Langum's face, who seeming to comprehend his companion's intention, worked away with his teeth till he succeeded in unfastening the knot. Green was now able to reach his pocket, containing a knife, with which he severed the remaining cords, and those of Langum. He then whispered to Langum to be ready to jump up and run when he should set the example. Green was above the ordinary size, strong and athletic.

    The guard who had special watch of them, was in the sitting posture, with his head resting upon his knees, and had fallen asleep. Making a sudden leap, Green knocked the sentinel over, and tried to snatch his gun from him; but the latter caught the skirt of the fleeing man's coat, and Green had to make a second effort before he could release himself from the soldier's grasp, and gladly got off with the loss of a part of his garment. In another moment both Green and Langum were dashing down a declivity, and through several shots were fired at them, they escaped unhurt, and were soon beyond the reach of their pursuers.

    Aided by the friendly wilderness, and sympathizing Loyalists, they in time reached their old region of Buffalo creek, in now Cleveland County, Green at least renouncing his brief, sad experience in the Tory service, joined the Whigs, and battled manfully thereafter for his country. Both Green and Langum long survived the war, and were very worthy people.
    (This happen at Bethabara, today near Winson Salem, NC, ).

    Informant: Ronald Arrowood ~ 2012

    Capt Joseph Greene (1715 - 1771)
    Mary Sarah McEntire Greene (1735 - 1817)

    Spouse Drucilla McBrayer Greene (1755 - 1828)

    Abraham Green (1760 - 1820)
    Isaac Green (1762 - 1831)
    Jacob Nathaniel Green (1767 - 1840)
    Robert G McAfee (1777 - 1848) Half-sibling

    Burial Green Cemetery, Bostic, Rutherford County, North Carolina, USA

    Created by Georgia Girl Nov 23, 2009
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #44702864,


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