James Alexander STRANGE Sarah E STRANGE William Henry STRANGE Amanda J STRANGE Minerva A STRANGE Jane STRANGE Malinda M STRANGE John W STRANGE Murphy Columbus STRANGE Miles Wesley STRANGE Joseph Seaton STRANGE Mary Susannah STRANGE Susannah HENDERSON William B STRANGE Sarah STRANGE Sarah LANE Mini tree diagram

James M STRANGE2,1,3,10,11,8

about 18179,8 - 11th Jan 18967

Life History


Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee.9,8

(less likely)

about 1817

Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee.1,2,3,4,5,6

(most likely)

9th Aug 1839

Married Susannah HENDERSON in Jefferson County, Tennessee.30,31,8

about 1840

Birth of daughter Sarah E STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.1,12,13

2nd Feb 1842

Birth of son William Henry STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.7,2,3,14,15,16

9th Oct 1843

Birth of daughter Amanda J STRANGE in Cocke County, Tennessee.5,2,17,18,3,19

about 1845

Birth of daughter Minerva A STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.20,3,2

about 1848

Birth of daughter Jane STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.2

about 1849

Birth of daughter Malinda M STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.3,7,2

Jun 1850

Birth of son John W STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.2,21

6th Feb 1854

Birth of son Murphy Columbus STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.20,22,7,23

about 1857

Birth of son Miles Wesley STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.20,24,3

8th Dec 1859

Birth of son Joseph Seaton STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.7,25,26,22,27

30th Apr 1863

Birth of daughter Mary Susannah STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.28,29,7

after 1880

Death of daughter Sarah E STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.1

11th Jan 1896

Died in Jefferson County, Tennessee.9

(most likely)

after 11th Jan 1896

Buried in Strange Cemetery, Muddy Hollow Rd, South Jefferson County, Tennessee.7,8

11th Jan 1899

Died in Jefferson County, Tennessee.7

(less likely)


  • 1850 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 23 October, District 13, page 138, Hse #961, Fam #995
    James Strange  35 M Farmer Tennessee
    Susannah Strange 35 F  Tenn
    Sarah Strange  10 F  Tenn
    William Strange  8 M Tenn
    Manerva Strange  6 F Tenn
    Amanda Strange  4 F Tenn
    Jane Strange  2 F Tenn
    Malinda Strange 1 F Tenn
    John Strange  3mos M Tenn

    In the 1850 census, on one side are James' father James (86), and mother Sarah (90). On the other side are James' brother William and his wife Mary Ann and their children.

    The 1860 census gives us James' middle initial and some additional information on some of the children.  Even though the children are all listed only by initials, both initials are given, which helps fill out the names.

    1860, Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 7 September, page 333 (Scan p 495), Hse #2360, Family #2403
    Jas M Strange 42 M  Farmer TN
    S Strange 38 F TN
    Wm H Strange 18 M Laborer  TN
    A J Strange 16 F TN
    M A Strange 15 F  TN
    M C Strange 12 M  TN
    J P Strange 10 M  TN
    J W Strange 8 M  TN
    M C Strange 7 M  TN
    M W Strange 3 M  TN
    J S Strange 6mos M  TN

    We now know the father of this family as James M Strange.

    The census of 1870 was actually the first census I found and the earlier ones were located later.

    1870 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 23 July, District 3, PO Trion, p. 7, Hse/Fam #42
    Strange, James M   53  M W  Farmer  TN
    Strange, Susannah 48  F W Kpg Hse TN
    Strange, Manerva A 25 F W Kpg Hse TN
    Strange, Malinda M  22 F W                TN
    Strange, John W     17 M W                TN
    Strange, Murphy C  16 M W                TN
    Strange, Miles W    13 M W                TN
    Strange, Joseph S 10  M W                TN
    Strange, Mary S       7   F W                TN

    Malinda, still at home in 1870 at age 22, was reported in 1850 as age 1.  In addition to William, there were three additional girls reported in the 1850 census.  Sarah, who have likely married in 1870, named after James' mother, was the oldest child in 1850 at age 10.  The next child was Amanda, who was 4 in 1850, and probably was also married by 1870.

    In the 1860 census there was another entry for a child that does not appear in 1870.  In 1860 listed after M C (matching Malinda) is J P.  He is 10 years old in 1860, which matches John in 1850.  John was reported as 9 months old in the 1850 census.  But then after J P there is J W, who matches John W in 1870.  But the age of JW is 8 and John W 17, which correlates these two, but seems to be off for the John in 1850, who we would expect to be about 20 in 1870.  So John/John W match by name, but JP and John W are closer by reported age.

    The age problem is not very definitive, because as we see over and over, ages vary widely in censuses.  It is possible that J P is another child we lack other information on who was born right after the census of 1850.  This is quite possible, since John was already over 9 months old in October 1850.  He could have died before the 1870 census, so only showed up in the 1860 census.  This name does not appear in any of the genealogies I have of this family, and I have found no other documentary evidence of another child between Malinda and Murphy.

    In 1870 living next to James and Sarah is his son William with his wife Edia and their children.  On the other side of William are James' father James (86) and mother Sarah (90).

    1880 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 14 June Civil District 5, Enumeration District 177, page 29, Hse #234, Fam #238
    Strange, James M  M W 63 Farmer TN NC VA
    Strange, Susan  F W 58 Wife Kpg Hse TN  TN TN
    Strange, Joseph S  M W 20 Son Farm Hand TN TN TN
    Strange, Mary S  F W 16 Dau At Home TN TN TN

    This 1880 census reports the father of James as born in North Carolina.  However, the same census shows the father of William Strange, who appears to be the brother of this James, as born in Virginia.
    William STRANGE M W 59 Farmer TN VA VA

    This is a common error in census reporting.  The mother of both men is reported as born in Virgina.

    The report on elder James who appears to be the father of William and younger James reports he was born in North Carolina, but his wife Sarah was born in Virginia.  It could be this is the source of the mixed report, remembered differently by the brothers, or recorded erroneously by the enumerator.

    This kind of detail is not included in the earlier censuses, so we do not have full information for comparison to make a definitive statement.  There are other Strange families in North Carolina in this era, so the North Carolina connection makes sense.

    James M Strange
    Birth 1815 Jefferson County, Tennessee
    Death Jan 11, 1896 Jefferson County, Tennessee
    Married Susannah Henderson August 9, 1839
    Buried in an unmarked grave
    James Alexander Strange (1787 - 1877),
    Sarah Lane Strange (1790 - ____)
    Spouse Susannah Henderson Strange (1819 - 1899)
    Burial Strange Cemetery, Jefferson County, Tennessee
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #71148188, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=71148188


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