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Joseph Benjamin CHRISTIAN

Joseph Benjamin CHRISTIAN1,2,3,4,9,6,10,8,11,7

9th Feb 18561,2,3,4,5,6,7 - 14th Jun 19342

Life History

9th Feb 1856

Born in Cass County, Texas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7

19th Dec 1883

Married Catherine Jane SMITH in Cass County, Texas.24

29th Nov 1884

Birth of daughter Zora E CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.6,12,2

7th Jun 1886

Birth of son Thomas Benjamin CHRISTIAN in Dalton, Cass, Texas.6,9,13,14,2

13th Jul 1888

Birth of son Edward Everett CHRISTIAN in Naples, Morris, Texas.12,2,15

about 1889

Birth of son Richard CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.12

Nov 1889

Birth of daughter Mineola CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.8,6,12,16,8,17,18

5th Sep 1892

Birth of daughter Lillie O CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.6,9,11,2

28th Feb 1895

Birth of son Marvin CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.12,19

20th Dec 1898

Birth of son Joseph Lee Roy CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.6,20,21,2

about 1899

Birth of son Ernest CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.12

24th Nov 1902

Birth of daughter Essie CHRISTIAN in Marlow, Pickens, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.12,22,2,23

4th Oct 1905

Birth of son Estel C CHRISTIAN in Oklahoma Territory.12,23,2

14th Jun 1934

Died in Ashland, Pittsburg, Oklahoma.2

after 14th Jun 1934

Buried in Ashland Cemetery, Ashland, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.2,8


  • 1880 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 17 June, Precinct 3, District 12, page 20, Hse/Fam #172
    Christian, Joseph W M 24 (Head) Farmer TX TN MS [b abt 1856]
    Christian, Emily W F 25 Sister Keeping House TX TN MS Cannot Write

    This census entry tells us that Joe and Emily's father Joseph Benjamin Christian Sr was born in Tennessee.  The agricultural schedule for this census also reports details of Joseph's arm.  Here we include just the basic facts of the farm.  Several others of families related to the Jenkins through marriage are also listed ont eh same page as Joseph.

    1880 Federal Census Agricultural Schedule, Cass County, Texas, 17 June, Precinct 3, District 12, page 12, Hse #215, Fam #245
    Taylor, Daniel Owns Acres 30 tilled 150 woodland Farm Value $800
    Hicks, William Owns 30 Acres tilled 83 woodland Farm Value $600
    Christian, Joseph Owns Acres 30 tilled 130 woodland Farm Value $800
    Millsap, Joseph Owns Acres 35 tilled 210 woodland Farm Value $1200
    Dycus, Goldsbury Owns Acres 15 tilled 88 woodland Farm Value $400

    The 1880 census also had a listing for a Ben Christian in Precinct 1 of Marion County that might be part of this same family, perhaps a cousin of Joseph.  Marion County is just south of Cass County, and this precinct would have been just a little south of the Christian family farm in Cass County.  The primary entry for this Ben Christian has not been found.

    This census record name would also be consistent with the name reported by some famliy sources for Lousia Taylor's husband, Benjamin Franklin Christian.  The Benjamin Franklin Christian found in several genealogies seems instead to have been the father of Joseph Benjamin Christian Sr, Louisa's husband.  Ages do not match for Ben F Christian to be Louisa's husband and father of her son Joseph Benjamin Christian, who was only 25 years old in 1880.

    1880 Federal Census Agriculture Schedule, Marion County, Texas, 5 June, Precinct 1, Line 03, page 5
    Ben Christian  69 acres tilled, 28 acres under woodland, $300 value land and improvements [b abt 1811]
    $143 livestock, 2 horses, 1 mule  Total value of land, equipment and livestock $750

    Joseph Benjamin married Catherine Jane Smith in 1883.

    Cass County Marriage Records
    Book 5 p360
    Dec 19  1883
    Christian, J B Smith, Catharine

    Harold Christian reports this marriage in the Jenkins Family History (private paper):
    "Joseph [Asa Jenkins] said he loaded all of his possessions into two covered wagons for the move. It took him sixteen days to make the trip from Dalton, Texas, to Healdton, Indian Territory. Two of Joseph's brother-in-laws are believed to have been living in Healdton at that time. One is believed to have been Joseph Benjamin Christian and his wife Catherine Smith, sister of Hester Ann."
    --  Jenkins Family History (Private Paper), p 13

    We know from Jenkins Family History that several of the Christian and Jenkins households moved together to Chickasaw Nation around 1890.  In the 1900 census of Indian Territory, we find Joe and Catherine Christian in Marlow.

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 2 July, Marlow Town, District 164, page 18A, Hse #326, Fam #329
    Christian, Joseph Head W M Feb 1856  44 Married 16 years TX TX TX Day Laborer Rents Can Read and Write
    Christian, Cathrine Wife W F Apr 1868  32 Married 16 years  8 children/7 living TX MS TX Can Read and Write
    Christian, Zorce [Zora]  Dau W F Nov 1884  15 Single TX TX TX Attended School 3 months Can Read and Write
    Christian, Thomas B Son W M June 1886  13 Single TX TX TX Attended School 3 months Can Read and Write
    Christian, Edward E Son W M July 1888  11 Single TX TX TX Attended School 3 months Can Read Cannot Write
    Christian, Minnie  Dau W M Nov 1889  10 Single TX TX TX Attended School 3 months Can Read Cannot Write
    Christian, Lillie O  Dau W M Sept 1892  7 Single TX TX TX
    Christian, Joseph L  Son W M Dec 1898  1 Single TX TX TX

    The last child Joseph L here is later known as Leroy in some sources.  See the obituary of his sister Zora below.  Minnie was Mineola.  Note that the 1900 census, as we often find, reports one year different from the year of birth reported by her grandson, Loyd Farris.

    "Mineola Christian Battles (1890 - 1972) was my maternal grandmother. Her father was Joseph Benjamin Christian and his father (my second great grandfather) was Benjamin Franklin Christian (1817 - 1870)."
    --  Loyd Keith Farris, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 31 December 2015

    The years married indicates Joseph and Catherine married about 1884.  The report in 1910, though, would seem to put the marriage in 1883, which matches the date in the marriage records, December 1883.

    1910 Federal Census, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, 30 April, Kiowa Township, District 226, page 17B-18A, Hse #306, Fam #311
    Christian, Joseph B Head M W 54 Married [unreported] yrs TX TX TX Farmer Rents
    Christian, Catherine C Wife F W 44 Married 27 yrs 12 children/3 living TX AR TX
    -- page 18A --
    Christian, Zoar O [Zora]  Dau F W 24 Married TX TX TX Farm Laborer Can Read and Write
    Christian, Thomas B Son F W 22 Married TX TX TX Farm Laborer Can Read and Write
    Christian, Edward E [Edward Everett] Son M W 21 TX TX TX Farm Laborer Can Read and Write
    Christian, Richard Son M W 19 Single TX TX TX Farm Laborer Can Read and Write
    Christian, Mineola Dau F W 18 Single TX TX TX Farm Laborer Can Read and Write
    Christian, Marvin Son M W 15 Single TX TX TX Farm Laborer Can Read and Write
    Christian, Lillie O Dau F W 17 Single TX TX TX Farm Laborer Can Read and Write
    Christian, Ern [Ernest, name in some genealogies is Arn] Son M W 11 Single TX TX TX Can Read and Write  [b abt 1899]
    Christian, Essie L Dau M W 7 Single OK TX TX Cannot Read and Write [b abt 1903]
    Christian, Estel C Son M W 5 Single OK TX TX Cannot Read and Write [b abt 1905]

    The birth places of the children seems to indicate that Joseph and Catherine did not moved into Indian Territory until within a year of the 1900 census.  Yet the notes from family sources reported above by Harold Christan seem to indicate that Joseph and Catherine had already moved or moved about the same time as Joseph Asa Jenkins which was in about 1890.  Joseph Asa's father J S Jenkins moved with them and he is buried in Marlow, Oklahoma.

    This may be accounted for in another story concerning Louisa and the Christian family farm, mentioned incidentally in a story about the Funsten famliy.  Maybe Joseph Benjamin Christian did not move to Indian Territory until after his mother died in 1900.  No death or burial information has been found for Louisa, and her husband Joseph Sanford Jenkins died in Marlow, Chickasaw Nation, in 1893.

    MRS. G. FUNSTEN Bilbrey, Rt. 2, 824 N. 5th, Frederick, Okla. 73542, is re [line giving her husband's name left out in the original print version] …, born 1827, Louisiana and married first, Nancy (maiden name unknown), born South Carolina. Their children, all born in Cass County, Texas, were David, Laura, George, John and Robert.  His second marriage was to Frances Elizabeth Christian in 1877.  They had six children and he disappeared in 1889.

    The Christians [sic] children included Joseph Benjamin, Frances Elizabeth, Lucinda and Emily, all born in Cass County between 1854 and 1862.  Joseph Benjamin married Catherine Smith; Lucinda, Larkin Dycus; and Emily, Jason Forsyth.

    Their mother, Louisa, married a second time, J. S. Jenkins, March 7, 1872, and had one son, Henry.  After her death in 1900, Joseph Benjamin Christian sold the family farm to Lonzo Hicks.  Family tradition states that there is a lineage connection to the Hensley family but this has not been proven.
    --  Ft Worth Star-Telegram, 22 August 1971

    Joseph and Catherine's 11-year-old son Ern (Ernest in 1920) was born in Texas about 1899.  Joseph Christian's brother-in-law Joseph Asa Jenkins (married to Catherine's sister Hester) moved into Chickasaw Nation about 1890, and would have already been in Marlow when Joseph and Catherine moved there.  Note that Catherine Jane's middle initial here is C.

    The entries for Zoar (Zora) and Thomas are curious.  They are both reported as married (note they were both single in 1900).  But there is an arrow from Zoar's entry to Thomas' entry, and to the right of her name has been written "wife," with what looks like an "H" (for husband) to the right of Thomas' name.

    This seems to indicate that Zoar O is Thomas' wife!  But they were both listed with the Christian last name in the 1900 census as children of Joseph and Catherine and Single, at age 15 and 13 respectively.  At these ages they were highly unlikely to be married.  So this entry makes no sense.

    1920 Federal Census, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, 31 January, Kiowa Township, District 199, page 18B, Hse #350, Fam #357
    Christian, Joseph B Head  Owns Farm M W 67 TX MO MO Farmer [b 1856]
    Christian, Katherine Wife F W 53 TX TN TX [b 1866]
    Christian, Essey Dau F W 17 Single OK TX TX [b 1902] Laborer
    -- page 19A, 2 February --
    Christian, Estelle Dau F W 14 Single OK TX TX [b 1905] Laborer
    Smith, William P Brother-in-Law M W 38 Single TX TN TN TN [b abt 1881] Laborer

    Catherine's brother is living with the family.  Note that Catherine and William report different birth states for their mother.

    Their son Ernest Christian is living next door.

    1920 Federal Census, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, 31 January, Kiowa Township, District 199, page 19A, Hse #351, Fam #358
    Christian, Ernest E Head  Owns Farm M W 30 TX TX TX Farmer [b 1889]
    Christian, Bettie Wife F W 23 OK TX TX [b 1886]
    Christian, Gladys  Dau F W 5 Single OK TX TX [b 1914]
    Note that the birth state is wrong for Bettie since she is reported as born in Oklahoma, but then on Gladys' record Gladys' mother is reported as born in Texas.

    1930 Federal Census, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, 10 April, Kiowa Township, District 32, page 7A, Hse/Fam #120
    Christian, Joseph B Head (Ownership of home not reported) M W 74 Married at 28 yrs old TX TN TN Farmer [b abt 1856]
    Christian, Catherine Wife F W 63 Married at 17 yrs old TX TN TX [b abt 1867]

    An anonymous genealogy reports the correct name of Zora Elena, whose name seems to have defeated census takers.  This report includes many details about Zora.

    Zora Elena CHRISTIAN
    Sex: F
    Birth: 29 NOV 1884 in Dalton, Texas
    Death: 15 JUL 1964 in Visalia, California

    Father Joseph Benjamin CHRISTIAN b: 9 FEB 1856 in Texas
    Mother Catherine E. SMITH b: 10 APR 1868 in Texas
    Marriage 1 Edgar Washington BATTLES b: 11 MAR 1886 in Cameron Indian Territory, Oklahoma
    Married: 20 OCT 1907 in Indian Territory, Central District, Oklahoma

    This genealogy reports Zora's Obituary, which provides more details on the Christian and related families.

    In Memoriam:
    Zora Elena Battles, 79, a resident of Visalia for 20 years, died today in a Visalia
    hospital. Mrs. Battles was a native of Dalton, Texas, and received her early education in Texas. When 15 years old, she moved with her parents to Indian Territory (Oklahoma). At 22 she married to Edgar W. Battles, a son of an Oklahoma pioneer family.

    Mr. and Mrs. Battles farmed near McAlester, Oklahoma before moving in 1944 to Visalia to be near their daughters. Mrs. Battles was a member of the First Baptist Church in Visalia. She and Mr. Battles resided at 115 S. Garden Street.

    In addition to her husband, she is survived by a son, Staff Sgt. Edgar W. Battles, stationed at Walker Air Force Base, Roswell, N.M.; three daughters, Mrs. Arabelle Logan of Visalia, Mrs. Jean Jones, and Mrs. Inez Hilton of Sacramento; four brothers, Estel Christian of Norco, Everett and Marvin Christian of Portales, N.M., and Roy Christian of Denver City, Texas; three sisters, Mrs. Minnie Battles of Duncan, Oklahoma, Mrs. Lillie Grubbs of Ashland, Oklahoma, and Mrs. Essie Walkup of Colgate, Oklahoma; eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

    Zora was the first of 10 children, moving to the Indian Territory with her parents at the age of 15. At the age of 22 she married Edgar W. Battles, son of a pioneer Oklahoma family. They farmed and were in the cattle business near McAlester, Oklahoma. In 1944 she came to Visalia to be near her daughters, and made her home at 115 South Garden, Visalia, from that year until Nov. 1963. She was a member of the Visalia First Baptist Church.
    --  Christian and related,*v70t0775&id=I08253

    A genealogy (source information lost) reports the family of Joseph and Catherine as follows.  This genealogy reports no death date for any member of this family other than Zora.  Note that the middle initial here for Catherine is E, rather than J (for Jane) or C (as one census).  This does provide the date of birth for Catherine, whereas up to now we have only the month, as for Joseph also.

    Joseph Benjamin CHRISTIAN
    Sex: M
    Birth 9 FEB 1856 in Texas
    Death Jun 14, 1934
    Marriage Catherine E. SMITH b: 10 APR 1868 in Texas
    Married Unknown date [married 19 Dec 1883]
    Zora Elena Christian b: 29 Nov 1884 in Dalton, Texas, d: 15 JUL 1964 in Visalia, California
    Thomas Christian b: 7 Jun 1886
    Everett Christian b: 13 Jul 1888
    Minnie Christian b: 9 Nov 1890
    Lillie Christian b 5 Sep 1892
    Marvin Christian b: 28 Feb 1895
    Leroy Christian b: 20 Dec 1898
    Essie Christian b: Private
    Living Christian

    "Joseph Benjamin Christian, Jr. and his wife Catherine [Smith] are buried in the Ashland Cemetery in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. The Findagrave website has a photo of their headstone and biographies. My mother, Barbara Lucille Battles (1920), was Mineola Christian Battles' daughter and before she passed in 2014 she was able to recall her grandfather's name as 'Joe B.'"
    --  Keith Farris, Ancestry messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins 09 February  2017

    Joseph Benjamin Christian
    Birth Feb 9, 1856 Cass County, Texas
    Death Jun 14, 1934 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
    Spouse Catharine Christian (1866 - 1943)
    Zora E Christian Battles (1884 - 1964)
    Thomas B Christian (1886 - 1958)
    Everett E Christian (1888 - 1973)
    Lillie Christian Grubbs (1892 - 1978)
    Marvin Christian (1895 - 1983)
    Essie Lee Christian Walkup (1902 - 1986)
    Burial Ashland Cemetery, Ashland, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
    Created by MillieBelle Mar 10, 2007
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #18336061,


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