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John Timothy PEACOCK7,3,4,5,6,2

3rd Mar 18723,4,5,6,2 - 11th Dec 19501

Life History

3rd Mar 1872

Born in Florida.3,4,5,6,2

28th Jun 1891

Married Mary Melissa GREEN in Texas.1

3rd Jan 1893

Birth of son John Franklin PEACOCK in Bowie, Montague, Texas.8,4,9

21st Jan 1895

Birth of son Thomas Jefferson PEACOCK in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.4,8,3,10,11,12

Dec 1896

Birth of daughter Iva O PEACOCK in Texas.3,4

28th Mar 1899

Birth of son James Henry PEACOCK in Texas.3,4,2,10,11

about 1902

Birth of daughter Mamie M PEACOCK in Texas.4,6

about 1905

Birth of daughter Lillie M PEACOCK in Indian Territory.4,6

30th Sep 1908

Birth of son William Timothy PEACOCK in Oklahoma.4,6,11,10

3rd Nov 1912

Birth of son Arthur Lloyd PEACOCK in Oklahoma.6,5,13

11th Dec 1950

Died in Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas.7,2

(most likely)

Coronary Occlusion for 10 minutes, due to Arteriosclerosis for 2 years

13th Dec 1950

Buried in Lone Wolf, Adair, Oklahoma.1,2


Died in Frederick, Tillman, Oklahoma.1

(less likely)


  • Loretta Gregory Gay, Green-Gregory genealogist and compiler of family information, reports that Mary Green married a Peacock, but the family did not have the information on his full name or his family relations.

    A genealogy of the Mumford-Murratti lineage seems to represent this Mary as the wife of a John Timothy Peacock.  Censuses of this couple place them in places consistent with locations of other members of the Green and related  families.  The genealogy reports her full name as Mary Malissie Green, and her birthplace as Palo Pinto County, Texas.  This county is near other north Texas counties where Mary's siblings, cousins and other relations lived.  Census reports are consistent with the reported date and state of birth or Mary Malissie reported by the Mumford genealogy.

    Mary's brother Jackson Green was born in Hill County, Texas, as was their nephew James Toliver Jackson.  Palo Pinto is three counties northwest of Hill County.

    Census records of John T and Mary M Peacock may be for the correct individuals in the family.  Discrepancies in the reported birth state of this Mary cast some doubt on this.  But inconsistencies limit our weighing too heavily the validity of these censuses.  The censuses report her parents variously born in Texas, Missouri, Arkansas or Georgia.

    Four censuses report that John Timothy Peacock's wife was born in Arkansas, while one reports her born in Indian Territory.  It seems from other family information that she was born in Texas, but it could have been Indian Territory.  The Mumford genealogy reports her born in Palo Pinto County, Texas.

    1900 Federal Census, Montague County, Texas, 11 June, Justice Precinct 4, District 52, page 6A, Hse/Fam #103
    Peacock, Timothy Head W M  Mar 1873  27 Married 8 years FL FL GA Farmer Owns
    Peacock, Mary Wife W F Nov 1872  27 Married 8 years 4 children/4 living Ind Terr TX TX
    Peacock, Frank Son W M  Jan 1893  7 Single TX FL Ind Terr
    Peacock, Thomas Son W M  Jan 1895 5 TX FL Ind Terr
    Peacock, Ivie Son W M  Dec 1896  3 Single TX FL Ind Terr
    Peacock, Henry Son W M  Mar 1899  1 Single TX FL Ind Terr
    Edgin [Elgin?], Churchwell Boarder W M  Nov 1880  20 Single TX AR IL

    1920 Federal Census, Tillman County, Oklahoma, 11 January, Frederick, District 167, page 9B, South 18th St, Hse #174, Fam #217
    Peacock, John T  Head  Owns M W 47 Married FL FL FL No Occup
    Peacock, Mary Wife F W 48 Married AR AR AR
    Peacock, Mamie Dau M W 18 Single TX FL AR
    Peacock, Lillie Dau M W 15 Single TX FL AR
    Peacock, Willie J Son M W 11 TX FL AR
    Peacock, Arthur Son M W 7 TX FL AR

    1930 Federal Census, Tillman County, Oklahoma, 4 April, Frederick, District 6, page 2B, 224 South 18th St, Hse #46, Fam #48
    Peacock, John T Head Owns Value $3500 M W 58 Married at age 30 GA FL AL Wagon Yard Proprietor
    Peacock, Mary M Wife F W 58 Married at age 19 AR GA GA
    Peacock, Arthur L Son M W 17 Single TX OK GA AR

    Next door is John and Myrtle's son William, who has just married someone named Myrtle.

    1930 Federal Census, Tillman County, Oklahoma, 4 April, Frederick, District 6, page 2B, 224 1/2 South 18th St, Hse #47, Fam #49
    Peacock, William Head Rents $10 M W 21 Married at age 21 OK GA AR Salesman, Retail Grocery
    Peacock, Myrtle M Wife F W 19 Married at age 19 US US US

    I have not found John Timothy in the 1940 census.  When Mary was enumerated with her son Arthur still in the household, Mary was reported as married but no husband was reported.  Where was J T at census time and why was he not reported as a member of this household?

    1940 Federal Census, Tillman County, Oklahoma, 2 April, Frederick, District 7-25, page 5B, Spring Hill & River Rd, Hse #93, Rents $2
    Powell, Mary Head F W 68 Married [But no husband in the home] Grade 4 b Arkansas Same Place in 1935
    Powell, Aurther L Son M W 27 Grade C-1 b Oklahoma Same Place in 1935

    John died in Wichita Falls, Texas.

    Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
    Certificate #61253
    John Timothy Peacock
    Death 11 Dec 1950 Wichita County

    Texas, Death Certificates, 1903-1982
    John Timothy Peacock
    Birth 3 Mar 1872 Florida
    Residence 4 Seymour St, Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas
    Age at Death 78
    Death 11 Dec 1950 4 Seymour St, Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas
    Cause of Death Coronary Occlusion for 10 minutes, due to Arteriosclerosis for 2 years
    Retired Farmer
    Father and Mother's Name Unknown
    Informant Mrs Mary Peacock
    Removal 13 December 1950 for burial in Terrell, Oklahoma, by Hampton-Vaughn-Merkle
    Filed 13 December 1950, Filed State 8 Jan 1951


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