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Jeanne Aurora BENAVIDES

Jeanne Aurora BENAVIDES7,8,1,2,3,6,6,4,5

16th Sep 19211,2,3,4,5 - 22nd May 20057,1,2,3,6,4

Life History

16th Sep 1921

Born in Missouri.1,2,3,4,5

about Jan 1942

Married Rama Wall TERRY.7

before 13th Jul 1965

Death of Rama Wall TERRY in Juneau, Juneau, Alaska.2,9,10,11

22nd May 2005

Died in Stockton, San Joaquin, California.7,1,2,3,6,4

Cardiac Arrest, Coronary Heart Disease for years, with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, Alzheimer's Dementia

25th May 2005

Buried in Thurber, Erath, Texas.6,4

Other facts


Birth of daughter Living TERRY


  • The 1930 census reported Jeanne as Aurora, in the household of her mother and her stepfather Phillip Camacho in Kansas City, Missouri.  Her grandparents Eulalio and Guadalupe Treviño are also in the household.

    1930 Federal Census, Jackson County, Missouri, 2 April, Kansas City, District 48-53, page 1B, 2137 Belleview Ave, Hse #16, Fam #20
    Camacho, Phillip Head Rents $15 M Mex 28 Married at age 25 [mar abt 1927] Mexico Mexico Mexico Spanish Lang, Entered US 1913, Status Alien, Labour, Packing House [b abt 1902]
    Camacho, Elisiana [Feliciana] Wife F Mex 26 Married at age 23 Texas Mexico Mexico No Occup [b abt 1904]
    Camacho, Phillip Son M Mex 1yr10mos Single MO Mexico TX [b abt May 1928]
    Camacho, Juan Son M Mex 4mos Single MO Mexico TX [b abt Nov 1929]
    ** Benavides, Aurora Stepdau F Mex 8 Single MO TX TX [b abt 1922] **
    Benavides, Robert Stepson M Mex 6 Single MO TX TX [b abt 1924]
    Benavides, Dolores Stepdau F Mex 4yrs11mos Single MO TX TX [b abt April 1925]
    Benavides, Manuel Stepson M Mex 3yrs10mos Single MO TX TX [b abt May 1926]
    Trevino, Eulalio Father-in-law M Mex 47 Married at age 20 [mar abt 1903] Mexico Mexico Mexico Spanish Lang, Entered US 1898, Status Alien, Railroad Laborer [b abt 1883]
    Trevino, Guadalupe Mother-in-law F Mex 45 Married at age 18 Mexico Mexico Mexico Spanish Lang, Entered US 1898, Status Alien, No Occupation (abt 1885)
    Trevino, Benjamin Brother-in-law M Mex 22 Single Texas Mexico Mexico Hotel Bussboy (abt 1908)

    All the fiindings indicated Jeanne's full name was Jeanne Aurora Benavides.  A query to her daughter Paula Juarez confirmed she knew Benavides as her mother's maiden name.  The Social Security Application records above gave me Jeanne's parents' names.  Searches quickly found some detail on her mother Feliciana Trevino Camacho, and a brother Roberto Benavides.  I had trouble turning up anything definitive on Feliciana's husband Manuel, since Manuel Benavides is such a common name in all the American Spanish-speaking domains.  He matches a record in Puerto Rico, where Manuel Rodriguez Benavides, appears  with his family in a census.

    "Yes mom's maiden name was Benavides.  Her mom was Feliciana.  She must of married because I knew her name as Feliciana Camacho.  Yes, my grandfather on mom's side was Manuel Benavides.  I'm requesting my original birth certificate from Seattle, but because I was adopted it might take awhile.  My adoptive mother was also a relative 'Angela Benavides' my mother's sister.  After mom died I met a cousin in Danville, California. ... But I took mom's ashes to Texas when she died to be buried with her grandfather near Thurber, Texas.  Met 2 other cousins there.  Lived in the same house they lived when my mom was young.  They took me to the place Gregorio had worked when they were little. ...   Since Angie "Angela" was my adopted mom I knew Robert Benavides and knew an uncle Jessie Camacho one of my grandmother's son from another marriage."
    --  Paula Juarez, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 28 January 2019

    No burial place has been found for Jeanne's ashes, nor any marker of her death, in any area around Thurber or Erath County or neighboring Texas counties.  There are no Treviño bnurials in any listings for Erath County or neighboring counties.

    In 1943, Jeanne was reported as "Jean" with her husband Rama Terry in the San Francisco City Directory.  No marriage record has been found for Rama and Jean.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    San Francisco, California, City Directory, 1943, p 1381
    Terry Rama (Jean) shipydwkr h 835 Octavia

    "Jeanne Aurora Terry was the mention in 1943 as Jean.  I found your website to be very helpful in finding previously lost information."
    --  Paula Juarez, Comment on Our family Tree Facebook Page about Ram Terry information from OBJ, 21 January 2019

    I have a baptism record in San Francisco in 1951 for me with my fathers name Rama Terry and my mother Jeanne Aurora Terry. The only problem is that I was adopted, so my birth certificate shows Rama and Jeanne as my godparents and my adopted parents as my parents.

    The fact was never hidden from me that I was adopted, but nobody would talk of my father, not even my mother “Jeanne.”  I met her when I was 20, and went to live with her for a time, but she would only make reference to him ever so often.  I knew I had two ½ brothers:  Kenneth Paul and Billy Jack.

    I was born on my brothers Kenneth Paul’s birthday Feb. 10th, but never met them. That there was an aunt Quida [Ouida], then I found an old photo of my mom taken in Oklahoma in 1951 (you see the car license plates, but she couldn’t tell me about.  I found it after she died.) I was born in Seattle Washington in 1949 and my mother mentioned one time that we lived in Seattle, Queen Hill.

    My mother has since died in 2005 but stayed with the last name “Terry.”
    --  Paula Juarez, Email to Ray Gurganus and Orville Boyd Jenkins, 21 January 2019

    Paula indicated in personal communication that the actual reason her aunt adopted her was that her mother had to go to prison.  But even that is unclear.  She says she was told other stories about how her adoptive parents got her.  The reason why Jeanne might have been in prison is unclear.  No record of such an event has been found.  Angela's relationship in the family is a bit unclear also.

    "No one ever talked about her life with her real mother, Feliciana.  Growing up I knew Robert (my uncle) and Angela and him were close, then I came into the picture.  She adopted me because my mother went to prison.  I was told different stories about how Angela got me!"
    --  Paula Juarez, Facebook Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 30 January 2019

    U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-2018
    Jeanne A Terry
    Age 82 (born Abt 1923)
    Death Abt 26 May 2005
    Obituary Published 26 May 2005 The Record, Stockton, California

    Her obituary reported her age as 82, making birth in about 1923.  But her birth date on her Social Security records was 16 September 1921.  According to that, she was bout 83 when she died, four months short of her 84th birthday.

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
    Jeanne A Terry
    Born 16 Sep 1921
    Died 22 May 2005
    Last Residence Stockton, San Joaquin, California 95207
    SSN issued California (Before 1951)

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
    Jeanne Benavides Terry [Jeanne A Terry] [Jeanne Benavides Benavides]
    Birth 16 Sep 1922 Kansas, Jeffe, Missouri (?)
    Death Date 22 May 2005
    Father Manuel R Benavides
    Mother Feliciana T Camacho
    SSN 568205742
    Jan 1942 Name listed as JEANNE BENAVIDES TERRY; 01 Jun 2005 Name listed as JEANNE A TERRY

    California Death Certificate
    Jeanne Aurora Terry
    Born 16 September 1921 in Missouri
    Airline Stewardess for 10 years, some college, SS #568-20-5742
    Residence 6940 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, San Joaquin County, California for 5 years
    Informant Paula Juarez, daughter, 1515 E Bianchi Rd #904, Stockton, California
    Father Phillip Camacho [step-father], Felciana [Feliciana] Rios, both born in Texas
    Died 22 May 2005 Elmhaven Nursing Home, 6940 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, San Joaquin County, California
    Cause of Death Cardiac Arrest, Coronary Heart Disease for years, with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, Alzheimer's Dementia
    Not Embalmed, Cremated 25 May 2005 by Chapel of the Palms
    Ashes removed from the state by Paula Juarez, daughter 26 May 2005


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