Thomas Duncan TERRY Julia Virginia TERRY Thomas Everett TERRY Nannie Jane TERRY Carrie Lee TERRY William Ernest TERRY Arthur Wiley TERRY Jeffie Mae TERRY Clarice Mabel TERRY Ouida Mayfield TERRY Billy Jack TERRY Kenneth Paul TERRY Rama Allen TERRY Thomas R TERRANOVA Dan Terry WOOD Living TERRY Beatrice Addie MERRYMAN Inez L JENKINS Living TERRY Jeanne Aurora BENAVIDES Lottie ANDERSON Ruth Elizabeth HOPKINS Martha Wiley WALL Mini tree diagram
Rama Wall TERRY

Rama Wall TERRY13,1,2,18,11,12,4,5,9,19,16,14,20,21,10,15,22,6,17,7,8,23,24

10th Jun 19041,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - before 13th Jul 19652,4,9,10

Life History

10th Jun 1904

Born in Marlow, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

between 1910 and 1920

Residence1: With parents in Richland Township, Stephens, Oklahoma.5,11

1st Dec 1928

Birth of son Billy Jack TERRY in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.1,22,25


Residence2: married about 2 years to Beatrice Weast in Cedar Township, Custer, Oklahoma.1

10th Feb 1930

Birth of son Kenneth Paul TERRY in Weatherford, Custer, Oklahoma.1,26,27,2,19,9

17th Apr 1931

Birth of son Rama Allen TERRY in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.2,28,27,29

27th Oct 1933

Birth of son Thomas R TERRANOVA in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.29

between 1935 and 1940

Residence3: In City Directory for 1936; SSN Issued in Arizona; 1940 census reports residence in Phoenix in 1935 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.12,13,2,14

13th Jun 1935

Birth of son Dan Terry WOOD in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.29,22,30,2,27,31,32

28th Apr 1936

Married Beatrice Addie MERRYMAN in Gila County, Arizona.1,7

after 1937

Divorced from Beatrice Addie MERRYMAN in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.14,16

24th Oct 1939

Married Inez L JENKINS in Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona.16,7

Oct 1939

Resident Rama married Inez L Jenkins in  Precott.  It is presumed, lacking data to the contrary, that this was their residence. But residence may still have been Phoenix. in Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona.16


Residence4: Reported as Married but no wives reported for any of the guests in Spring Hotel, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.12

about Jan 1942

Married Jeanne Aurora BENAVIDES.15


Resident Reported in the 1943 San Francisco City directory.  Rama was working as a shipyard worker. in San Francisco, San Francisco, California.15

2nd Oct 1959

Married Lottie ANDERSON in Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado.20

before Oct 1959

Divorced from Inez L JENKINS in Juneau, Juneau, Alaska

18th Apr 1961

Resident Bought land on the Mendenhall Peninsula in Juneau, Juneau, Alaska.17

24th Apr 1961

Married Ruth Elizabeth HOPKINS in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma.21,6

before Apr 1961

Divorced from Lottie ANDERSON in Juneau, Juneau, Alaska

24th Apr 1961

Resident His marriage record in Tulsa, Oklahoma, reported that both he and Ruth Hopkins Bost were residents of Juneau, and a friend form there even went to Oklahoma to be a witness. in Juneau, Juneau, Alaska.6

before 1965

Residence5 in Residence at death Juneau, Juneau, Alaska 99801.2

before 13th Jul 1965

Died in Juneau, Juneau, Alaska.2,4,9,10

13th Jul 1965

Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Juneau, Juneau Borough, Alaska.9,10

Other facts


Social Security number Social Security #527-10-6499.2


Birth of daughter Living TERRY


Birth of daughter Living TERRY


  • I heard the name pronounced "Ray-mah," the same as the biblical town Ramah.

    1910 Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 27 April, Richland Township, District 243, page 9A, No Hse/ Fam # on page
    Terry, Thomas D Head M W 52  Marriage 1 Married 29?-yrs  GA SC NC  Farmer
    Terry, Mattie W  Wife  F W 50? Marriage 2? Married 29?-yrs 7 children/7 living NC NC NC
    Terry, Rama   Son   M  W   5  Single   GA GA NC

    The above census says Rama was born in Georgia.  In the 1920 census, Rama is correctly reported as born in Oklahoma.

    1920 Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 20 January, Richland Township, District 262, page 6A, Farm #75
    Tery, Thomas D Head M W 63  GA SC SC  Farmer
    Tery,  Mattie  Wife  F W  62  NC NC NC
    Tery, Rama  Son   M  W  15 OK US US

    1930 Federal Census, Custer County, Oklahoma, 24 April, Cedar Township, District 10, page 6A, Hse/Fam #130
    Weast, Theodore J Head Owns M W 65 Widowed IL OH IL Farmer
    Terry, Rama W Son-in-law M W 26 Married at age 24 OK GA NC Farm Laborer
    Terry, Beatrice Dau F W 19 Married at age 16 OK OK OK
    Terry, Billie Jack Son M W 1 OK OK OK
    Terry, Kenneth Son M W 0 (no months given) OK OK OK

    The Braun family genealogy provides some details for the son Kenneth, as well as a photo.

    Kenneth Paul Terry
    Birth 10 Feb 1930 in Weatherford, Oklahoma
    Death 11 Dec 2010 in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico
    Parents Rama Wall Terry 1904 - 1965, Private
    --  Braun Family Tree,

    After finding the Braun genealogy in June or July 2014, I began to find other genealogies coming online in search indexes with these same details and other information on missing pieces in this family.  In the meantime I had found more details about Rama along the way, that indicated his migration to the west, then to Alaska.  He appeared in the Phoenix City Directory in 1936.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Phoenix, Arizona, City Directory, 1936, p 455
    Terry Rama W (Beatrice) lab Central Avenue Dairy r 113 W Jefferson

    Consistent with this there is also a record of marriage for Rama and Beatrice.  But this is dated 1936 also, despite the fact that the 1930 census report Rama as the son-in-law of the head of household and Beatrice as daughter.  They had 5 children before 1936, starting with the two reported in the 1930 census, Billy Jack (b about 1929, and Kenneth, born in 1930 just before the census.

    Arizona, County Marriage Records, 1865-1972
    Beatrice Merryman, Age 25
    (Birth Date abt 1911)
    Spouse Rama Perry, Age 32
    (Birth Date abt 1904)
    Marriage 28 May 1936 Gila County, Arizona, USA
    Ceremony by E Grice, Justice of the Peace
    Witnesses Carrie V Nelson and Laura C Casselsom
    Registered 28 April 1936 Gila County, Arizona, Marriage Book page 511
    Source Marriage Certificates and Licenses, 1924 - 1941

    "I ... found a birth record in Arizona for 'Baby Girl Terry' born 2 April 1937 in Maricopa Co., AZ to 'Raymond Terry' and Beatrice Merryman. They were then living at 607 N. 1st St, Phoenix. He was born in OK, salesman. She was born in OK, housewife. This might be the Shaney Matthews in Roger Lee Tripp's obit?"
    --  Linda Vixie, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 14 January 2014

    Research has not turned up birth records or other details on some of the other siblings named in Kenneth Terry and Roger Tripp's obituaries.  A family source has indicated, however, that two brothers reported as Thomas Terranova and Daniel Wood were full siblings who were also adopted out like Roger, after the divorce of Rama and Beatrice.  More research is underway to discover more details.

    A marriage record in Prescott, Arizona, reports that Rama married Inez L Jenkins in October 1939.  Prescott is up in the mountains north of Phoenix.

    Arizona, County Marriage Records, 1865-1972
    Rama W Terry, Age 35 (born abt 1904)
    Spouse Inez L Jenkins, Age 28 (born abt 1911)
    Marriage 24 Oct 1939 Yavapai County, Arizona
    Ceremony by Howard Hayes (role or title not reported)
    Witnesses Frances Foster and S H Henard Jr
    Recorded 28 October 1939 Yavapai County Marriage Book 18, p 228
    Return document to Mr Rama W Terry, c/o Claud's Cafe, Pheonix, Arizona

    However, this marriage record was a few months before the census date in 1940, when he was enumerated alone but married in the Los Angeles hotel.  Perhaps he was arranging for housing while working before his new wife joined him   Meanwhile no further word about Beatrice.  And I have found no further information or reference to Inez.

    According to the 1940 census, Rama moved to Arizona before 1935.  In the 1940 census, he is living in Los Angeles, California, and is reported as having lived in Maricopa County (Phoenix area) in 1935 (matching the City Directory listing above).  He is living in a hotel without a wife, but listed as married.  He may have been in Los Angeles with his wife, but only the head of household renting the room was reported.  No later record of residence for Rama and Inez has been found, nor any later record of Inez at all.

    1940 Federal Census, Los Angeles County, California, 8 April, Los Angeles, District 60-746, page 81A, Spring Hotel, 245 1/2 Spring Street
    Terry, Rama Wall Head M W 38 Grade C2 b Oklahoma Phoenix, Maricopa County AZ in 1935 Cafe Cook

    Rama was living in Los Angeles when he registered for the WWII draft in 1942.

    U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947
    Rama Wall Terry
    Age 37
    Birth 10 Jun 1904 Marlow [Stephens County], Oklahoma, USA
    Residence Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
    Employer Stephen Burke, 104 N Cole St, Los Angeles (Los Aangeles County), California
    5'10" 150, Brown Eyes, Brown Hair, Ruddy Complexion
    Next of Kin Arthur Terry, Oklahoma
    Registration 14 Feb 1942
    Signed with full name

    By 1943, Rama has another new wife.  There is a City Directory record in San Francisco that matches Rama, in the name of Rama W Terry, unusual enough for us to accept this as our Rama.  His wife there is named Jean, otherwise unknown in any other record.  I have not found a matching marriage record for Rama and Jean.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    San Francisco, California, City Directory, 1943, p 1381
    Terry Rama (Jean) shipydwkr h 835 Octavia

    "Jeanne Aurora Terry was the mention in 1943 as Jean.  I found your website to be very helpful in finding previously lost information."
    --  Paula Juarez, Comment on Our family Tree Facebook Page about Ram Terry information from OBJ, 21 January 2019

    I have a baptism record in San Francisco in 1951 for me with my fathers name Rama Terry and my mother Jeanne Aurora Terry. The only problem is that I was adopted, so my birth certificate shows Rama and Jeanne as my godparents and my adopted parents as my parents.

    The fact was never hidden from me that I was adopted, but nobody would talk of my father, not even my mother “Jeanne.”  I met her when I was 20, and went to live with her for a time, but she would only make reference to him ever so often.  I knew I had two ½ brothers: Kenneth Paul and Billy Jack.

    I was born on my brothers Kenneth Paul’s birthday Feb. 10th, but never met them. That there was an aunt Quida, then I found an old photo of my mom taken in Oklahoma in 1951 (you see the car license plates, but she couldn’t tell me about I found it after she died.) I was born in Seattle Washington in 1949 and my mother mentioned one time that we lived in Seattle, Queen Hill.

    My mother has since died in 2005 but stayed with the last name “Terry.”
    --  Paula Juarez, Email to Ray Gurganus and Orville Boyd Jenkins, 21 January 2019

    Rama was reported on the voter registration roll for Long Beach, California, in 1946.

    California, Voter Registrations, 1900-1968
    Rama W Terry
    Residence 25 Chestnut Ave, Long Beach City, Precinct 366, Los Angeles, California, USA
    1946, Party Affiliation Democrat

    Rama was again married in 1959, this time  to Lottie Anderson from Seattle.  They went to Colorado Springs, where his son Kenneth was living, to get married.

    Colorado Marriage Licenses
    Rama W Terry of Juneau, AK
    Lottie Anderson of Seattle, Washington
    Marriage 2 Oct 1959
    Address to return the License and Certificate after recording:
    4554 34th West, Seattle Washington, address of both parties
    --  Clerk & Recorder’s Office, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, CO, courtesy of Linda Vixie

    They may have divorced before long, or Lottie died.  The Clark-Gibbens genealogy reports that Rama married Ruth Elizabeth Hopkins in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 24 Apr 1961.  I have not seen documentation or any other reference to this or Rama's presence in Okla at this stage.  He must have gone back to Oklahoma to marry her.I have found no other reference or records of a marriage date.  This seems odd, since they were both already out west.  She was born in Utah, and he had been living in Phoenix or Los Angeles since before 1935.

    Rama Wall Terry
    Birth 10 Jun 1904 in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma
    Death July 1965 in  Juneau, Juneau, Alaska
    Marriage to Ruth Elizabeth Hopkins 24 Apr 1961 Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma
    --  Clark-Gibbens,

    The record of their marriage was found only on 22 May 2017.  Her name in the record is Ruth H Bost, her prevcious married name.

    Oklahoma, County Marriages, 1890-1995
    Rama W Terry
    Age 56
    Birth Date abt 1905
    Spouse Ruth H Bost, age 43
    Both residents of Juneau, Alaska
    Marriage 24 Apr 1961 Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
    Ceremony by Thomas Fleming Shaw, Minister of the Gospel, Christian Church
    Witnesses Dan Ernie Hanes of Juneau, Alaska and Joe A Turley of Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Registered Tulsa County Marriage Book #165, page 207

    Just 6 days before Rama and Ruth married, Rama had bought land on the Mendenhall Peninsula in Alaska on 18 April 1961.

    U.S. General Land Office Records, 1776-2015
    Rama Wall Terry
    18 Apr 1961 Juneau, Alaska, USA
    Mendenhall Peninsula
    Copper River Meridian, Township 041s, Range 066E, Aliquots Lot/Trct 21, Section 4
    Accession #1218856, Document #011528
    --  US Bureau of Land Management,

    Rama died in July 1965.

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current
    Rama Terry
    Born 10 Jun 1904
    Died Jul 1965
    Last Residence Juneau, Juneau, Alaska 99801
    SSN 527-10-6499 issued Arizona (Before 1951)

    From my sources I provided updates to Rama's memorial on Find a Grave.  Here is the updated memorial as of Janaury 2015.

    Rama W Terry
    Birth Jun 10, 1904 Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma
    Death Jul 1965 Juneau, Juneau Borough, Alaska
    Thomas Duncan Terry (1857 - 1935)
    Martha Wiley Wall Terry (1859 - 1932)
    Beatrice A Lebbs (1911 - 1995)
    Ruth E Terry (1918 - 2005)
    Julia Virginia Terry Jenkins (1880 - 1966)
    Thomas Everett Terry (1882 - 1888)
    Carrie Lee Terry (1886 - 1888)
    William Ernest Terry (1887 - 1888)
    Arthur W Terry (1889 - 1968)
    Jeffie M. Wagnon (1892 - 1967)
    Clarice M Terry Lewis (1895 - 1982)
    Ouida M Terry Hill (1899 - 1986)
    Burial Evergreen Cemetery, Juneau, Juneau Borough, Alaska
    Maintained by Orville Jenkins, Originally Created by TVFTH Mar 10, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #49517172,

    Listed with the same plot number is Rama's wife, Ruth E.  When entering the Find-a-Grave information in 2014, at that time I had not found any marriage record or reference in any genealogy to either of these possible wives.  In July 2014, I found the Clark-Gibbens genealogy that had very full information on the Terry Wall family, with a full name for Rama's last wife Ruth Elizabeth Hopkins.  There was no documentation or discussion about Ruth and no reference to any Inez from the Arizona marriage record above.  The actual marriage record was found on FamilySearch's ever-expanding record library, on 22 May 2017.

    Cemetery records have only the month and year of Rama's death, even the memorial on Find a Grave.  But I found Rama's date of burial on an online burial register for Evergreen Cemetery, which has no date of birth or death.  We know his birth date of 10 July 1904 from his sister, Julia Virginia Terry Jenkins, grandmother of this genealogist..

    Evergreen Cemetery Juneau, Alaska Burial Records
    Terry, Rama W 0009  [no birth or death date] burial 13 Jul 1965  Plot 24-O-16
    Terry, Ruth E  5921  [no birth date] death 29 Sep 2005  burial 05 Oct 2005  Plot 24-O-16
    --  Evergreen Cemetery Register,

    After updates from my research in Janaury 2015, here is the memorial for Ruth on Find a Grave.  Both memorials were also transferred to me as manager in February 2015.

    Ruth Elizabeth Hopkins Terry
    Birth Jan 26, 1918 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
    Death 29 Sept 2005 Juneau, Juneau Borough, Alaska
    Spouse Rama W. Terry (1904 - 1965)
    Buried in a joint grave with her husband Rama Wall Terry, in general plot 24-O-16; Evergreen Cemetery records report death occurred on 29 September 2005 and burial was on 05 Oct 2005
    Burial [5 Oct 2005] Evergreen Cemetery, Juneau, Juneau Borough, Alaska, Plot 24-O-16
    Maintained by Orville Jenkins, Originally Created by T.V.F.T.H. Mar 10, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #49517173,

    The Evergreen Cemetery was begun to replace the original Chicken Ridge Cemetery before the end of the 1800s, when that cemetery was staked as a gold mining claim.  Evergreen is in the middle of town, and is said to be haunted.

    "The cemetery served as Juneau's main place of burial until about the 1970s when it reached near-capacity and Alaskan Memorial Park was established.  What Makes It Strange?  Multiple spirits are said to haunt the cemetery, most of which are thought to be the ghosts of those whose remains were transferred here from Chicken Ridge.  One ghost in particular is that of a young boy dressed in late 1800s-era clothing who is often seen near the cemetery entrance, looking at gravestones.  Some say that he is looking for the graves of his family.  Visitors also report seeing shadowy figures, and hearing disembodied voices and strange noises."
    --  Evergeen Cemetery,


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