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Meshack W Green
Native American DNA Insights

Notes from the research of Orville Boyd Jenkins, gr gr gr gr great grandson of Meshack W Green

Family Name:  Green

DNA insights for Meshack W Green's Ancestry
In studying Y-DNA reports, I found evidence that indicates that Meshack W Green could not possibly be fullblood Cherokee. This in no way rules out a Cherokee descent and tells us nothing in itself of the percentage of ancestry from Cherokee sources. The DNA of a descendant indicates Meshack had at least one European ancestor.

I found that Meshack W Green's name appears as an ancestor in a Green Surname DNA report. Connections to DNA results of living Green descendants in such surname projects is based on reported ancestors of individuals who have had their DNA tested. Meshack is reported as the male ancestor of at least one of the Green descendants tested. Meshack's name shows up in the Y-DNA12 marker group.

Within the broader groupings of the Y=DNA12 marker are sub-groups based on actual gene sequences. Meshack W Green (1720-1799) is reported in the same Y-DNA sub-group as one David Howell Green (1824-1863). They are listed in the Family Tree DNA Green Surname Project under R1b1a2a1a1b3c, as relatives of Thomas F and Winifred (Seybourne) Green, St Marys, Maryland.

It happens that this David Howell Green is also in my genealogy, in another Green line related in several ways by marriage to my wife's paternal line of McSwains, and the related Padgetts, Bridges, Hamricks and others in Cleveland and Rutherford Counties in North Carolina and neighboring areas of South Carolina, where Meshack W Green is from.

I have reconstructed David Howell Green's ancestor tree back to one Joseph Green (1725-1771). The parents of Joseph Green have not been confirmed. The parents of Meshack W Green, likewise, have not been discovered. Thus their connection to Thomas F Green is not known. Another member of this kinship group, named Thomas Norton Green, born about 1500, shares the R-L2 haplogroup of DNA with Meshack W Green in this same Y-DNA12 kinship group.

Thomas Norton and Meshack W are the only ones of this haplogroup who are reported in this list of relatives of Thomas F and Winifred (Seybourne) Green. David Howell Green has a different haplogroup, R-M269. The R-L2 haplogroup is associated with Europe and Asia.

One thing this tells us is, if this genetic relationship indeed is correct for Meshack W Green, he could not possibly be fullblood Cherokee. Mitochondrial DNA analysis could tell us the other side of the picture. So far that analysis and any connection for Meshack has not been found.

Here is a brief description from FamilyTree DNA of the family group and specific Haplogroup L2 for Meshack.

"R1b is a haplogroup or branch of the human family tree of paternal lineages. It is marked by a mutation of the Y chromosome named M343. P25 and M269 are part of R1b along with several large younger subclades; L21, U152, DF27, P312, U106 & Z2103."
 --  Family Tree DNA, cited in Yahoo Groups

For more detail see: R1b-L21 Descendants Tree Chart
European and Central Asian Haplogroup origins
L2 only in Europe and the Caucusus
Note: Report from the Green-Greene Surname DNA Project courtesy of genealogist Thea Sparks, personal email communication
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Orville Boyd Jenkins

From the research of Orville Boyd Jenkins
First published on 25 April 2016
Published on OBJ Genealogy 27 April 2016
Last edited 26 May 2016

Orville Boyd Jenkins, EdD, PhD
Copyright © 2016 Orville Boyd Jenkins
Permission granted for free download and transmission for personal or educational use.  Please give credit and link back.  Other rights reserved.

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