Louis Hobson MCSWAIN Judith N MCSWAIN Martha C MCSWAIN Rebecca Elizabeth MCSWAIN Hannah MCSWAIN Abraham HAMRICK Oliver Abraham HAMRICK Mary E HAMRICK James Louis HAMRICK Martha Christine HAMRICK Julia A HAMRICK Elijah M HAMRICK Eliza R HAMRICK Oliver MCSWAIN Reuben MCSWAIN Lucy MCSWAIN John MCSWAIN Louis Moore MCSWAIN Elijah Bonaparte MCSWAIN Sarah Ann Mary MCSWAIN Ambrose MCSWAIN Margaret Caldonia MCSWAIN Harvey MCSWAIN Mary A HAMRICK Mini tree diagram

Nancy MCSWAIN1,2,5,3,4

also known as Nancy HAMRICK8

1st Oct 18418 - 5th Sep 19292,6,5,4

Life History

1st Oct 1841

Born in Kings Creek, York, South Carolina.1,2,3,4

(most likely)

about 1842

Born in North Carolina.8

(less likely)

about 1844

Born in Lower Rutherford County, North Carolina.7

(less likely)


Resident in Cleveland County, North Carolina.3

31st Aug 1864

Birth of son Oliver Abraham HAMRICK in North Carolina.8,9

about 1866

Birth of daughter Mary E HAMRICK in North Carolina.8

about 1869

Birth of son James Louis HAMRICK in North Carolina.10

3rd May 1871

Birth of daughter Martha Christine HAMRICK in North Carolina.11,10,12,13

21st Aug 1873

Birth of daughter Julia A HAMRICK in Rutherford County, North Carolina.5,10,14

about 1876

Birth of son Elijah M HAMRICK in North Carolina.10

about 1878

Birth of daughter Eliza R HAMRICK in North Carolina.10


Resident in Colfax, Rutherford, North Carolina.8

17th May 1915

Death of Abraham HAMRICK in Cleveland County, North Carolina.6,4

22nd Nov 1919

Death of daughter Martha Christine HAMRICK.11

5th Sep 1929

Died in Lenoir, Caldwell, North Carolina.2,6,5,4

7th Sep 1929

Buried in Mt Olivet Cemetery, Ellenboro, RUtherford County, North Carolina.5,4

Other facts


Married Abraham HAMRICK


  • The Hamrick Data Pages give the exact date of birth for Nancy McSwainHamrick, 1 October 1841.  This is supported by the censuses of 1850and 1860, while some others are a year or so off.  The Hamrickinformation, however, reports her birth state as North Carolina,additionally providing the location, Kings Creek, York County.  Allthe censuses differ, reporting her birth state as North Carolina.

    Her North Carolina Death Certificate also reports her death a yearlater than the census ages would seem to allow, 1 October 1842.  Ihave seen other instances where the reported date of birth at the timeof death was a year off, even when provided by the family.  The wrongyear of birth for one of my Gregory uncles was even wrong on hisgravestone.

    The Ancestry transcription is wrong on her age, also.  On theirtranscription of her death certificate which they post, Ancestryreports her age at death as 86.  But her age at death on thecertificate is 87 yrs, 11 mos, 4 days.  This means she would have been88 on 1 October.  This seems to mean a birth year of 1841, as theHamrick genealogy indicates, even though the year is reported on thecertificate as 1842.

    The certificate additionally reports the sate of birth as NorthCarolina, rather than South Carolina,.  This means the deathcertificate joins all the censuses to put the great weight oftestimony behind North Carolina as state of birth, except the error inthe reported year of birth might seem to detract from the accuracy ofthe death certificate.

    North Carolina Death Certificates, 1909-1975
    Nancy Hamrick [Nancy McSwain]
    Age at death 87 yrs, 11 mos, 4 days
    Birth 1 Oct 1842 North Carolina
    Death 5 Sep 1929 Lenoir, Caldwell County
    Burial Mt Olive Cemetery [should be Mt Olivet Cemtery, Ellenboro,Rutherford Co], 7 September 1929
    (Cause of Death is unreadable)
    Widowed, Spouse Abram Hamrick
    Father Lewis McSwain b NC
    Mother Mary Hamrick b NC
    Burial 7 September 1929 Mt Olive Cemetery,
    District 14-5176, Register No 40, Certificate no 272, Filed 30September 1919

    The death certificate had hte name of the cemetery as Mt OliveCemetery, with no locaiotn stated.  No location is stated, andsearches on cemeteries and churches in Caldwell and nearby counties,or near Lenoir have not produced any clear determinative information.Her memorial on Find a Grave clarified this by reported her burialinformatoni from Mt Olivet Cemetery in Ellenboro, in RutherfordCounty.  This memorial is dated 2010, but did not come up in serachesuntil 6 June 2015.

    Nancy McSwain Hamrick
    Birth Oct. 1, 1841
    Death Sep. 5, 1929

    Louis Hobson McSwain (1814 - 1890)
    Mary Hamrick McSwain (1816 - 1906)
    Spouse Abraham Hamrick (1840 - 1915)
    Mary E. Hamrick (1866 - 1883)
    Martha Christine Hamrick Blanton (1871 - 1919)
    Roxana Hambrick McKinney (1877 - 1925)

    Martha McSwain Hopper (1836 - 1917)
    Rebecca Elizabeth McSwain Hamrick (1838 - 1867)
    Hannah McSwain Green (1839 - 1931)
    Oliver McSwain (1844 - 1864)
    Lucy McSwain Love (1847 - 1914)
    Lewis Moore McSwain (1851 - 1941)
    Elijah Bonaparte McSwain (1853 - 1921)
    Ambrose McSwain (1856 - 1905)
    Margaret Caldonia McSwain Hamrick (1860 - 1919)

    Burial Mount Olivet Baptist Cemetery, Ellenboro, Rutherford County,North Carolina

    Created by Record Hunter Jun 20, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #53923025,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=53923025


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