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Charles Douglas MCSWAIN

Charles Douglas MCSWAIN1,2,3,4,5,8,6

24th Sep 18501,2,3,4,5,6 - 1st Oct 19178,7

Little Rock Conference, Minister in the Methodist Episcopal ChurchSouth6

Life History

24th Sep 1850

Born in Marshall County, Mississippi.1,2,3,4,5,6

between 1871 and 1898

Occupation Little Rock Conference, Minister in the Methodist Episcopal ChurchSouth in Arkansas.6


Death of Lucy JONES in Emmet, Nevada, Arkansas.6

2nd Apr 1891

Married Margaret Lewis Lula GREY in Lonoke County, Arkansas.1

7th Jul 1892

Birth of son Charles Douglas MCSWAIN in Richmond, Little River, Arkansas.4,9,10,11,12,13,14,15

1st Oct 1917

Died in Emmet, Nevada, Arkansas.8,7

after 1st Oct 1917

Buried in Snell Cemetery, Emmet, Nevada, Arkansas.7

Other facts


Married Lucy JONES


  • 1860 Federal Census, Columbia County, Arkansas, 18 August, AlabamaTownship, p 5, PO Falcon, Hse #31, Fam #32
    G W McSwain 43 M Farmer $2000 Real Estate $1500 Personal b NorthCarolina [born abt 1817]
    Elizabeth McSwain 40 F North Carolina [born abt 1820]
    Charles D McSwain 9 M Mississippi [born abt 1851]

    1870 Federal Census, Columbia County, Arkansas, 8 July, AlabamaTownship, p 4, PO Falcon, Hse/Fam #32
    McSwain, Gabriel  53 M Teacher $600 Real Estate $500 Personal b NorthCarolina [born abt 1817]
    McSwain, Elizabeth 50 F North Carolina [born abt 1820]
    McSwain, Charles G 25 M W Mississippi [born abt 1845]

    Between 1871 and 1898, Charles was a Minister in the MethodistEpiscopal Church South, associated with the Little Rock, Arkansas,Conference of the Chuirch.

    "In 1871, he was licensed to preach and entered the Little RockConference where he served as a Methodist minister in various localesfor twenty-seven years"
    --  Emmet United Methodist Church, Emmet, Nevada County [Arkansas]" -Location:

    Charles' first wife was Lucy Jones, who died in 1888.

    In 1891, Charles married Lula Grey Trotter.  Her residence is reportedas Drew County, Arkansas, in the south of the state, while his isArkansas County.  But they were married in the center of the state inLonoke County, east of Little Rock.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    C D McSwain
    Gender: Male
    Age 40, Birth Year abt 1851
    Residence: Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name: Lula Trotter
    Spouse's Gender: Female
    Spouse's Age 36
    Spouse's Residence: Drew County, Arkansas
    Marriage 2 Apr 1891 Lonoke County
    Marriage License Date: 10 Mar 1891

    This was the second marriage for both.  This report of residence inArkansas County provides a tie to the McSwains in that county, theprimary early area of immigration into Arkansas from the east.Douglas' father Gabriel Washburn McSwain arrived from Carolina viaMississippi, where Douglas and other children were born.  Others hadcome earlier through Tennessee from North Carolina.

    1900 Federal Census, Nevada County, Arkansas, 27 June, Emmet, District78, page 20A, Hse #342, Fam #345
    McSwain, Charles D Head  W M Sept 1850 50 Married 13 yrs MS NC NCMinister of the Gospel [Ownership not indicated]
    McSwain, Lula Wife W F Nov 1852 47 Married 13 yrs 1 child/1 living ARTN VA
    McSwain, Charles D   Son W M July 1892 28  Single AR MS AR
    Trotter, Junnie Step-Daughter W F Aug 1879 20 Single AR TN AR

    Note that Lula is reported to have borne only 1 child.  Yet her twochildren are both enumerated in this household.  The report indicatesthere is only one child of this marriage, though usually all childrenof the mother from all marriages are reported in this field of thecensus.  Living next door is Charles' sister Josephine and her husbandRobert R Garland.

    1910 Federal Census, Nevada County, Arkansas, 16 April, Emmet,District 101, page 1B,  Lansburg Rd, Hse/Fam #14
    McSwain, Charles D Head  M W  59  2nd marriage Married 19 years  MS NCNC Bank Cashier Owns
    McSwain, Lula  Wife F W 57 2nd marriage Married 19 yrs 1 child/1living AR VA VA
    McSwain, Charles D Son M W 2  OK TN TN
    Garland, Thomas L Son-in-Law M W 31 [no length of marriage rptd] AR TNMS Merchant, Gen Store
    Garland, Junie T Wife (of Son-in-Law) F W 30 [no length of marriagerptd] AR TN AR [b abt 1880]


    Arkansas Historic Preservation Program
    Emmet United Methodist Church, Emmet, Nevada County

    The Emmet Church records for 1914 indicate that the Emmet Church had aneed for Sunday School rooms. The church had a Bible Class for adultstaught by C. D. McSwain, a former Methodist minister and leadingmember of the church, five other Sunday School classes, a ``CardClass´´ and an Infant Class [Emmet Sunday School Records, EmmetMethodist Church File, Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives,Washington, Arkansas].  With an active Sunday School program, thisdesign would have appealed to the Emmet Church though its popularitywas waning nationally.


    A leading figure in the Emmet Church in the early twentieth centuryand one who may have led the way in the construction of the presentchurch was Rev. C. D. McSwain. Born in Marshall County,  Mississippi,in 1850, McSwain came to Falcon, then in Columbia County and now inNevada County, with his parents G. W. and Elizabeth McSwain in 1859.Raised in a Methodist home, he converted in 1866 and joined the FalconChurch. In 1871, he was licensed to preach and entered the Little RockConference where he served as a Methodist minister in various localesfor twenty-seven years. Having requested a supernumerary relation tothe church, McSwain moved to Emmet in 1898. [``Preacher who waspartially or temporarily disabled by personal affliction or hardshipof some kind and thus unable to do the work of active ministry.´´  SeeNancy Britton, Two Centuries of Methodism in Arkansas, 1800-2000(Little Rock, Arkansas:  August House Publishers, Inc., 2000), 314.]

    This request was probably prompted by a series of deaths in C. D.McSwain´s family. Other members of the McSwain family had moved toEmmet earlier. His brother Caleb Orr McSwain had died there in 1883,leaving a family. C. D. McSwain´s first wife Lucy Jones had died in1888 after a brief two-year marriage, leaving an infant daughter wholived less than three weeks. His father G. W. McSwain died at Emmet inFebruary 1889. A younger brother Lucious H. McSwain also died at Emmetin July 1898, leaving a family. His mother Elizabeth McSwain, thenalmost eighty, died there in August 1899.

    All are buried in the Snell Cemetery. In 1891, McSwain had marriedMrs. Lula Trotter at Monticello, Arkansas. His second wife had adaughter Junie Trotter from her previous marriage. A special life-longrelationship between this step-daughter and step-father developed.McSwain and his second wife also had a son, C. D. McSwain, Jr. [JamesA. Anderson, Centennial History of Arkansas Methodism:  A History ofthe Methodist Episcopal Church, South, In the State of Arkansas,1815-1935 (Benton, Arkansas:  L. B. White Printing Co., 1935), 236.]

    Though functioning as an assistant minister at the Emmet MethodistChurch, McSwain also entered business. [Emmet Church Records.  McSwainis listed as assistant minister in 1901.  He also taught a Bible Classfor adults]

    He became the cashier of the Emmet office of the Bank of Prescott andwas a large stockholder in the bank and in the Emmet Mercantile Co., ageneral store in Emmet. He was well connected with men of influenceand had a long-standing close personal relationship with T. C. McRaeand his law partner W. V. Tompkins of Prescott. [``C. D. McSwain ofEmmet Passes Away,´´ Nevada News, October 4, 1917, 3:2.  Hereinafterreferred to as the McSwain obituary.]

    McRae was a leading figure in Democratic politics and in bankingcircles in Arkansas. He served in Congress for the Third District ofArkansas from 1884 until 1903. He purchased the Bank of Prescott in1905 and later served as president of the Arkansas BankersAssociation. A practicing attorney, McRae also served as president ofthe Arkansas Bar Association in 1917. A southern progressive, McRaewould serve two terms as governor of Arkansas in the 1920s.[]

    McSwain´s branch of the Bank of Prescott in Emmet was prospering in1917. The Emmet Mercantile, in which he had an interest, was theselling agent for the Emmet Truck Growers Association. His son-in-lawand nephew T. L. Garland, the husband of his step-daughter Junie, wasPresident and General Manager of the Truck Growers Association.[Nevada News, July 26, 1917.  In 1910, T. L. Garland and his wifeJunie were living with C. D. McSwain.  See the 13th Manuscript Censusfor Emmet, Nevada County, Arkansas.]

    Emmet and its citizens were enjoying almost unprecedented prosperity.The new church was probably under construction or near completion whenC. D. McSwain died suddenly of ``acute indigestion´´ at his home onOctober 1, 1917. He is buried in the Snell Cemetery. [McSwainObituary]

    Mrs. C. D. McSwain also had many connections in the MethodistChurch.Born Lula Grey in Clark County, Arkansas, in 1854, she lostboth her parents at a young age. She was raised by her aunt Mrs. A. R.Winfield and her husband Rev. A. R. Winfield, one of the best knownand more controversial figures in 19th century Arkansas Methodism.[Centennial History of Arkansas Methodism, 280.  The most conciseaccount of Rev. Winfield´s career is in Nancy Britton´s Two Centuriesof Methodism in Arkansas, 1800-2000, 64-67.  She notes:  ``During histhirty-nine years in Arkansas, he served as pastor, presiding elder,teacher and college president, revivalist, temperance worker, writerand editor.´´ (p. 65)  He was reportedly a preacher of astonishingpower.  He died in 1888.  See also Centennial History, passim andWalter N. Vernon, Methodism in Arkansas, 1816-1976 (Little Rock,Arkansas:  Joint Committee for the History of Arkansas Methodism,1976), passim.]

    After attending school in Memphis, Tennessee, she married John R.Trotter of Monticello, Arkansas, with whom she had five children.Three of these children and her first husband died within a few years.She remained in Emmet after the death of her second husband in 1917until her death on September 15, 1926.


    The Garland family has had a significant roll in the Emmet MethodistChurch, and they are closely related to the McSwain family. HannahJosephine McSwain, an older sister of C. D. McSwain, married Robert R.Garland of White County, Arkansas, on September 10, 1865, at Falcon inColumbia County, Arkansas. [Southwest Arkansas Genealogical Society,comp., Columbia County, Arkansas, Free Population Schedules, 1860(Magnolia, Arkansas: Southwest Arkansas Genealogical Society, n.d.),70.]

    The growing Garland family was in Columbia County, Arkansas, in the1870 and 1880 censuses, but they were in Emmet in the 1900 censuswhere they had joined members of their extended family. They wereliving in the dwelling next to the C. D. McSwain home. [Twelfth UnitedStates Manuscript Census, Emmet Town, Nevada County, Arkansas.] Theyhad come to Emmet earlier, possibly in the 1880s. [Garland´s obituaryin the Nevada News of October 11, 1923, states that he had lived inEmmet more than forty years and was a lifelong member of the MethodistChurch. The paper erroneously listed his initials as ``W. W.´´ whenthey should have been ``R. R.´´]

    In a deed from Lucious H. McSwain and his wife conveying a lot to theMethodist Church in 1892, R. R. Garland was named as one of thetrustees of the Emmet Church. [Nevada County Deed Record Book W, 548and 549.]  His son Thomas L. Garland married Junie Trotter.In 1910, T.L. Garland was living in the home of his uncle and step-father-in-lawC. D. McSwain and was later associated with him in business in theEmmet Mercantile. Garland served as president of the Emmet Mercantile.His brother J. M. Garland was the secretary and treasurer. [ArkansasMethodist, May 14, 1936, p. 9.]

    John McSwain ``Mack´´ Garland married Elizabeth Christopher ofPrescott in November 1909. [Bruce J. Martin, comp., Nevada CountyArkansas Marriage Records, Jan. 1902-Sep 1910 (unpublished typescript,1992), 14. Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives, Washington,Arkansas.]  The Garland brothers, their children and other familymembers would remain in Emmet and be strongly associated with theEmmet Methodist Church that played such a large role in theirlives.Their families made numerous memorials to honor their memory.
    --  "Emmet United Methodist Church, Emmet, Nevada County [Arkansas],"

    Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950
    Volume 45
    Certificate Number #652
    Charles Dou Mcswain
    Death 1 Oct 1917 Nevada County


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