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Martha GARNER2,1,3,4

16561 - 17521,2

Life History


Born in Westmoreland County, Virginia.1


Married Samuel RUST in Virginia.4


Birth of son Benjamin RUST.3


Birth of son Ezekiel JENKINS in Warsaw, Richmond, Virgina.1,3,3

about 1695

Married John JENKINS.2


Birth of son William JENKINS in St Helena Island, Beaufort, South Carolina.1,2

Nov 1747

Death of son William JENKINS in Fairfax County, Virginia.1,5

26th Jun 1750

Death of son Ezekiel JENKINS in Loudoun County, Virginia.1,3,3


Death of John JENKINS in Westmoreland County, Virginia.1


Died in Westmoreland County, Virginia.1,2


  • Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Martha Garner
    Birth 1681 Westmoreland Co VA
    Death 1729 Westmoreland Co VA
    Marriage date 1695
    --  Family Data Collection, Compiled by Edmund West

    Family sources and research indicate she was born about the same timeher husbnd was in or about 1856.

    "I have traced my family's origins to Shropshire, England to myancestor John Jenkins, 1656-1717, married to Martha Garner, 1656-1752. They settled in Westmoreland County, Virginia. ... They had two sons,Ezekiel Jenkins, 1695-1750, & William Jenkins, 1704-1747.  WilliamJenkins had one son, William Jenkins - 1740-1787, had 4 sons, one ofwhich was James Randolph Jenkins, 1760-1824, who was born in FairfaxCounty, Va., & had 19 children, one of which was Samuel M. Jenkins,1789-1872 ... the first of this set of Jenkinses to be born in UnionCounty, South Carolina."
    --  Joseph H Miller, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 5July 2016

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Samuel Rust
    Birth 1667 VA
    Spouse Martha
    Spouse 1667 VA
    Marriage 1688 VA
    Page 23

    Another transcription of this marriage record with more informationinforms us that Martha's last name wsa Eskridge.  This may mean thatthis was s different Rust married to a Martha, or it may mean MarthaGarner was married to an Eskridge before marrying Sam Rusk, making twomarriages before she married John Jenkins.  But it seems from otherrecords that she married Rust after John's death.

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Samuel Rust
    Birth 1667 VA
    Spouse Martha Eskridge
    Spouse Birth 1667 VA


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