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also known as Thomas Huell BRISCOE3

also known as Thomas William BRISCOE2

about 17893 - 28th Jan 18731,3,1

Life History

about 1789

Born in Virgina.2

(most likely)


Born in Virginia.1

(less likely)


Born in Virginia.3

(less likely)


Buried in Briscoe Cemetery, Morgan County, Alabama.1

28th Jan 1873

Died in Apple Grove, Morgan, Alabama.1,3,1

Other facts


Married Sarah HILL


Also Known As2: Thomas J Briscoe.1


  • I was first introduced to this person as Thomas William Briscoe in thegenealogy of "Leta's Family" which included the Briscoe family.  Thisgenealogy had no information on Thomas' wife or children.  A petitionconcerning ladn in Alabama in 18191 is sigend by both William andThomas as well as their brother James.

    Thomas William Briscoe
    Birth Abt 1789, Death Unknown
    Parents Thomas Briscoe 1740-1809, Elizabeth Tacket
    --  Ancestry Trees, Leta's Family,

    Several Sources contribute to our understanding of Thomas William (orWilliam Thomas) Briscoe.  Several participants of the RootsWebDiscussion Forums have contributed information from their family andresearch work, referring to him as Thomas with the full name WilliamThomas.

    One source with mostly good consistent information (but with limiteddocumentation) reports his name as Thomas Huell Briscoe, which was hisLondon-born father's name.  This source has an exact death date andplace of death.

    Thomas Huell BRISCOE
    Death 1794 in Virginia, Death 28 Jan 1873 in Apple Grove, Morgan,Alabama
    Parents Thomas Briscoe 1741-1809, Elizabeth Tackett
    Spouse Spouse Sarah Hill 1794 - 1873
    --  Tucker Family Tree,

    Researcher Nelsi Pete contibutes this information she discovered.

    The following article is taken from a book entitled The Heritage ofMorgan County, Alabama, published by Heritage Publishing Consultants,Inc., P.O. Box 67, Clanton, AL 35046. Undated. [I believe the date was1998. np]

    Thomas Briscoe Family Pioneer, p. 154
    [Note that the birth date given in this article for Thomas is 1790,and for his wife Sarah Hill 1794.  Most sources report Thomas was bornin 1787 or 1789.]

    Some of the earliest settlers in Morgan County were Thomas Briscoe,his wife, Sarah Hill Briscoe, and their nine children. They moved fromFranklin County, Tennessee to Morgan County, Alabama in 1819, the sameyear that Alabama became a state. Thomas Briscoe was born in Virginiain 1790 and his wife was born in South Carolina in 1794. They settledon Salem Ridge, about six miles south of Morgan City "as a crowflies", and near the Ruth and Apple Grove communities. Two sons wereborn in Tennessee, John Briscoe, born in 1815 and William GreenberryBriscoe, born in 1817. The other seven children were born in Alabama.The names of the other seven children are James W., Rebecca, PleasantR., Thomas H.L., Joseph Lane, Nancy A.E., and Martin Van Buren. Manydescendants of Thomas and Sarah Briscoe live in Morgan County, Alabamatoday. There is an annual Briscoe Reunion at Arab, Alabama which isattended by descendants living primarily in Tennessee, Georgia,Florida, Texas, and Alabama.

    Thomas Briscoe served under Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812 alongwith another well known pioneer from Franklin County named DavieCrockett. After returning from the Creek Indian fighting in AlabamaTerritory, Thomas Briscoe and his wife were received by letter in 1814as members of the Primitive Baptist Church on the Boiling Fork of ElkRiver (between present day Cowan and Winchester in Franklin County,Tennessee. He also purchased 30 acres of land near the church fromHenry Hill in Franklin County, Tennessee. Thomas Briscoe sold the landin Tennessee on January 12, 1818 and moved to Alabama.  This move isverified by the names Thomas, James and William Briscoe on a 1819petition requesting the delay of an order of all intruders to movefrom lands of the Cherokee Nation north of the Tennessee River. ThomasBriscoe received a deed to land in Morgan County, Alabama in 1824.

    Thomas Briscoe was a farmer and a Baptist minister. He was an ordainedMinister of the Gospel at Salem Baptist Church in Morgan County in1827 or earlier. Thomas was also listed as a carpenter in the 1850census and as a mechanic in the 1860 census. He died in 1873 and isburied in the Briscoe Cemetery on land which belonged to his son,Joseph Lane Briscoe, at the time of his death. The cemetery land wasowned by Donald Pritchett in 1997 and is maintained by the BriscoeAssociation of Alabama.

    --  RootsWeb Forums, 22-Sep-09,

    Memorial of the inhabitants residents in the Cherokee Country relativeto the late order for their removal:

    To the Honorable the Secretary at War, Your petitioners viewing thecalamitous situation in which many of our citizens are placed, owingto an order recently described by the agent for Indian affairs of theCherokee Nation ordering all intruders on their lands to remove by thefirst day of July 1819. Your petitioners believing that the sameindulgence would be extended to them as has been the constant practiceto others in similar circumstances, induced them to settle on thelands lately ceded to the United States by the Cherokees on the northside of Tennessee River nor did the order ever appear until late inthe month of May of this year, leaving a removal of the citizensimpracticable if not impossible.

    Your petitioners are poor but industrious farmers and to deprive themof their hard earnings in the wilderness and thus destroy theirlabour, where will you petitioners apply for bread for their starvingfamilies; this order enforced will involve at least ONE THOUSANDfamilies in total ruins, nor will the evil end here. Your petitionersmust subsist somewhere & thus become unwelcome guests to the frontiercounties to buy a little support for their starving children. TheIndians are not desirous of having the intruders driven from this landNorth of Tennessee, those being few in numbers, & most of which havetaken reservations and are good neighbors, your petitioners thereforeknowing the lenity of their government and believing they will takeour case into consideration will ever pray:

    Brisco, Thomas
    Brisco, James
    Brisco, Wiliam
    --  National Archives, Washington, DC, Record Group 75, transcribed byWanda Muncey Gant, cited in Briscoe Genealogy,

    On the same page of the forum, one participant stated that he knowsthis Thomas as Thomas Jefferson Briscoe.  This Thomas did have anephew named Thoams Jefferson Briscoe, the son of Thomas William 'sbrother Isaac.

    Thomas J. Briscoe, born 1789 in Virginia, USA; died January 28, 1873in Morgan Co., AL. He married (1) Sarah Hill in Virginia (?).

    Notes for Thomas J. Briscoe:
    From, 7/24/99:

    The Tillman County (Oklahoma) History published in 1976, contains inreference to my Great Grandfather, William Greenberry Briscoe, thefollowing: "James W. Briscoe b ca 1800 in VA and Mary (Polly) Dossey bca 1807 in TN. were parents of W.G. Briscoe, b May 16, 1824 in MorganCounty, Alabama. The 1830 census of Morgan Co. provides the earliestrecord of his father who lived on an adjoining farm of Thomas Briscoe,pioneer minister of Shiloh Baptist church, Salem Ridge, Alabama, in1819 It is presumed that they were brothers and had come from Virginiato Anderson, S.C. and then to Alabama. James W. Briscoe was a justiceof the Peace in Alabama and in Sevier Co. Ark, where he moved in1837." The William Greenberry Briscoe mentioned is the son of James W.Briscoe b ca 1800 in VA and Mary (Polly) Dossey b. 1807. This James W.Briscoe may have been the brother of Thomas Briscoe b. ca 1790.

    --  RootsWeb Forums, 22-Sep-09,

    One genealogy provides a picture of Thomas's details and theconfiguration of his and Sarah's family.

    Thomas BRISCOE, Birth: 1789 in Virginia
    Death: 8 FEB 1873 in Morgan County Alabama
    Fact 1: Farmer
    Fact 2: Carpenter
    Fact 3: Baptist Preacher
    Fact 4: Confederate Army
    Fact 5: Buried Briscoe Cemetary (Old Homestead)

    1. Census records Morgan County, Alabama 1830, 1840.
    2. Marriage records Morgan County.
    3. Gandrud-Jones, Alabama Records, Morgan County, DAR/ALA 929.3761
    4. Cemetery Records, Briscoe Cemetery (old homestead).
    5. Personal knowledge of Herman Briscoe, great grandson of Thomas &Sarah.
    ---------------------------------------------------------- January,1983
    6. Briscoe Cemetery Location: From Hartselle, take Hwy 36 east toCotaco.  Turn right on County Hwy 32 through Union Hill to RescueRoad. Turn right, go 1.9 miles. Cemetery is on the left about 1000'from the road behind al aol homeplace. Secure directions locally. T7SR1E S7.
    Copied Nov. 19, 1981.

    Marriage Sarah Hill (Dorsey?) b: 1793 in South Carolina
    John BRISCOE b: 1815 in Tenn
    William Greenberry BRISCOE b: 1817 in Tenn
    James W. BRISCOE b: 1822
    Rebecca BRISCOE b: 1826 in Morgan County Alabama
    Pleasant Roland BRISCOE b: 1827
    Thomas Huell Lawson BRISCOE b: 24 JAN 1829 in Oleander, MarshallCounty, Alabama
    Joseph Lane BRISCOE b: 7 AUG 1831 in Alabama
    Nancy A. E. BRISCOE b: 1835 in Morgan County Alabama
    Martin Van Buren BRISCOE b: 11 NOV 1837 in Morgan County Alabama
    --  Ancestry Trees,*v11t0460&id=I001


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