Thomas Huell BRISCOE William BRISCOE Isaac BRISCOE Thomas BRISCOE Elizabeth Emaline BRISCOE William Greenberry BRISCOE Sarah M BRISCOE Phereby Jane BRISCOE Thomas F BRISCOE Nancy E BRISCOE Mary O BRISCOE Martha BRISCOE Rachel Lucinda BRISCOE Emily BRISCOE Perminda Adeline BRISCOE Rebecca BRISCOE James M BRISCOE George W BRISCOE Mary DOSSEY Hannon W BRISCOE Joseph Wallis BRISCOE Margaret Ann PARKER Mary Elizabeth Spiller TACKETT Mini tree diagram

James Warren BRISCOE1,1,1,3,4,5

about 18041,1,2,3,4,5 - 1st Dec 18621,4

Life History

about 1804

Born in Greenbrier County, Virginia.1,1,2,3,4,5


Married Mary DOSSEY in Morgan County, Alabama.1,2,4

12th Mar 1822

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Emaline BRISCOE in Morgan County, Alabama.4,6

16th May 1824

Birth of son William Greenberry BRISCOE in Apple Grove, Morgan, Alabama.7,8,9,10,11,12

15th Jul 1827

Birth of daughter Sarah M BRISCOE in Morgan County, Alabama.4

17th Jun 1830

Birth of daughter Phereby Jane BRISCOE in Morgan County, Alabama.4

about 1832

Birth of son Thomas F BRISCOE in Alabama.3

13th Feb 1834

Birth of daughter Nancy E BRISCOE in Morgan County, Alabama.3,4

about 1836

Birth of daughter Mary O BRISCOE in Alabama.3

about 1838

Birth of daughter Martha BRISCOE in Arkansas.3

2nd Jan 1840

Birth of daughter Rachel Lucinda BRISCOE in Sevier County, Arkansas.3,4

about 1842

Birth of daughter Emily BRISCOE in Arkansas.3

about 1844

Birth of daughter Perminda Adeline BRISCOE in Center Point, Sevier, Arkansas.3,4

about 1846

Birth of daughter Rebecca BRISCOE in Arkansas.3

about 1849

Birth of son James M BRISCOE in Arkansas.5

about 1851

Birth of son George W BRISCOE in Arkansas.5

about 1851

Death of Mary DOSSEY in Sevier County, Arkansas.13,4

15th Apr 1854

Married Margaret Ann PARKER in Sevier County, Arkansas.1,5

about 1855

Birth of son Hannon W BRISCOE in Sevier County, Arkansas.5

15th Nov 1856

Birth of son Joseph Wallis BRISCOE in Sevier County, Arkansas.4,5,6

30th Apr 1857

Death of daughter Nancy E BRISCOE in Texas.4

1st Dec 1862

Died in Sevier County, Arkansas.1,4


  • U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Mary Dossey
    Birth 1807 TN
    Spouse James W. Briscoe
    Spouse Birth 1800 VA
    Marriage AL

    James marriage record reports his birth as 1800.  His age reported incensuses later indicate he was born in 1804.  But his mother isreported as dying in 1802.  Did he remember incorrectly when he hadbeen told he was born?  His age reported on the marriage recordapepars to reflect the correct birth date.

    James Warren BRISCOE
    Birth 1804 in Greenbrier, Virginia
    Death 1 DEC 1862 in Sevier County, AR
    Thomas Huell BRISCOE 1740 - 1809
    Elizabeth Spiller Tackett 1760 - 1802
    Marriage to Mary (Polly) DOSSEY 1820 Morgan Co, Alabama
    --  Bolt Briscoe,

    The Greenbrier, Virginia, reported as his birth place was a county inVirgnia, originally formed in the 1700s from Botetourt and MontgomeryCounties of Virginia.  Greenbrier is now in West Virginia.  Thiscounty border Virginia on the west.

    Memorial of the inhabitants residents in the Cherokee Country relativeto the late order for their removal:

    To the Honorable the Secretary at War, Your petitioners viewing thecalamitous situation in which many of our citizens are placed, owingto an order recently described by the agent for Indian affairs of theCherokee Nation ordering all intruders on their lands to remove by thefirst day of July 1819. Your petitioners believing that the sameindulgence would be extended to them as has been the constant practiceto others in similar circumstances, induced them to settle on thelands lately ceded to the United States by the Cherokees on the northside of Tennessee River nor did the order ever appear until late inthe month of May of this year, leaving a removal of the citizensimpracticable if not impossible.

    Your petitioners are poor but industrious farmers and to deprive themof their hard earnings in the wilderness and thus destroy theirlabour, where will you petitioners apply for bread for their starvingfamilies; this order enforced will involve at least ONE THOUSANDfamilies in total ruins, nor will the evil end here. Your petitionersmust subsist somewhere & thus become unwelcome guests to the frontiercounties to buy a little support for their starving children. TheIndians are not desirous of having the intruders driven from this landNorth of Tennessee, those being few in numbers, & most of which havetaken reservations and are good neighbors, your petitioners thereforeknowing the lenity of their government and believing they will takeour case into consideration will ever pray:

    Brisco, Thomas
    Brisco, James
    Brisco, Wiliam
    --  National Archives, Washington, DC, Record Group 75, transcribed byWanda Muncey Gant, cited in Briscoe Genealogy,

    1840 Federal Census, Sevier County, Arkansas, page 11
    Briscoe, James W (no family details)

    James was married in about 1820 to Mary Dossey, but in the 1860census, his wife is named Margarett.  This is Margaret Knauls orNauls.  No details have been found about Mary Dossey Briscoe's death.The date of the Briscoe-Dossey marriage is reported above as occurringin 1820 in Morgan, Alabama, which matches other family details.  Somesources reported the marriage as occurring in Virginia.  This may bebased on his birth state.  Mary died sometime between the 1850 and the1854 marriage of James to his second wife Margaret Parker Nauls.  Marydied in Sevier County, Arkansas, where they had lived since about1837.

    James Warren Briscoe
    Born 1804 in Verginia [Virginia]
    Died December 1,1862 in Sevier Co., Arkansas.
    James W Briscoe served as Justice of the Peace In Morgan Co, Alabamain 1836 and also in Sevier Co Ark in 1847
    He had 14 children
    Married Marry Polly Dossey 1820 in Alabama
    Born 1807 in Tennessee
    Died 1851/52 in Sevier Co, Arkansas
    He married Margarett Knauls (Nobles) (Naules) the widow of TaplayKnauls (Knolls) April 15.1854. in Sevier Co, Arkansas
    They had two sons, Hannon W and Joseph Wallis
    She was born Abt 1816 in Tenn. and died July 4,1876 in Sevier Co Ark
    --  Briscoe Genealogy,

    "James W. Briscoe was a Justice of the Peace in Alabama and SevierCo., Arkansas where he moved in 1837. His son, William GreenberryBriscoe married Sarah Roll there Janauary 11, 1844. ... After thedeath of his father on December 1, 1861, William G. and his familymoved to Groesbeck, Limestone Co., Texas, and later to RobertsonCounty, Texas, where Briscoe built the first gin in the county. Hiswife Sallie died in 1880. He came to Tillman, Oklahoma in 1904 etc"
    --  "James Warren Briscoe,"

    1850 Federal Census, Sevier County, Arkansas, 18 October, MadisonTownship, p 422, Hse/Fam #346
    James W Briscoe 46 M Farmer $0 Real Estate b Virginia [born abt 1804]
    Polly Briscoe 43  Tennessee [born abt 1807]
    Thomas F Briscoe 18 M b Alabama [born abt 1832]
    Nancy E Briscoe  16 M Alabama [born abt 1834]
    Mary O Briscoe 14 M Alabama [born abt 1836]
    Martha Briscoe 12 M Arkansas [born abt 1838]
    Lucinda Briscoe 10 M Arkansas [born abt 1840]
    Emily Briscoe 8 M Arkansas [born abt 1842]
    Perminda Briscoe 6 F b Arkansas [born abt 1844]
    Rebecca Briscoe 4 F b Arkansas [born abt 1846]
    James M Briscoe 2 M b Arkansas [born abt 1844]

    Living next door appears to be Polly's father William GreenberryDossey.  The surname is written here as Dorsey, and there is a youngJoseph Dorsey on the page who appears to be William's son.  Familysources spell the name Dossey.  But this would spell the Carolina andsouthern pronunciation of the name we spell Dorsey.

    1850 Federal Census, Sevier County, Arkansas, 18 October, MadisonTownship, p 422, Hse/Fam #345
    William G Dorsey  60 M Farmer $0 Real Estate b South Carolina [bornabt 1790]
    Elizabeth Dorsey 16  F Alabama [born abt 1834]
    Sarah Dorsey 14 F Alabama [born abt 1836]

    It looks like the Dossey and Briscoe group moved to Arkansas together. The age of William Dorsey (Dossey)'s last child still in the home is14.  She was born in Alabama, which means William moved his family toArkansas after Sarah was born in about 1836.  James and PollyBriscoe's first child born in Arkansas was Martha, age 12, so bornabout 1838  They also have a daughter Mary O born in Alabama in about1836.  This means they moved to Arkansas about 1837, matching thedates for William G Dorsey (Dossey).

    Next door on the other side is a 26-year-old William Briscoe, whoappears to be the son of James and Polly.

    1850 Federal Census, Sevier County, Arkansas, 18 October, MadisonTownship, p 422, Hse/Fam #347
    William Briscoe 26 M Farmer $0 Real Estate b Alabama [born abt 1824]
    Sally Briscoe 23  F Tennessee [born abt 1827]
    Mary Briscoe  6 M Arkansas [born abt 1844]
    James Briscoe 5 M b Arkansas [born abt 1845]
    Martha Briscoe 4 M Arkansas [born abt 1846]
    -- p 423 --
    Charles Briscoe 2 M b Arkansas [born abt 1848]
    James Briscoe 1mo M b Arkansas [born abt Sept 1850]

    In 1854 census, James lost his wife Mary (Polly) and married a widownamed Margaret (Margarett) Knolles (Nauls, also Nawl or Nall).

    James Warren Briscoe
    Birth 1804 in Virginia, Death 1 Dec 1862 in Sevier, Arkansas
    Marriage to Mary Polly Dossey 1820 Morgan, Alabama
    Marriage to Margaret Nobles Knauls 15 Apr 1854 Sevier, Arkansas
    --  Covar,

    In the 1860 census, we see three of Margaret's children, two sons anda daughter, in the Briscoe home.

    1860 Federal Census, Sevier County, Arkansas, 31 July, MadisonTownship, PO Centerpoint, page 105, Hse #762, Fam #737
    James W Briscoe 56 M Farmer $1000 Real Estate $1700 Personal Estateborn Virginia [born abt 1804]
    Margarett Briscoe 45 F Tennessee [born abt 1815]
    Bethenee Knolles 15 F born Alabama [born abt 1845]
    Charles Knolles 12 M born Alabama [born abt 1848]
    Benjamin Knolles 11 M born Alabama [born abt 1849]
    James M Briscoe 11 M born Arkansas [born abt 1849]
    George W Briscoe 9 M born Arkansas [born abt 1851]
    Hannah [Hannon] W Briscoe 5 F born Arkansas [born abt 1855]
    Joseph W Briscoe 3 M born Arkansas [born abt 1857]


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