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Joseph Benjamin CHRISTIAN

Joseph Benjamin CHRISTIAN5,6,7,2

about 18351,2 - about 18703,4,2

Life History

about 1835

Born in Tennessee.1,2

about 1853

Married Louisa TAYLOR in Cass County, Texas.2

7th Jul 1854

Birth of daughter Frances Elizabeth CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.8,9,10,11

9th Feb 1856

Birth of son Joseph Benjamin CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.1,2,12,13,10,14,15

about 1860

Birth of daughter Lucinda CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.10,20

about 1860

Birth of daughter Amanda Emily CHRISTIAN in Arkansas.16,17,18,19

about 1870

Died in Cass County, Texas.3,4,2

about 1870

Buried in Cass County, Texas.2


  • "The Hinds County, Mississippi, 1850 Slave Census enumerates a JosephB. Christian who could be Louisa's first husband. For some reason hisfamily was not enumerated in the regular 1850 census for that county,however. Hinds County was near Yazoo and Attala counties, where anumber of Taylors, Jenkins and Days lived in the 1840-1950 timeperiod."
    --  Jenkins Family History by Harold Keith Christian Online,, p 9

    Harold did not discover the parents of Joseph Benjamin Christian.  Hemust be kin to all the other Christians living around Cass County, andsome of whom also moved to Oklahoma Territory or Indian Territoryaround the same time.  Joseph and Louisa Christian's son JosephBenjamin married Catherine Smith, sister of the first wife of JosephAsa Jenkins, Hester Smith.

    The couples moved to Chickasaw Nation together with or around the timeJoe Jenkins' sister Amanda and her husband William Christian, about1890.  One Christian family genealogist made contact in December 2015to provide Joseph Benjanmin Christian's father's name.

    "Mineola Christian Battles (1890 - 1972) was my maternal grandmother.Her father was Joseph Benjamin Christian and his father (my secondgreat grandfather) was Benjamin Franklin Christian (1817 - 1870)."
    --  Loyd Keith Farris, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 31December 2015

    The Benjamin Franklin Christian I find with these birth and deathdates is reported in numerous genealogies, but has no son named JosephBenjamin Christian in any of them.  Louisa's son Joseph Benjamin didhave a daughter named Mineola, born about 1892.  If this is the sameJoseph Benjamin Christian, then his reported daughter MineolaChristian is an additional child to the known Christian children ofLouisa (Taylor?) Christian and her husband.

    The following genealogy article about the Funsten family mentions theChristian family and Louisa Taylor Christian Jenkins.  Only fourChristian children of Louisa are mentioned.  The name of Louisa'soriginal husband named Christian, father of the children listed here,is not given.

    MRS. G. FUNSTEN Bilbrey, Rt. 2, 824 N. 5th, Frederick, Okla. 73542, isre … [a line of text was left out of the printed article], born 1827,Louisiana and married first, Nancy (maiden name unknown), born SouthCarolina. Their children, all born in Cass County, Texas, were David,Laura, George, John and Robert.  His second marriage was to FrancesElizabeth Christian in 1877.  They had six children and he disappearedin 1889.

    The Christians [sic] children included Joseph Benjamin, FrancesElizabeth, Lucinda and Emily, all born in Cass County between 1854 and1862.  Joseph Benjamin married Catherine Smith; Lucinda, Larkin Dycus;and Emily, Jason Forsyth.

    Their mother, Louisa, married a second time, J. S. Jenkins, March 7,1872, and had one son, Henry.  After her death in 1900, JosephBenjamin Christian sold the family farm to Lonzo Hicks.  Familytradition states that there is a lineage connection to the Hensleyfamily but this has not been proven.
    --  Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 22 August 1971, p 9G

    This reference to her death in 1900 is very interesting.  The familyhas no definite information on a date of death and has found no graveor documentation of her death.  The date in 1900 is especiallyintriguing since, in about 1890, her husband Joseph Sanford Jenkinsmoved to Indian Territory with his son Joseph Asa.  That storyincludes no information about Louisa.  Joseph himself died near Marlowand was buried there in 1893, just three years after moving intoChickasaw Nation.

    Joseph Sanford Jenkins' farm was next to Louisa Christian's farm whenboth their spouses died.  They married but kept their separate farmsand households.  It is thought that Joseph sold the Jenkins farmbefore moving to Indian Territory in about 1890, with his son JosephAsa and Louisa's son Joseph Benjamin Christian and others.  PerhapsLouisa chose to remain on the Christian homestead instead of moving tonew territory with her husband.

    However, if Louisa did in fact stay in Cass County, when her sonJoseph Benjamin Christian and second husband left, that would meanthat her son had to travel back to Cass County to handle the sale ofher farm about 10 years later.  Why would Louisa have stayed behind?On the other hand, it is likely that the year is vaguely remembered.We know from other sources that th Jenkins-Christian families moved toChickasaw Nation in 1890 or very close to that.  Joseph SanfordJenkins died in Marlow, Chickasaw Nation, on the Chisholm Trail, in1893.

    There is a city directory entry for Joseph B Christian in Memphis,Tennessee for 1872.  But this directory entry in an 1872 Memphis citydirectory may be for a different Joseph Benjamin Christian, and notthe husband of Lousia Taylor.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989, p 76
    Memphis, Tennessee, City Directory, 1872
    Christian Joseph B cotton clerk Dickinson, Williams & Co r Walker av

    Some other genealogies, such as a Funsten family tree, report thatLouisa Taylor Christian's husband was name Benjamin FranklinChristian, and only the son was named Joseph Bemnjamin.

    Joseph Benjamin Christian
    Birth abt 1835 Tennessee, USA
    Death abt 1870 Cass County, Texas, USA

    Few details are known about Joseph B Christian. Even his parents areuncertain, although there are other apparently related Christianfamilies in the Cass County, Texas area and nearby counties, no clearconnection of Joseph has been made.

    No birth record or census record has been found, but it appears fromother family information he was born about 1835, and died some timebefore 1872, when his wife Louisa Taylor Christian married again.

    The family has not been found in the 1860 or 1870 census. It isestimated he and Louisa married about 1853, based on the birth date oftheir first child Frances Elizabeth on 7 July 1854.

    No death or burial record has been found. Many people in that era wereburied on the family land, with no official report in governmentrecords. Their farm was in Cass County, near Brians Mill. Joseph andLouisa's children were born on this farm.

    His wife Louisa continued to live on the farm. Louisa maintained thefarm and the residence for her children, even after she marriedfarming neighbor, widower J S Jenkins.

    Burial Non-Cemetery Burial
    Thought to be buried on the Christian family farm, near Brians Mill,Cass County, Texas. No death or burial record has been found.

    Created by Orville Jenkins Jul 04, 2015, Revised 12 July 2016
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #148648476,


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