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Louisa TAYLOR2,1,3,4,5

about 18381,2 - between 1890 and 19003,1

Life History

about 1838

Born in Mississippi.1,2

about 1853

Married Joseph Benjamin CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.10

7th Jul 1854

Birth of daughter Frances Elizabeth CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.6,7,3,8

9th Feb 1856

Birth of son Joseph Benjamin CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.9,10,11,12,3,13,14

about 1860

Birth of daughter Lucinda CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.3,19

about 1860

Birth of daughter Amanda Emily CHRISTIAN in Arkansas.15,16,17,18

about 1870

Death of Joseph Benjamin CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.20,21,10

28th Feb 1872

Married Joseph Sanford JENKINS in Cass County, Texas.5,3,4,2


Birth of son Henry JENKINS in Bryans Mill, Cass, Texas.1,10

before Jun 1880

Death of son Henry JENKINS in Bryans Mill, Cass, Texas.1,10

between 1890 and 1900

Died in Cass County, Texas.3,1

Other facts


Buried in Cass County, Texas


  • There is some doubt about the maiden name of Louisa Christian Jenkins.
    --  Harold Christian, Jenkins Family History

    There was an uncertain idea among some children of Joseph Asa Jenkinsthat Louisa was a sister of Joseph Sanford's first wife Lucinda AmandaTaylor.  I cannot find details to corroborate this.  But according toother family traditions, Louisa and her first husband, Joseph BenjaminChristian, lived on a farm neighbouring the farm of Joseph SanfordJenkins in Cass County, Texas, so reported by Harold K Christian inhis private Jenkins Family History.  This perhaps indicates some priortie to the Jenkins household.

    I can find no parentage information for Louisa Taylor.  Butinformation indicates she was born in Mississippi, as were LucindaAmanda and her siblings.  Dates would match, with Louisa being thelast born.

    Various information sources for Lucinda Amanda and her brother andsister do not mention another sister Louisa.  It is possible thatLouisa is a cousin or an aunt, even though younger.  We find the namesTaylor, Christian and Jenkins associated at points in Mississippi,Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.  Three generations of the Christians andJenkins married, in addition to the Taylor connection.

    The Taylor children's mother or grandmother was also reported to beborn in Ireland.  Perhaps this is one source of the idea that the twowomen were sisters.  But the censuses report that Daniel's mother wasborn in Georgia, except 1880, which says Mississippi.  While Louisa'smother is reported by the 1880 Cass County, Texas, census to have beenborn in Ireland  This makes it seem likely that Louisa was an aunt orcousin of the other three Day children.  We need more information onthe parents to determine definitively.

    Louisa was first married to Joseph Benjamin Christian, then after hisdeath she married Joseph Sanford Jenkins, in Cass County, Texas,according to extensive research done by Harold Christian.  He includesthe following paragraph in his Jenkins Family History.

    "Joseph Sanford was remarried to Mrs. Louisa Christian, widow ofJoseph Benjamin Christian of Cass County, on 28 February 1872,probably soon after his return. The Jenkins and the Christian familieslived on neighboring farms and included older children at this time.It is believed that Joseph Sanford and Louisa continued to maintainthe separate homes for their children following their marriage."
    --  Jenkins Family History,, p 11

    Some other information came to light in February 2016 that calls intoquestion the name of Louisa's first husband.  Another Christiandescendant, Loyd Farris, reported to me that his ancestor was MineolaChristian born about 1890, and her father was Joseph BenjaminChristian.  Our date of birth for J S's daughter Minnie was abotu1899. Loyd also reported that Joseph Benjamin's father was namedBenjamin Franklin Christian.

    In doing some checking, I found that a Walkup family genealogyreported this also, but provided no documentation for most of thespotty connections and details provided.  (Walkups are cousins in theChristian line.)   The Walkup genealogy reproted a date of birth forMineola )Minnie) Christian as about 1892.

    "Mineola Christian Battles (1890 - 1972) was my maternal grandmother.Her father was Joseph Benjamin Christian and his father (my secondgreat grandfather) was Benjamin Franklin Christian (1817 - 1870)."
    --  Loyd Keith Farris, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 31December 2015

    The marriage date reported in the Cass County, Texas, records asreported by Harold Christian differs from that in the compiled recordsreported by  The date Harold reports is 28 February1872, but the Texas Marriage Collection reports 7 March 1872.

    Texas Marriage Collection, 1814-1909 and 1966-2002
    Mrs. Louisa Christian
    Marriage 7 Mar 1872 Cass County, Texas
    Spouse J. S. Jenkins

    "The Christians [sic] children ... Their mother, Louisa, married asecond time, J. S. Jenkins, March 7, 1872, and had one son, Henry.After her death in 1900, Joseph Benjamin Christian [her son] sold thefamily farm to Lonzo Hicks.  Family tradition states that there is alineage connection to the Hensley family but this has not beenproven."
    --  Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 22 August 1971, p 9G

    Louisa's age is given as 42 in the 1880 Cass County, Texas, census.This census reports her father born in Mississippi, her mother born inIreland.

    1880 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 16 June, District 12,Precinct 3, Page 17, House and Family #144
    Jenkins, Joseph  W M 52 Farmer  SC SC SC
    Jenkins, Louisa   W F 42 Wife Keeps House  Miss Miss Ireland
    Jenkins, Mary L  W F 21 Daughter Farming  Ga SC Miss
    Jenkins, Lucinda  W F 19 Daughter Farming  Ga SC Miss
    Jenkins, Margaret C  W F 17 Daughter Farming  Tx SC Miss
    Jenkins, Joe Asa   W M 16 Son Farming  Tx SC Miss

    After Louisa married Joseph Sanford Jenkins, the two continued tomaintain their separate neighboring farms in Cass County, Texas, untilthe combined family moved about 1890 to Indian Territory, finallysettling in Marlow, Chickasaw Nation (later Stephens County,Oklahoma).  There is no record of whether Louisa died in Cass Countybefore the move, along the way on the trip to Indian Territory, or inMarlow, where the family settled.

    Since Joseph Sanford's death is recorded, and his cemetery exists inMarlow, it seems safe to assume that Louisa died before the familyleft Cass County in 1890.  But it is unclear why we find no burialsite or record there either.

    Date of death is uncertain.  While J Epperson reports that Louisa diedin Marlow, Indian Territory, Harold Christian indicates Louisaapparently did not accompany Joseph Sanford to Indian Territory.Harold suggests that Louisa died in Texas, or moved to Healdton,Indian Territory, but then remained with her children there when theJenkinses moved on to Marlow.  No record for Louisa has been found inany of the cemeteries in either area.

    Some possible light was shed on this in 2011, when a coresearcherWanda Cox, found some old newspaper clippings in her 98-year-oldmother's family collections.  An obituary of Mrs G Funsten Bilbrey,refers to Louisa and her family.

    MRS. G. FUNSTEN Bilbrey, Rt. 2, 824 N. 5th, Frederick, Okla. 73542, isre [line giving her husband's name left out in the original printversion] …, born 1827, Louisiana and married first, Nancy (maiden nameunknown), born South Carolina. Their children, all born in CassCounty, Texas, were David, Laura, George, John and Robert.  His secondmarriage was to Frances Elizabeth Christian in 1877.  They had sixchildren and he disappeared in 1889.

    The Christians [sic] children included Joseph Benjamin, FrancesElizabeth, Lucinda and Emily, all born in Cass County between 1854 and1862.  Joseph Benjamin married Catherine Smith; Lucinda, Larkin Dycus;and Emily, Jason Forsyth.

    Their mother, Louisa, married a second time, J. S. Jenkins, March 7,1872, and had one son, Henry.  After her death in 1900, JosephBenjamin Christian sold the family farm to Lonzo Hicks.  Familytradition states that there is a lineage connection to the Hensleyfamily but this has not been proven.
    --  Ft Worth Star-Telegram, 22 August 1971

    This source indicates that Louisa died in 1900.  The selling of theChristian family farm related to her death seems to indicate she wasstill on the Christian farm in Cass County, near Dalton.  No actualrecord or burial site has been found.  Information in the familyhistory indicates her date may have been earlier, about 1890.

    Louisa's husband Joseph Jenkins moved to Indian Territory about 1890with his son Joseph Asa Jenkins.  Louisa does not appear to be on thistrip.  The way the story is told,  oseph Benjamin Christian and hiswife, along with Catherine Jenkins and her husband Nelson Winter, hadalready moved to Healdton, Chickasaw Naiton, Indian Territory.  Itseems odd that Louisa would have wanted to stay back.

    From the information available in the Jenkins famliy tradition, itseemed the Jenkins family farm was sold before Joseph Sanford Jenkinsleft in about 1890 for Indian Territory, with his son Joseph Asa.  TheJenkins farm was next to the Christian farm, and when Joseph Jenkinsand Louisa married, they maintained their separate farms andhouseholds, according to family research by Harold Christian (See theJenkins family history).  Thus Louisa could have stayed on theChristian farm when her husband moved with his son to IndianTerritory.

    The Jenkins family story says also that Louisa's son Joseph BenjaminChristian moved with Joseph Asa or before.  If the 1900 date in thenews story is correct, did Joseph go back to Cass County from IndianTerritory in order to sell the Christian family farm?  Or was thedeath date of Louisa before the 1890 move, instead of later in 1900?I have not found the record of sales of the farms.  Harold Christian,in his story of the Jenkins famliy, leaves open the likelihood thatLouisa did stay behind, though no details or evidence has been found.

    "Louisa is believed to have remained in Cass County when JosephSanford Jenkins moved to Marlow, Indian Territory (Oklahoma), ca 1890.Her date and place of burial is unknown at this time. ... DEATH OFJOSEPH SANFORD JENKINS Joseph is believed to have moved to Marlow,Indian Territory (now Stephens County), Oklahoma ca 1890. He passedaway while living there on May 26, 1893, and was buried in the Marlowcemetery. ... During the 1952 TV interview, Joseph [Asa Jenkins] firststated he had lived in Oklahoma since 1890."
    --  Jenkins Family History,, pp9-10, 13

    Louisa Taylor Jenkins
    Birth 1838 Mississippi, USA
    Death 1890 Cass County, Texas, USA

    Louisa Taylor was born about 1838 in Mississippi, according to censusrecords. Her parents are not known. The 1880 census reports that herfather was born in Mississippi and her mother in Ireland. She marriedJoseph Benjamin Christian 28 Feb 1872 in Cass County, Texas.

    After the death of Joseph Benjamin, Louisa married widowed neighborJoseph Sanford Jenkins. The Jenkins and Christian farms near Dalton,Texas, were adjoining or near each other. She was probably a relative,maybe an aunt, of Joseph Sanford's first wife Lucinda Amanda Taylor,who was also born in Mississippi, and whose parents are also unknown.She and J S had one child, Henry, who died at about age 3-4, and wasburied in a private grave.

    Louisa's death and burial details are unknown. No record, public orprivate, has been found. She died between 1890 and 1900. She does notappear in the 1900 census. Her husband and son moved to IndianTerritory about 1890. She is not mentioned in regard to the move orthereafter.

    Joseph Benjamin Christian (1835 - 1870)
    Joseph Sanford Jenkins (1826 - 1893)
    Henry Jenkins (1876 - 1880)

    Burial Non-Cemetery Burial
    Last known residence was near Dalton, Cass County, Texas. She is notlisted in any cemetery near Dalton or other family residence or burialarea. No record of date or place has been found.

    Created by Orville Jenkins Jul 04, 2015
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #148647305,


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