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10th Dec 18866 - 5th Apr 19683,7,4

Life History

10th Dec 1886

Born in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,2,3,4,5

(most likely)

Sep 1887

Born in Indian Territory.10,12

(less likely)


Born in Oklahoma.6

(less likely)


Resident in Township 15, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory.9


Residence2: Ft Gibson area in Nash, Muskogee, Oklahoma.10


Residence3: marriage license in 1900 gives Ft Gibson as residence in Ft Gibson, Muskogee, Oklahoma.11

9th Jun 1920

Married Lois Cleo OVERTON in Ft Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas.11,18,6

between 1925 and 1968

Residence4: Obituary says moved to Fresno in 1925; but this would mean they madethis hard move while Walter's wife Maggie was pregnant; possibly 1926;all records report him in Fresno till death in Township 5, Fresno, California.6,7,7

after 1925

Divorced from Lois Cleo OVERTON in Santa Cruz County, California.27,6,18

5th Apr 1968

Died in Fresno, Fresno, California.3,7,4

8th Apr 1968

Buried in Fresno Memorial Gardens, Fresno, Fresno County, California.8,7


  • The first formal record I found of Pink Green was the 1900 census,when he is 12 years old.  This indicates he was born in September 1887in Indian Territory.  The family is living in Cherokee Nation in 1900. Later sources including his death record, indicate the birth year wasactually 1886.  And the month of birth is different too, with date ofbirth being 10 Dec 1886.

    1900 Federal Census, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, 13 June,Township 15, District 40, Page 6B,  Hse/Fam #126:
    Green, Jacob Head  M W Nov 1848 51 2nd marriage  married 18 years  GANC GA Farmer
    Green, Susan Wife  F W Aug 1858 41 1st marriage,  married 18 years,  6children, 6 living MS MS GA
    Green, Pink  Son M W  Sept 1887 12  Ind Terr GA MS

    In 1910, Jacob and Susan (Barnett) Green have moved to Nash Townshipof Muskogee County, in eastern Oklahoma.  Nash Township is where FtGibson is.  The town of Ft Gibson was established in 1898, but due toseveral factors the town was moved to higher ground nearby in 1900.The town of Ft Gibson, Indian Territory, was established in 1904.  Ihave not seen any documentation stating they were in the actual townof Ft Gibson.

    This is in the Creek (Muscogee) Nation, which became part of the newState of Oklahoma In December 1907.  This is a little east of wherethey were living in Cherokee Nation in 1900.

    The town of Ft Gibson was established in 1904 (a reestablishment ofthe earlier town begun in 1898, and moved to higher ground in about1900).

    1910 Federal Census, Nash Township, Muskogee, Oklahoma, 30 April,District 107, Page 13B,  Hse/Fam #104
    Green, Jacob Head  M W 60 2nd marriage  married at age 27  GA NC SCFarmer
    Green, Susan Wife  F W 51 1st marriage  married at age 27  6 children,5 living  MS MS GA
    Green, Pink  Son M W  23  OK GA MS Farm Laborer

    Two genealogies of other families that include Pink Green reporterroneously that he was born in Indian, Penobscot Maine.  This isobviously a mechanical error from some search engine which hasassociated "Indian" in "Indian Territory" with other sources andpicked up this totally alien location in Maine, which the genealogycompiler did not analyze and correct.  Our Green family has noassociation with the Penobscot Indian Nation or New England.

    Pink Green was my 4th cousin.  The spotty records we have show thathis family was living in Indian Territory, in Cherokee Nation in 1900then Muscogee (Creek) Nation in 1910.  Records for the 1800s aremissing, since there were no formal records for the area that becameOklahoma.  None of our Greens have ever been to New England.

    Another genealogy also wrongly reports that Pink was born in OklahomaCity.  Oklahoma City was not founded until 1889, and that was in theUnassigned Lands, neither Indian Territory nor Oklahoma Territory.

    Pink's father Jacob died in 1917.  I have not been able to find arecord in the 1920 census for Pink or his mother.  The only members ofthis Green family I have found in the 1920 census is Pink's brotherWalter with his wife Maggie in Ottawa County, Oklahoma.

    In 1920, Pink got married across the border in Ft Smith, Arkansas.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Lois Overton
    Age 20
    Birth Year abt 1900
    Residence Fort Gibson, Muskogee, Oklahoma
    Spouse's Name Pink Green
    Spouse's Age 32
    Spouse's Residence Fort Gibson, Muskogee, Oklahoma
    Marriage Date 9 Jun 1920
    Marriage License Date 9 Jun 1920 Sebastian County (Ft Smith)

    They were reported in they Muskogee City/County Directory in 1921,along with Pink's mother Susan Barnett Green and his brother Thomas.

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Muskogee and Muskogee County, Oklahoma, City Directory, 1921, p 547
    (Phoenix Directory Company)
    Pink (Lois) Green farmer
    Susan (wid Jacob) Green
    Thomas Green

    Pink is reported in a 1925 city directory with his wife Lois Overton.

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Santa Cruz County, California, City Directory, 1925
    Pink Green (Lois) Lab[orer]  Residence 229 Hanover

    A Pink Green in Fresno, California in 1930 appears to be the same PinkGreen who is the son of Jacob and Susan Green.  The birth year fromthe age in the census matches the birth date reported in the 1900census, September 1887, and birth in Oklahoma matches.  There areother Greens with the same name as his siblings in Fresno also, whichseems to support the move of Pink and some of his family toCalifornia.  Other factors in discoveries in 2012 indicate they movedto California in 1925 or 1926.

    At first it was not clear that this was our Pink Green. Onediscrepancy is that the birthplace of the parents of Pink Green inFresno is Tennessee, while the information we have for Jacob and Susanis that Jacob was born in Georgia and his wife Susan is reported asborn in Mississippi. This is a common error or variation, but is asignal requiring more definite confirmation.

    A further confirmation came when I received Pink's obituary fromcousin Beverly Hill in late May 2011. Beverly was working with anotherof our cousins, Linda Hanks. Linda had the newspaper clipping in herhuge library of family information gathered over the years. Theobituary says Pink moved to Kerman in 1925 (see below). The obituaryreports Pink's brother Tom also in Kerman and two other brothers Jakeand Jack Green in Fresno.

    1930 Federal Census,  Fresno County, California, 18 April, Township 5,District 76, page 7A, Conejo Avenue, Hse #150, Fam #151
    Green, Pink Head M W 42 First married at 32 [but no wife in thehousehold] OK TN TN Farm Laborer
    Glory, Maggie Sister-in-law F W 35 First married at 34 [but no husbandin the household] OK MO MO
    Green, Eva Lee Niece  F W 7 OK OK OK
    Green, Jack Nephew  M W 6 OK OK OK
    Green, Junior Nephew  M W 4yrs 4mos OK OK OK [b abt Dec 1925]

    Pink is reported as married first at age 32, which would be in 1920.Yet there is no wife or children reported in his household.  Asister-in-law Maggie is in the household, age 35, but reported asfirst married at age 34.  There is no husband reported for her in thishousehold.  I surmised at the time in these Notes that perhaps Maggiewas married to a brother of Pink, who died shortly after she becamepregnant or soon after the baby was born.  Sources confirming thiscame to light later, indicating that Maggie was the widow of Pink'sbrother Walter Jacob.

    Another cousin working with me on this family, Beverly Hill's brotherMarion Mixon, discovered a couple of Find-a-Grave memorials on Pinkand members of his family.  This brought Winnie Yandell into ourcircle of research and her information, clues and contacts led to aflurry of gap-filling information.  Winnie initially commented:

    "Another brother, Walter Jacob, had died in 1925 (OK) and the widowwith three small children were staying in [the household] with Pink inthe 1930 census, Fresno CA, Township 5. The three children--Eva L.,Jack, and Walter Jacob (Jake), are bur. in this cemetery as is Pink'sbrother, Thomas (Tom) Gilbert GREEN."
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #73346170,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=73346170

    Now the really odd part of the 1930 census record.  Maggie is reportedto have married for the first time at age 34, just one year earlier!This is probably meant to say that she has been married to the currentspouse 1 year, the spouse named Glory.  She is reported married butthere is no spouse in the household.

    But in light of some question about her last name, it may be thatMaggie had remarried already (a year or less before) but her husbandwas working away.  He may have been ill and in a hospital.  It longappeared he may have died not long afterwards.  However, then newrecords were discovered in 2015 for R H Glory in Fresno CityDirectories for 1932, 1933 and 1934.

    In the 1930 voter rolls Pink is recorded along with his wife LoisOverton.  I do not find the date of the voter records in thecollection.  I wonder if this listing was made before the census inApril 1930?  It is strange that Pink is reported as married in the1930 census, but there is no wife in the household.

    California Voter Registrations, 1900-1968, Ancestry.com Collection
    Fresno County, California, 1930
    Green, Mrs Lois hswf Address 1/76, Selma
    Green, Pink  Frmr  Address 1/76, Selma

    When the 1933 directory entry for R H Glory was found, he turned up inthree Fresno County directories.  Green entries matching Pink alsowere found, along with some discrepancies and new questions.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1932, p 734-735
    Glory R H rt 7 Bx 219 (p 734)
    Green P rt 7 Bx 218 (p 735)

    The address appears to mean Rural Route 7, Box 219, which fits theirearlier living situation.  Note that P Green and R H Glory live oneRural box number apart, either next door to each other, or across theroad.

    In 1933 R H Glory is at a different address, but still on a ruralroute in the county.  Again his is the only entry for the surnameGlory.  This entry is a bit puzzling, complicating the seeming pictureof relationships and arrangements.  There are two similar entries nowfor a Green P and Green Pink.  The entry for Green P has the addressRt 9 Box 221a, which is a couple of houses away from either of the1932 entries.  Then Green Pink is at the very same address as R HGlory, Rt 9 Box 433a.  This makes us less certain who the Glory entrymight represent and who P Green is in contrast to Pink Green.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1933, p 753-754
    Glory R H rt 9 Bx 433a
    Green P rt 7 Bx 221a (p 754)
    Green Pink rt 9 Bx 433a (p 754)

    In the 1934 entry, R H Glory and Pink Green are again at the sameaddress as in 1933.  There is no entry this time for P Green.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1934, p 746
    Glory R H rt 9 Bx 433a
    Green Pink rt 9 Bx 433a

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1935, p 766
    Pink Green rt 9 bx 433a

    In the next record I have seen, Pink appears alone on 1936 voterregistration rolls in Fresno.

    California Voter Registrations, 1900-1968, Ancestry.com Collection
    Fresno, Fresno County, California, 1936
    Green, Pink  Farmer  Address Rt 9, Box 423, Fresno

    He also appears again in the 1936 and 1937 city directory.

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1936, p 781
    Pink Green rt 9 bx 433a

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1937, p 801
    Pink Green rt 9 bx 433a

    In 1938, we have both a directory entry and voter registration rollsfor Tom and Susan Green.

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Santa Cruz County, California, City Directory, 1938, p 827
    Pink Green rt 9 bx 433a

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1940, p 840
    Pink Green rt 9 bx 433a

    The 1940 census confirms that they live on a farm.  Note that Pink isreported as widowed, even though we know Lois Overton lived until1972.  They were actually divorced.  In 1930 he was reported asmarried but there was no wife in the household.

    1940 Federal Census, Fresno County, California, 9 April, JudicialTownship 11, District 132, page 2B, Belmont Ave, Hse #43, Rents $10,Live on a Farm
    Green, Pink Head M W 53 Widow First  Grade 3 b Oklahoma  Place under2000 population in 1935 Farmer
    Glory, Maggie Housekeeper F W 48  Widow Grade 3 b MO lived in samehouse in 1935
    Green, Eva Dau F W 17 Single Grade 8 b OK lived in same house in 1935
    Green, Jack Son M W 16 Single HS-1 b OK lived in same house in 1935Farm Laborer
    Green, Jacob Son M W 14 Single Grade 8 b OK lived in same house in1935

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1941, p 850
    Pink Green rt 9 bx 433a

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1942, p 852
    Pink Green rt 9 bx 433a

    Pink's WWII Draft Registration card in 1942 confirms that he has nomiddle name.

    WWII Draft Registration Cards
    Pink (None) Green
    Residence Corner of Golden Red and Whites Bridge, Kerman, Fresno,California
    Mailing Address Rt 1, Box 345, Kerman, Fresno, California
    Telephone None, Age 55
    Born 10 Dec 1886 Marietta, Oklahoma
    Name of contact:  R H Groly [Glory?], Rt 1, Box 345, Kerman, Fresno,California
    Own Employer, Farm, Rt 1, Box 345, Kerman, Fresno, California
    Signed Pink Green

    On the addresses on his draft card, there is a residential address,but it is a description, not an address, on the corner of Golden Redand Whites Bridge (apparently two street or road names).  Apparentlythey had not yet assigned street numbers, though it seems to be in thetown of Kerman.  I note that in 1930, though he was living in Fresnotown, Pink was a Farmer.

    Notice that Pink's mailing address in 1942 was the same box number inKerman as his brother and mother in 1938.  The format of the box is aRural Route number, Rte 1, Box 345.  Note that his mailing address isthe same as that of the person he gives as his contact.  The boxnumber is in Kerman, while his residence is reported as being inFresno.  Later other members of his family also have this same boxnumber, but live in Fresno.  Kerman is a few miles west of Fresno.

    Since Pink's mailing address and this is a RFD box.  Perhaps this wasthe mailbox at the main farmhouse of R H Groly.  We might think thiswas his employer, and maybe he was working on the farm of Mr Groly(but we do not even know if R H G was a man or a woman.)  But underemployer, Pink wrote (or stated) "Own Employer" which I would thinkmeans "Self-Employed."  So who was R H Groly?  We don’t have any otherinfo about Pink’s residence in 1942 when he would have filled out (ordictated) the draft card.

    The 1940 census conforms that Maggie's surname is Glory.  She musthave married R H Glory (written dyslectically as Groly) then he diedshortly after.  He may have owned the farm where they were living andwhere apparently Pink was working.  But even in 1940, they arereported as renting their home, and perhaps the farm land Pink wasworking.

    The California Death Index reports the birth of Pink Green as 10December 1886.  This was one of the early records that seemed to befor our Pink Green (among numerous people named Pink Green at thattime in Texas and Oklahoma) so it was uncertain at first if I had theright one.  This birth date differs from the other source, the 1900census, which says September 1887.  The latter is also problematic,though, since there are so many errors in the birth dates reported inthe 1900 census, for whatever reason.  Other sources found after thisreport the birth date of 10 Dec 1886.

    Maggie Green is found also under the name Maggie Glory in citydirectories and the 1940 census.  Perhaps she married this R H Glory,misrecorded as Groly, who later died?  In the 1940 census, MaggieGlory, a housekeeper in Pink's household, is listed as a widow.  Herthree children are reported as the children of Pink.  Did Pink adoptMaggie's children?  If so, why were they not married.

    Or is this an enumeration error?  It seems most likely that therelationship is in reference to Maggie, instead of the head of thehousehold, who is these children's uncle.  This kind of relationshiperror occurs very often in these mixed-relationship households.  Asideform these details, it seems pretty well established that Maggiemarried R H Glory before the 1930 census, it looks like only about1929.

    But in July 2015 another record was discovered that indicates he didnot die about the time of the 1930 census as previously thought.There was an entry at an expected rural Fresno address, next door toPink Green, for R H Glory.  This fits the living situation we haveseen in past records.  So in 1932, R H was still living, still nextdoor to Pink Green.  In this case, Maggie probably reported herself tothe enumerator as a widow in order to avoid the stigma or questionsrelated to a divorce.  No divorce record has been found.

    But Maggie does not appear under the name Glory or Green, and no othername is associated with the two rural box addresses for R H Glory or P(Pink) Green.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1932, p 734-735
    Glory R H rt 7 Bx 219 (appears to mean Rural Route 7, Box 219, whichfits their living situation, p 734)
    Green P rt 7 Bx 218 (p 735)

    The Death Index had one fact that was an early supporting factor forthis being Pink Green, son of Jacob Green.  The maiden name of Pink'smother is reported as Barnett.  Jacob Green's wife was named SusanBarnett.

    California Death Index, 1940-1997
    Pink Green
    b 10 Dec 1886
    Mother's name Barnett
    d 5 Apr 1968, Fresno County, California

    This identification with a Barnett family was rather definitive.Greens lived around Barnetts in Texas an Oklahoma, and ClarindaBarnett married Pink's uncle Jackson Green (my ancestor).  Clarindawas the daughter of Jorile (Jorial) and Nancy Barnett, from NorthCarolina and Illinois.  Susan's father appears to be a cousin ofClarinda's father Jorial.  Susan's family moved to Texas from Georgia. Some of the Alabama group of this Virginia-Carolina-Alabama Barnettlineage also moved into East Texas in two different waves.

    Social Security Death Index
    Pink Green
    Born 10 Dec 1886
    Died 15 Apr 1968
    Last Residence Kerman, Fresno, California 93630
    SSN 558-78-5458 issued: California (1965)

    This SSDI record has a different death date from that reported by theCalifornia Death Index, 15 Apr 1968 instead of 5 Apr 1968.  This couldbe an entry error or a mistranscription error.  5 April 1968 seems tobe the correct date of death.

    Pink and his brother Tom have identical gravestones in the FresnoMemorial Gardens, which give only the name, year of birth and year ofdeath.  Interestingly, they both died in the year 1968.

    Gravestone of Pink Green, Fresno Memorial Gardens, Fresno, Fresno,California
    "Pink Green 1886 - 1968"

    A brief obituary was published in the Fresno Bee, 7 April 1968(Sunday).

    Pink Green

    KERMAN -- Funeral Services will be held tomorrow [Monday 8 April 1968]at 2 p.m. in the Bragg and Sons Kerman Chapel for Pink Green, who diedFriday in a Fresno hospital after a long illness.  Burial will be inFresno Memorial Gardens.

    Green was a native of Oklahoma and lived in Kerman since 1925.

    Surviving are a brother, Tom Green of Kerman; five nephews, Jake andJack Green of Fresno, Paul Birch of Lubbock, Tex., Walter Smith ofRipon and Robert Smith of Texas, and two nieces, Eva Green of Kermanand Mrs Irene Sherman of Portland, Ore.

    A memorial on Find A Grave has additional information on Pink and hisfamily. Comments here, that appear to come from family info, clarifythe identity of the other individuals with Pink in the 1930 census inFresno, California.  This was the widow of Pink's brother Walter whodied in Oklahoma in 1925, with her children, according to thefollowing memorial.

    Pink Green
    Birth Dec 10, 1886 Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma, USA
    Death Apr 5, 1968 Fresno, Fresno County, California, USA

    Son of Jacob and Susan A (Barnett) GREEN. Born in Marietta, OK. Hisparents then moved to the Ft. Gibson, Muskogee Co. I.T. area. Later,sometime around 1930, the Green family moved to central California,along (we believe) with Susan Green, and her son Pink, and hisbrother, Thomas G.

    Another brother, Walter Jacob, had died in 1925 (OK) and the widowwith three small children were staying in household with Pink in the1930 census, Fresno CA, Township 5. The three children--Eva L., Jack,and Walter Jacob (Jake), are bur. in this cemetery, as is Pink'sbrother, Thomas (Tom) Gilbert GREEN.

    Burial Fresno Memorial Gardens, Fresno, Fresno County, California, USA

    Maintained by wvy, Originally Created by Lora Nehring Jul 14, 2011
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #73346170,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=73346170


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