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Nora A GREEN1,7,2,3,4,6,5,8,9

also known as Nora GREEN3

also known as Nora Smith

17th Sep 18842,3,4,5,6 - 16th Jan 19571,7,4,8

Life History

17th Sep 1884

Born in Muskogee, Indian Territory.2,3,4,5,6


Resident in Township 15, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory.2


Residence2 in Nash, Muskogee, Oklahoma.3

about 1917

Birth of son Irene SMITH in Oklahoma

11th Oct 1919

Birth of son Walter SMITH in Fresno, Fresno, California.10,11,12,13

28th Jun 1924

Birth of son Robert A SMITH in Fresno County, California.6,11

Jun 1939

Residence3: Residence at time of mother's death in Fresno in Fresno, Fresno, California.1

before 1940

Death of Robert SMITH in Ripon, San Joaquin, California

16th Jan 1957

Died in San Francisco County, California.1,7,4,8

21st Jan 1957

Buried in Woodlawn Park, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.7

Other facts


Married Robert SMITH


  • 1900 Federal Census, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, 13 June,Township 15, District 40, Page 6B,  Hse/Fam #126:
    Green, Jacob Head  M W Nov 1848 51 2nd marriage  married 18 years  GANC GA Farmer
    Green, Susan Wife  F W Aug 1858 41 1st marriage,  married 18 years,  6children, 6 living MS MS GA
    Green, Norah  Dau F W  July 1885 14 Ind Terr GA MS

    1910 Federal Census, Nash Township, Muskogee, Oklahoma, 30 April,District 107, Page 13B,  Hse/Fam #104:
    Green, Jacob Head  M W 60 2nd marriage  married at age 27  GA NC SCFarmer
    Green, Susan Wife  F W 51 1st marriage  married at age 27  6 children,5 living  MS MS GA
    Green, Nora  Dau F W  25 OK GA MS

    The 1920 and 1930 censuses for Nora have not been found.  But A voterroll record for Norah is found for 1934.  This roll also lists aRobert Smith at thte same ddress, which would be her husband.  Notethat this voter list has Norah's middle initial as A.

    San Francisco City & Voter Rolls
    Supplemental Register
    35 Smith, Mrs Norah A, 1700 Broadway, Housewife Republican
    36 Smith, Robert A, 1700 Broadway, Master Mariner Republican

    The 1940 census informs us that Robert Smith is Nora's Son (seebelow).  So the Robert in this tax roll is not that son, but would beher husband.  In the 1940 census, Nora is reported as Head of thehousehold, without a husband.  Her son Robert is only 16 years old.Nora was initially deisgnated Married, but then that was marked out.No death record has been found for Robert Smith.  This seems toindicate that Robert Smith died between Sept 1934 and April 1940.

    Nora is mentioned as a survivor of her mother, resident in Fresno atthe time of her mother's death in 1939.  This is a caution when werecall that the voter roll on 1934 above seeming to be for our sameNora Green Smith was in San Francisco.  But a California Death recordin 1957 reports that Nora Smith died in San Francsco, whose parentsare reported as those of our Nora Green Smith.

    "Near Kerman, Calif., June 17, 1939.  Susan Green, beloved mother ofMrs. Nora Smith of Fresno, Tom Green of Kerman and Pink Green ofFresno; ... a native of Mississippi, aged 84 years.  Funeral serviceswill be held in the Mission Chapel, Broadway at Belmont, Tuesdayafternoon, June 20, 1939."
    --  Obituary of Susan Barnett Green, The Fresno Bee, Sunday, 18 June1939

    Nora was enumerated the next year in the 1940 census, with her16-year-old son Robert.  Nora has no husband in the houshold.Initially she was reported Married, but then that is marked through.But no other designation like Widow s added.

    1940 Federal Census, Fresno County, Arkansas, 2 April, Fresno,District 10-52, Page 1A, Hse #9, Rents $9
    Smith, Nora Head F W 54 Married (? appears to be marked out, but notchanged) Grade 2 b Okla Same place in 1935 Seamstress [b abt 1886]
    Smith, Robert Son M W 16 Single Grade 8 b Calif same place in 1935 [babt 1924]

    A cousin and coresearcher on the Greens and Barnetts, Winnie Yandell,found a death record for a Nora Smith in San Francisco.

    California Death Index, 1940-1997
    Nora Smith
    Born 17 Sept 1886, OK
    Died 16 Jan 1957,  San Francisco, CA
    Father Green
    Mother Barnett

    A matching funeral order for her was found by my cousin andco-researcher Marion Mixon.  Initially this appears to be the correctone.  The death certificate has not been found.

    Nora Smith, Residence Lankershim Hotel (San Francisco
    Residence Lankershim Hotel (San Francisco)
    Death Jan 16 1957 San Francisco hospital
    Funeral Saturday Jan 19, 1957 2:30 PM at Chapel
    Interment (21 Jan 1957) Woodlawn, Oklahoma, Family will not be present
    Charge to Halter [Walter?, probably meant her son Walter] Smith, 2244th St, Ripon, California
    Billed 1-30-57 (No name of Funeral Home).
    --  Funeral order form for Nora Green Smith

    The date of death on this funeral order is the same as the deathrecord above for Nora Smith in San Francisco, 16 Jan 1957.  Theresponsible person named on the funeral order is Halter Smith with astreet address in Ripon, California.  This is another confirming tieto the family.  In the obituary of Nora's brother Pink Green, one ofthe survivors is a nephew Walter Smith of Ripon. My search indicatedRipon is in San Joaquin County, a Bay area county.

    I note that the name on the funeral order is definitely Halter, notWalter.  Some genealogies report the name of Nora's husband as FrankSmith.  But note that her residence is given as a hotel in SanFrancisco, while the address of "Halter Smith" was a street address inRipon.  Perhaps the hotel was a temporary residence while she was inSan Francisco for medical treatment.

    "Surviving are a brother, Tom Green of Kerman; five nephews, Jake andJack Green of Fresno, Paul Birch of Lubbock, Tex., Walter Smith ofRipon and Robert Smith of Texas, and two nieces, Eva Green of Kermanand Mrs Irene Sherman of Portland, Ore."
    -- Fresno Bee, 7 April 1968

    The San Francisco location is somewhat questionable for our SusanGreen Smith, since we have documented all the rest of her family inthe Central Valley.  But if there is a record in the California DeathIndex, this means that Nora Smith died in San Francisco.  So why isthe matching death certificate not showing up?  The funeral orderstates "Place of Death S F Hospital" with no further detail.

    The funeral order notes that interment is to be in Woodlawn, Oklahoma. This matches her Oklahoma origins, and the reference in the SanFrancisco death record to her mother's maiden name of Barnett.  Theburial was stated to be "Monday," being 21 January, since the date ofthe funeral in Ripon was Saturday 16 January.1957.

    In searching for this city, the closest I could find was WoodlawnPark, Oklahoma, Oklahoma.  This is actually a section within Bethany,a suburb of Oklahoma City.  In 2010 a memorial was posted for a burialfor one Nora E Smith on Find a Grave, in Memorial Park Cemetery,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County.  However, the date of death for thisNora Smith is 20 February 1957.

    It seems odd that her body was shipped back to Oklahoma for burial,given that all the other Greens who moved to California were buriedout there.  Burial was just two days after the funeral in California,which seems a short time for shipping the body back from SanFrancisco.

    Nora's SS records, which was found only in December 2015, has anothervariation of her birth date, reporting birth on 17 September 1884,compared to her burial record, reported 17 September 1886, while the1900 census says July 1885.

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
    Nora Green Smith
    Birth 17 Sep 1884 Muskogee, Oklahoma
    Father Name Jacob Green
    Mother Name Susan Barnett
    SSN 551162128
    Aug 1938 Name listed as NORA GREEN SMITH

    Researcher Winnie Yandell made contact with the San Francisco PublicLibrary to have them research an abituary for Nora Green Smith, butthey could not find one in a San Francisco paper.

    "In response to your obituary request for Nora (Green) SMITH, wesearched the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examinerfrom January 16, 1957 through January 23, 1957.  However, we wereunable to locate a death notice or an obituary for Nora (Green) SMITH. Please be aware that a death notice or an obituary appears in a SanFrancisco newspaper only if a relative or friend of the decedent paysfor a listing"
    --  Magazines and Newspapers Center, email to Winnie Yandell, 9 April2012

    The C D Williams genealogy is one of a few that erroneously citerecords for a Nora M Green as this Nora Green Smith.  However, hername on the burial record cited has the last name as Green, and notSmith, as we would expects for her.  The following Find a Gravememorial is cited as hers, but this is one of a large number of Greengraves, so it is likely this is Nora M's married name, not the graveof Nora Green Smith.

    No other names here are recognizable as members of Nora Green Smith'sfamily.  The county does not match other known residences either.They were longtime residents of Fresno County for the time they movedfrom Oklahoma.  This memorial is not linked to any other familymembers for further verification.

    Nora M Green
    Birth 1887
    Death 1957
    Burial Saint Marys Cemetery, Arcata, Humboldt County, California
    Created by A.Firefly May 17, 2011
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #69946537,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Green&GSiman=1&GScid=8332&GRid=69946537&

    Other records of Nora M Green in Humboldt County, California confirmthis is a different person whose married name was Green.  The 1930census reports her with her husband with her husband, Martin Green,while we have the 1940 census (above) reporting our Nora Green Smithwith her son Robert in Fresno, right there where they should be.  Thatrecord reports that Nora's parents were both born in Ireland.  (The1940 record has not been found for Nora and Martin
    --  1940 census, Ancestry,http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&db=1930usfedcen&h=110133660&tid=31245569&pid=27326983970&usePUB=true&rhSource=70500

    The California Death Index report eerily similar information for thatNora M Green also.  She was born 1 Jan 1886 in California and died 15Jul 1957 in Napa County, California.  Her parents' names are notreported, except her father's surname is also reported as Green, thesame as her married name.  Both parents of Nora and Martin were bornin Irish Free State, what is now known as the Republic of Ireland.

    Her Social Security record reports that Nora was born in Muskogee.This fits the location of the family.  Muskogee is mentioned in somesources as the capital of the Creek Nation (Muskogee is the Creek namefor the people), but maps are unclear on where the boundaries are.  Itappears that Muskogee was a general administrative center.  Thefollowing article from 1901 gives us a profile of the city at thattime. Here is an excerpt.

    Muskogee has always been the seat of official life in the IndianTerritory, the United States Indian Agency for the five tribes havingbeen located there almost with the establishment of the town andcontinued to the present time. Within a few years a U S Court fornorthern district of the Indian Territory having jurisdiction overCreek, Seminole, Cherokee and the governments represented at theQuapaw agency was established, Jno R. Thomas being judge at thepresent time with Geo A Gill as district judge. Deputy clerks arefound at Vinita, Tallequah, Miami, Wagoner and Wewoka.

    The U S Marshal, Leo E. Bennett has 25 deputies on his force while U SAttorney, Pliney L Soper needs two assistants, the whole comprisingquite an army who help naturally in the prosperity of the place. Atthe jail 25 keepers are needed to look after and guard from 150 to 250prisoners continually confined there. A U S Commissioner, T. A. Sansonhas jurisdiction over certain misdemeanors and civil cases involvingless than $300. The Indian Inspector with 23 subordinates and theTerritory School Inspector with 10, the Town Appraisers with 10 addconsiderable to the population.

    The Dawes Commission, composed of Tams Bixby acting chairman, T. H.Needles and Clifton R. Breckinridge who are engaged in winding up to agreat extent the affairs of the five tribes have their headquarters atMuskogee and employ a small army of clerks, fully 80 being on theirrolls and it is expected their work will continue for a period of atleast six years.

    A more conservative business-like set of gentlemen than those whocomprise the city government it would be hard to find, and as aconsequence not only does the place show many improvements but theyhave what few cities can boast, a surplus in the treasury and nodebts. Fully $250,000 worth of business blocks, manufactories andresidences have been erected during the past year, many of them beingfine stone or brick structures that would do credit to any town in thestates.

    Lodges are represented by the Masons, including a Commandery, theKnights of Phythias, Woodmen of the world, Odd Fellows, Elks, etc.Most of the fuel for domestic purposes is coal furnished by thin veinsadjoining town and it is only a question of time until large mines areopened either at or within a very few miles of the business centre.Oil of a good quality is found near by which will also soon bedeveloped and will become a great factor for the place. All summed upfew cities in the west have the advantages and possibilities in amaterial and intellectual sense as have Muskogee.

    Gazatteer and Business Directory of the Indian Territory (Buffalo,N.Y.: McMaster Publishing Co., 1901). p.165-167

    --  "Muskogee, Oklahoma," USGenNet,http://www.usgennet.org/usa/ok/county/muskogee/citiesandtowns/muskogee.html


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