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Nell JENKINS1,2,3,5

18461,2,3 - before 18704,1

Life History


Born in Mississippi.1,2,3

after 1860

Married James G WINTER in Cass County, Texas.6,1,5

before 1870

Died in Cass County, Texas.4,1


  • No middle name has been found in any sources for Nell.  She appears inthe 1860 census with the initial N.  All children were reported onlyby initials, but some had initials for both names.

    1860 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 17 October, Beat #3, PostOffice Unionville & Cusseta, Page 73, Hse #483, Fam #495
    Jinkins Jno 32 M W Farmer 300 SC Cannot read and write
    Jinkins L 36 F W MS
    Jinkins N 14 F W MS Attended school during the last year

    Jenkins Family History compiled by Harold K. Christian reports thatNell was believed to be a child of a marriage of Joseph SanfordJenkins before that to Lucinda Amanda Taylor.  But Nell's age in thecensus of 1860 in Cass County, Texas, indicates she was born in 1846-- one year AFTER the marriage of Joseph Sanford to Lucinda Amanda,according to a report that Joseph was 19 when married to Lucinda.  Buthe also states that they were likely married shortly before 1850.

    At the time of his marriage to Lucinda Amanda, JS was 19 years old,according to one reference in the family tradition.  At age 19, itseems unlikely he would have been married before.  No familyresearcher has found any evidence of a prior marriage.  The sourcegiven by HKC is "Family Tradition and records indicate that Joseph wasmarried three times."  I have found no such records in the informationHarold provided to the family, or in subsequent attempts to verifythis from other family or public sources.

    One indicator that led to the belief of a wife before LA was a commentby Joseph Asa, reported by his daughter Sallie Christian that he hadtwo half-sisters in Mississippi that he had never seen.  I can find nocorrelation between names, dates and places that seems to allow this.

    On another occasion, JA also reported he had cousins in Mississippi.This is evidenced, and possible connections have been found.

    Perhaps the comment about half-sisters was a mis-statement in adistracted confusion of terminology.  Or it might have been rememberedincorrectly by the adult family member reporting it from childhoodmemories.  It has also been suggested in family circles that JosephSanford Jenkins was married simultaneously to two women inMississippi.


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