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Solomon D Lewis DUMOND

Solomon D Lewis DUMOND1,4,5,12,6,7,8,13,9

2nd Oct 18611,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 - 20th May 193811,3,4,10

Life History

2nd Oct 1861

Born in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

4th May 1887

Birth of son John Lewis DUMOND in Arkansas Post, Arkansas, Arkansas.4,2,16

6th May 1890

Birth of daughter Minnie Ada DUMOND in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.17,14,8

18th Jul 1894

Birth of son Walter DUMOND in Arkansas.18,19,8,6,20,21


Death of Serena Elizabeth YOUNG in Arkansas County, Arkansas.27,6,6,4

28th Jan 1897

Birth of son Curtis Edward DUMOND in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.8,22,2,23,24,25,6,26

17th May 1900

Married Jennie MCCOY in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,8

about 1909

Birth of son James Oliver DUMOND in Arkansas.8,6,1

2nd Dec 1922

Death of Jennie MCCOY

3rd Nov 1926

Death of son John Lewis DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.14,4,15

20th May 1938

Died in Stuttgart, Arkansas, Arkansas.11,3,4,10

after 20th May 1938

Buried in Burial Childers Cemetery, DeWitt, Arkansas County, Arkansas.4,10

Other facts


Married Serena Elizabeth YOUNG


  • I got the basic information on Solomon Dumond from his great-nieceBertie Lois Dumond McSwain.  All she had from family tradition was hisname and nickname, Sol.

    In 1870 I found Solomon Lewis with his mother and stepfather and otherDumond children in Cypress Bayou Township of Arkansas County, nearArkansas Post.  The surnames of Sol and his brother Caliste are notrecorded correctly, seeming to indicate that the enumerator wasconfused about the surname of these two, though he got their sisterSarah Dumond's name right.  Note that half sister Mary DeBalt in thehome.

    1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 9 July, Cypress BayouTownship, PO Arkansas Post, page 7, Hse/Fam #59
    DeBalt William 32 M W Farmer $400 Real Estate  $400  Personal  bornMissouri cannot read or write
    DeBalt Sarah M 31 F W Keeping House born Tennessee cannot read orwrite
    Dumond Sarah 17 F W  Arkansas
    Calista Edward [sic]  11 M W  Arkansas
    Lewis Solomon [sic]  9 M W  Arkansas
    DeBalt Mary A 2 F W  Arkansas

    Solomon remarried after his first wife died.  He and widow Virginia(Jennie) McCoy Watkins merged their two families together in 1900.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    S L Dumond
    Gender: Male
    Age 39, Birth Year: abt 1861
    Residence DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name Jennie Watkins
    Spouse's Gender Female
    Spouse's Age 35
    Spouse's Residence DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Marriage 17 May 1900 Arkansas County
    Marriage License Date 17 May 1900

    I did not find Sol and Jennie in the 1900 census until May 2014, whenhe showed up in a new search for more info about his first wifeVirginia (Jennie) McCoy Watkins.  They got married about a monthbefore the 1900 census. Here we see the children from their previousmarriages.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 16 June, LaGrueTownship, District 4, page 13B,  Hse #255, Fam #260
    Dumond, Solomon Head  W M [no age or birth date rptd] married 0 yearsAR France TN [No Occup Rptd] Owns
    Dumond, Jenny Wife W F Aug 1865 34 married 0 yrs 0 child/0 living[from this marriage, 6 children from her 1st marriage are here] MS KYVA VA
    Dumond, Lewis son W M Apr 1887  13 AR AR TN
    Dumond, Ada Dau W F May 1889  11 Single AR AR TN
    Dumond, Walter Son W M Jul 1896  3 Single AR AR TN
    Dumond, Curtis Son W M Jul 1897 [sic - ?]  3 Single AR AR TN
    Wadkins [Watkins], Leslie Stepson W M Aug 1884  15 Single AR NC AL
    Wadkins, Kate Stepdau W F Nov 1886 13 Single AR NC AL
    Wadkins, Ray Stepson W M Jul 1889 10 Single AR NC AL
    Wadkins, Tena Stepdau W F Oct 1891 8 Single AR NC AL
    Wadkins, Walter Stepson W M Jan 1894 6 Single AR NC AL
    Wadkins, Ree Stepson W M Dec 1896 3 Single AR NC AL

    The birth dates for Walter and Curtis are confusing.  They look liketwins, with the age of both reported as 3.  But the years of birth aredifferent,with the same date of birth.  Family sources and otherrecords report Walter born 18 July 1894 and Curtis 28 Jan 1897. Theenumerator has put Walter's birth month for both, but changed the yearand got Walter's year wrong.  But, take heart, this is not the worstmess I have seen in the 1900 cnsus.  Birth dates reported are oftenwrong, especially the year.

    In 1910, he is listed under the name Sol L.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 2 June, LaGrueTownship, District 9, page 18A, Hse #203, Fam #211
    Dumond, Solomon L Head M W 49  2nd marriage  10 yrs in presentmarriage USA USA USA Farming Owns Farm
    Dumond, Jennie Wife F W 44  2nd marriage  10 yrs in present marriage8 children, 7 living  Kentucky Virginia AR
    Wadkins, Lene (Lena? looks like Tena in 1900) Stepdau F W 17 AR NC KY
    Dumond, Sir Walter [sic] Son M W 15 AR USA AR
    Wadkins, Walter C  Stepson M W 14 AR NC KY
    Dumond, Curtis E  Son M W 13 AR AR KY
    Wadkins, Res (Reo?)  Stepson M W 12 AR AR AR
    Duff, Anis Foster Child  F W 6 AR USA AR
    Dumond, James O Son M W 1 AR AR AR

    Note that no birth state is reported for Sol or his parents, but bothparents are reported as born in the USA.  We know from other sourcesthat they were born in Arkansas, and Caliste in Arkansas County.

    Since Sol and Jennie married in 1900, James O (Oliver) is the onlychild from this marriage, born after 9 years of marriage.

    Curtis' record here is strange, since the birthplace of parentsappears to match Sol and Jennie, but we are told they were not marriedbut 10 years ago, while Curtis is 13 years old.  We know from othersources (such as the L'Heureux genealogy below) that Walter is the sonof Sol's first wife, Serena (Serener) Elizabeth Young.  Likewise, theenumerator was confused or distracted when he recorded the informationfor Res (Reo?), showing him and both his parents (Jennie and MrWadkins) as born in Arkansas.  This child's name appears to be Res,but Ancestry transcribes it as Reo.

    On the same page, a few houses before Sol and Jennie, is anotherWadkins, who looks like a brother of Jennie's first husband.  This isSylvester Wadkins, born in Mississippi, of parents born in Alabama.Jennie's Wadkins children's father is reported as born in NorthCarolina.  This would be possible, especially if he was an olderbrother of Sylvester. With this initial information in March 2008, Ido not have enough information to confirm the family ties of theWadkins.

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 3 February, LaGrueTownship, District 12, page 11B, Hse #236, Fam #245
    Dumond, Sol L Head M W 58 AR AR AR Farmer
    Dumond, Jennie Wife F W 54 AR AR AR
    Dumond, Oliver Son M W 11 AR AR AR
    Duff, Annie Servant F W 16 AR AR AR Servant, Private Family

    Note that the places of birth in Jennie's record have all changed nowto Arkansas.  Sol's record now correctly shows Arkansas as thebirthplace of himself and both his parents.  I find it interestingthat in 1910 Anis was listed as a foster child, but now is reported asa house servant.

    The Heureux Genealogy, by Jacques Heureux has a lot of other gooddetails, including full names of the children from the first marriageof Solomon.  This list lacked dates of birth and other details.

    But this list enabled me to identify a Lewis J Dumond in the 1920census, whom I had been unable to connect to the other Dumonds.  Thiswould be the John Lewis that Jacques Heureux reports.  According tohis age of 33 in the February 1920 census, John Lewis would have beenborn in 1896.

    Here is the information on Solomon Louis DUMOND and family fromJacques Heureux:

    BIRTH: 2 OCT 1861, Mena, Polk, AR
    DEATH: 20 MAY 1938, Stuttgart, Arkansas, AR
    Father: Caliste DUMOND
    Mother: Sarah HAGA
    Family 1: Serener Elizabeth YOUNG
    MARRIAGE: 6 MAR 1886
    John Lewis DUMOND
    Minnie Ada DUMOND
    Walter DUMOND
    Curtis Edward DUMOND
    Family 2: Jennie MCCOY
    child:  James Oliver DUMOND

    This provides information on the first wife, which one or two othergenealogies with Solomon lack.  I am puzzled by the birth in Mena,however, which is on the border with Oklahoma.  All other informationI have on Caliste and his family occurs in the east central area ofthe state, in Arkansas and Desha Counties.  It would be odd if he andSarah went that far west, had a child, then came back.  He already hada land grant from 1850 in Arkansas-Desha, and public records beforeand after place the family there.

    I thought it might be related to Caliste's Civil War assignment.  Hewas a member of the Desha County Militia.  Checking on the dates, Isee that Caliste did not enroll in the militia until 28 November 1861,just 6 weeks after Sol's birth.  So he was still in the Arkansas Postarea.  In the 1860 census he was enumerated in the Swan Lake area ofArkansas County, in Old River Township.

    While Jacques seems wrong about the place of birth, the exact date heprovides for the birth of Solomon Lewis would fit the other knowninformation about Solomon.  The death date here also fits within arange reported by another major Dumont researcher, Brian Demoe.

    This  compilation lacks the child Walter, but provides some additionaldetails I had not found on the children,

    Solomon Louis Dumond
    B 2 Oct 1861 DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    D 20 May 1938 Stuttgart, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Wife Serener Elizabeth Young
    B 4 Mar 1870 DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    D 1897 Arkansas
    John Lewis Dumond
    b 4 May 1887 Arkansas City, Arkansas, Arkansas
    d November 3, 1926 Arkansas, Arkansas
    Minnie Ada Dumond
    b 6 May 1890 DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    d 15 Jan 1979 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas
    Curtis Edward Dumond
    b 28 Jan 1897 DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    d 29 Dec 1943 Arkansas, Arkansas
    --  Byers Family,

    Sol was listed in the Essex Funeral Home Registry list, which gave themonths of the book's first and last entries, but not the individualdates of death or burial.  This matches the death date given byJacques L'Heureux above.

    Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950
    Dumond, Solomon Lew
    Death 20 May 1938
    Arkansas County, Arkansas

    Solomon's gravestone has his name as Solomon D Lewis Dumond,apparently indicating another given name with the initial D.  I havefound no other reference to such a name.  It appears to be anengraver's error that has been allowed to stand.

    Solomon D. Lewis "Sol" Dumond
    Birth Oct. 2, 1861 De Witt, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Death May 20, 1938 Stuttgart, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Father Caliste Dumond (1825 - 1863)
    Spouse Serena Elizabeth Young Dumond (1870 - 1897)
    Sibling Edward Caliste Dumond (1860 - 1902)
    Burial Childers Cemetery, Arkansas County, Arkansas, USA
    Created by Linda Miller Feb 21, 2006
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #134097,

    Sol was buried in a double grave with his first wife Sarah ElizabethYoung.

    Gravestone of Dumond Somlomon Lewis and Elizabeth
    Elizabeth  1870-1897
    Solomon D Lewis  1861-01938


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