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Edward Caliste DUMOND

Edward Caliste DUMOND7,2,8,4,5,6

also known as Edward Collise Dumond

10th Jan 18601,2,3,4,5,6 - 22nd Mar 19023,5,1

Life History

10th Jan 1860

Born in Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6

14th Feb 1885

Married Emma Cornelia KINARD in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1,25,6

15th Feb 1886

Birth of daughter Nora Virginia DUMOND in Arkansas.9,1,10,2,6,11,12

26th Dec 1887

Birth of daughter Mary Theresa DUMOND in Arkansas.2,1,1

22nd Dec 1889

Birth of son Edward Luther DUMOND in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.13,2,14,15,16,17,1,9

2nd Jan 1892

Birth of son Solomon Elmer DUMOND in Arkansas.1

25th Feb 1894

Birth of son Ira Eugene DUMOND in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.18,19,2,6,20,21,13,22,1,5

23rd Sep 1896

Birth of daughter Dollie Emma DUMOND in Arkansas.2,1

27th Sep 1899

Death of son Solomon Elmer DUMOND in Arkansas.1

27th Apr 1900

Birth of daughter Lillie Viola DUMOND in Arkansas.2,3,23,24

27th Apr 1900

Birth of son William McKinley DUMOND in Arkansas.2,1

4th Sep 1900

Death of son William McKinley DUMOND in Arkansas.1

12th Mar 1902

Death of daughter Dollie Emma DUMOND in Fork Lagrue, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,1

11th Mar 1902

Death of daughter Mary Theresa DUMOND in Fork Lagrue, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,5

22nd Mar 1902

Died in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.3,5,1


after 22nd Mar 1902

Buried in Roach Family Cemetery, De Witt, Arkansas County, Arkansas.5


  • The Dumond family had no information on the Dumond ancestors, and onlysome vague memories about Collise.  There was a family legend that thefirst Dumond of their line had come to Arkansas as a stowaway on aship from France.  There were no documents with the spelling of thename or any information.

    The name was know in oral memory and recorded by Bertie Lois DumondMcSwain, my mother-in-law and Edward C's granddaughter.  She hadcollected all the information she could gather form her memory, familymembers, and records she could get access to.  She had written thename as Edward Collise Dumond.  She had no names farther back thanhim.

    In February 2008, I was able to locate some additional information forthe first time.  I found some censuses with Edward and even hisparents.  I found that the middle name, also the name of Edward'sfather, was the French name Caliste.  This led to some genealogies ofthe Dumond/Dumont family lines in Quebec and back to France.  I foundseveral different family lines and some discussions of Dumont/Dumondresearchers mostly in Quebec.

    The oral memory of a stowaway on a boat could still very well be true,being handed down from as far back as the early migration from Franceto Quebec.  Again it could be related to the migration down theMississippi River system from Canada to Arkansas when it was stillFrench territory.  Several other Quebec families moved to ArkansasPost under French and Spanish administrations.

    One of the Quebec researchers had hired a professional genealogist todiscover information on his line.  This clarified the distinctionsbetween two similar lines and confirmed the parentage at one point,where apparently some earlier genealogies had confused two lines ofDumonts.  I am using those genealogies along with censuses I havefound to reconstruct the Dumond Arkansas line.

    Other variations of the name are DuMond and Demoe.

    The spelling of Edward's name in all these genealogies is EdwardCaliste.  This is a proper French-language name form.  The family werein Arkansas County in 1860, and Edward is with his parents in ArkansasCounty, Arkansas.  In the 1860 census they were enumerated in OldRiver Township, with a Swan Lake post office.

    In 1860, the head of the family is Caliste (though spelled here aswhat looks like Calist), wife Sara M and Edward
    C is 8 months old, with two older sisters.

    1860 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 3-4 September, OldRiver Township, PO Swan Lake, page 96, Hse #757, Fam #701
    Dumond, Calist   M 35 Farmer  No real Estate $1000 Personal Estateborn Arkansas
    Dumond, Sarah M  F 24 born Tennessee
    Dumond, Mary  F 10 born Arkansas
    Dumond, Toresa  F 8 born Arkansas
    Dumond, Edward C  [Son] 8 months born Arkansas [born January 1860]

    In 1870, his mother has married a man named William DeBalt, and theyare recorded as a household in Cypress Bayou Township of ArkansasCounty, near Arkansas Post.  Note the unusual way in which the namesof Caliste (Calista) and Solomon are reported, as though theenumerator was confused about the surname of these two, though he gotSarah Dumond's name right.

    1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 9 July, Cypress BayouTownship, PO Arkansas Post, page 7, Hse/Fam #59
    DeBalt William 32 M W Farmer $400 Real Estate  $400  Personal  bornMissouri cannot read or write
    DeBalt Sarah M 31 F W Keeping House born Tennessee cannot read orwrite
    Dumond Sarah 17 F W  Arkansas
    Calista Edward [sic]  11 M W  Arkansas
    Lewis Solomon [sic]  9 M W  Arkansas
    DeBalt Mary A 2 F W  Arkansas

    Caliste is listed here as 11 years old, but his known birthday is inJanuary 1860.  Thus he should be only 10 in July 1870.

    I have not been able to find Edward Caliste and his family in the 1880census.

    By 1900, Edward and his family are up north in Cleburne County,Arkansas, in Sugar Loaf Township.

    1900 Federal Census, Cleburne County, Arkansas, 14 June, Sugar LoafTownship, District 18, page 8B, Hse #137, Fam #141
    Dumond, Edward C Head  W M  Jan 1860  40  Married 15 years AR AR ARFarmer  Owns Farm
    Dumond, Emma C  Wife  W F Sept 1866  33 Married 15 years AR GA GA
    Dumond, Nora V   Dau W F Feb 1886  14 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
    Dumond, Mary T  Dau  W F Dec 1887  12 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
    Dumond, Edward L  Son W M Dec 1889  10 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
    Dumond, Ira N Son W M Feb 1894  6 AR AR AR
    Dumond, Dollie E  Dau W F  Sept 1896  3 AR AR AR
    Dumond, Zula (?=Lillie) Dau   W F  Apr 1900  2mos AR AR AR
    Dumond, McKinley Son   W M  Apr 1900  2mos AR AR AR

    The latter child McKinley was reported by his niece Bertie Lois DumondMcSwain as Willie.  This would make the twins Willie and Lillie.  Thisprobably indicates that Willie's name was William.  Since he isenumerated here as McKinley, this makes me think his full name wasWilliam McKinley.  And William McKinley was the President of theUnited States at the time the twins were born.

    The name in this census for Lillie is a bit uncertain.  The name isscrawled.  It is transcribed by Ancestry as Zula.  And sure enough,the first letter seems to have the script tail of a capital Z.  Itruns into the M of McKinley on the line below, but does look like a Z,and the vowels following probably a U.

    Some genealogies list this child as Ziola, so they read the vowel(s)following the Z as IO.  There is no dot there, but it could have beenIO.  One researcher interprets the name as Viola.  Bertie tells usthis child's full name was Lillie Viola.

    We learn from the family that Edward L is Edward Luther, who had a sonalso named Edward Luther.

    Bertie Lois Dumond McSwain recorded:
    "Emma Cornelia Dumond lost her mother (___ Kinard) Mar. 4, 1902,daughter Mary Mar 11, daughter Dollie Mar 12, and husband Mar 22, 1902-- all within 18 days.  All died of pneumonia."
    --  Personal family information compiled February 27, 1979, forOrville and Edith McSwain Jenkins.

    Edward Caliste is buried in the Roach Cemetery, DeWitt, Arkansas.Updates I submitted to his memorial on Find a Grave were posted inJune 2015.;

    Edward Caliste Dumond
    Birth Jan. 10, 1860 Arkansas, USA
    Death Mar. 22, 1902 De Witt, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Father Caliste Dumond (1825 - 1863)
    Mary Theresa Dumond (1882 - 1902)
    Dolly Emma Dumond (1902 - 1903)
    Sibling Edward Caliste Dumond (1860 - 1902)
    Solomon D. Lewis Dumond (1861 - 1938)
    Burial Roach Family Cemetery, De Witt, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Created by Bobby Shireman Sep 26, 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #97840368,


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