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Thomas David BUTLER

Thomas David BUTLER3,1

28th Dec 18851 - 12th Aug 18961,2

Life History

28th Dec 1885

Born in Jonestown, Coahoma, Mississippi.1

12th Aug 1896

Died in Jonestown, Coahoma, Mississippi.1,2

after 12th Aug 1896

Buried in Jonestown Cemetery, Jonestown, Coahoma, Mississippi.1


  • There is an entry for the birth of Thomas David Butler in the familyBible birth list, along with all the other children born earlier.  Onthis page, the birth and death dates for Sarah (S A Butler) have beenerased, and no new dates written in.  We note also that the birth datefor Mary Brown Butler is a year later than reported on her grave andin the 1870 census.  The birth list says born 1 March 1871, but thegrave says 1 March 1870, almost matching the report of "Baby" Butler,4 months old in the 1870 census.

    The birth date of the second child, Ben B Butler, has been changedform Aug 7, 1871 to Aug 7, 1872, perhaps to allow for the change ofbirth date for Mary from 1870 to 1871.  Could a similar problem haveoccurred with the birth date for Thomas David, 3 years after the deathof S A, wife of his father George Washington Butler?  Perhaps theyerased the death date for S A thinking it was wrong, but neverentering another date.  Both birth and death dates for Sarah (SA) havebeen erased.

    Thomas Butler
    Birth Dec. 28, 1885
    Death Aug. 12, 1896
    Son of G.W. & S.A. Butler
    [But note his birth is 3 years after Sarah's reported death!]
    George Washington Butler (1839 - 1907)
    Sallie A Brown Butler (1848 - 1903)
    Jonestown Cemetery, Coahoma County, Mississippi
    Created by: Jack77 May 11, 2011
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #69677826,

    Thomas David Butler, Dec 18, 1885
    --  Family BIble entry, scan courtesy of Jack Dodson, 28 August 2011


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