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Martha Annie PADGETT

Martha Annie PADGETT1,10,2,3,4,11,12,4

also known as Annie M MCSWAIN5

also known as Annie PADGETT9

also known as Annie MCSWAIN4

2nd Oct 18869 - 13th Sep 19713,4,7

Life History

Oct 1885

Born in Arkansas.9

(less likely)

2nd Oct 1886

Born in Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6,4,4,7

(most likely)

about 1904

Married Robert Perry MCSWAIN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.8

about 1904

Married in Married Robert P McSwain.5,8

25th Nov 1905

Birth of daughter Eunice L MCSWAIN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.4,8,5,13,14,15

1st Oct 1908

Birth of daughter Mabel L MCSWAIN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.16,2

26th Mar 1910

Birth of daughter Elsie E MCSWAIN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3,5,12,1,17

22nd Nov 1910

Death of daughter Mabel L MCSWAIN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.16

17th Feb 1913

Birth of daughter Louie I MCSWAIN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.5,18,19,20

11th Mar 1916

Birth of daughter Nina Mae MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.21,22,5,4

8th Oct 1918

Birth of daughter Hazel Bob MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.5,10

6th Jan 1920

Death of Robert Perry MCSWAIN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.7,23

29th Jan 1922

Married J W PORTER in Arkansas County, Arkansas.4

before 1928

Divorced from J W PORTER in Arkansas County, Arkansas

3rd Feb 1928

Married James Magnus MCSWAIN in Jefferson County, Arkansas.4

25th Jan 1939

Death of J W PORTER in Arkansas County, Arkansas.24

15th Oct 1941

Death of James Magnus MCSWAIN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.24,25

13th Sep 1971

Died in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.3,4,7

after 13th Sep 1971

Buried in Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas.7

Other facts


Married in Married James Marvin McSwain, second husband, date unknown.6


  • Annie Padgett was the daughter of Burl Wiley Padgett, son of WileyPadgett and Lavinia Nancy McSwain.  We have her exact birth date onher gravestone, 2 October 1886.  I found it interesting, however, thatin the 1900 census, the year is one year earlier, October 1885,

    This, however, turns out to be a common "feature" of the 1900 census!Further, the age reported there is 14, which matches for a June censusand an October birthday.  The 1920 census matches a birth in 1886, asstated on her gravestone.

    Early sources available to me were ambiguous, but final confirmationcame in October 2007 along with much other information that filled inthe gaps in the McSwain and Padgett generations.  David Holdenprovided the name of children of Wiley and Lavinia.  Their son wasBurl Wiley, and Holden reported Annie reported with the birth datefrom the 1900 census. This name was very close to the name in the 1900census, Bear Y (for Bear Wiley -- is partly overwritten by censustally notes!).

    I expect the enumerator heard the Wiley as Y Lee.  Think of how somedialect regions pronounce the two words Burl and bear.  Not thatdifferent, particularly if the enumerator did not clearly hear the Lon Burl.  Not as far out as many of the entries we find!  This isactually rather close to a B W Padgett in 1880, when the firstPadgetts show up in Prairie Township.

    Details of the children of Burl Wiley from David Holden's informationmatch the list in "Bear Y" Padgett's family.  See the Notes for BurlWiley Padgett for details.  I later found extensive information onBurl and his family as more public sources came online.

    In the 1910 and 1920 Federal Census, she is the wife of Robert (Bob)McSwain.  I have not found a record of their marriage.  From the birthof their first child, it appears they were married about 1904.  In1910 her name is given as Annie M, which makes it appear that Annie isher first name.  But the opposite appears to be the case in her 1930census record, where she is Mattie (Martha) A.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 22 April, District 13,page 4A, Prairie Township, Hse/Fam #61
    McSwain, Bob Head M W 26 Married 7 yrs Ark NCar NCar Farmer Owns
    McSwain, Annie M Wife F W 23 Married 7 yrs 2 children/2 living ArkNCar USA
    McSwain, Eunice Dau  F W 4  Ark  Ark  Ark Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Mabel Dau  F W 2  Ark  Ark  Ark Farm Laborer

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 3 February, District16, Sheet 6B, South Prairie Township, Ethel & Chute Rd, Hse #117,Family #121
    McSwain, Robert Head Owns M W 37 Ark NCar NCar Farmer
    McSwain, Annie M Wife  F W 33  Ark  NC/SC?  USA
    McSwain, Eunice L Dau  F W 7  Ark  Ark  Ark Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Elsie E Dau  F W 9  Ark  Ark  Ark
    McSwain, Louie I Dau  F W 6  Ark  Ark  Ark
    McSwain, Nina M Dau  F W ?  Ark  Ark  Ark
    McSwain, Hazel B Dau  F W 1yr2mos  Ark  Ark  Ark

    Annie's husband Robert died on 6 January 1920.  Since the census datefor that year was 1 January, even though the census taker actually didnot make it to their house until February, Robert McSwain is stillreported as Annie's husband as of the census date.  She married J WPorter two years later.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Annie McSwain
    Age 35, Est Birth Year 1887
    Residence Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name J W Porter
    Spouse's Age 44
    Spouse's Residence Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Marriage Date 29 Jan 1922 Arkansas County
    Marriage License Date 27 Jan 1922

    Marriage records report that Annie married her third husband in 1928.A death record for a J W Porter in 1939 appears to be this same J WPorter.  If this is the right person, that would mean that Annie and JW divorced.  I have not found the divorce record.

    Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950
    J W Porter
    Death 25 Jan 1939 Arkansas County

    Annie married her third husband in February 1928.  Padgett married twomen named McSwain, who were first cousins.  She married James MagnusMcSwain after her apparent divorce from her second husband J W Porter. Her name in that marriage record is Annie Porter.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    J M McSwain
    Age: 43, Est Birth Year 1885
    Residence Dewitt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name Annie Porter
    Spouse's Age 42
    Spouse's Residence Dewitt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Marriage 3 Feb 1928 Jefferson County
    Marriage License Date 3 Feb 1928

    There were no children of the marriage to James M McSwain.  In the1930 census the children from her previous marriage to Robert McSwainare in the blended family with James' children from his firstmarriage.

    In the household we find her three youngest daughters, Elsie, Nina andHazel Bob.  She is listed here as Mattie A McSwain.  This would seemto indicate that her first name was Martha (nickname Mattie).  Thus itis unclear if her name was Annie Martha or Martha Annie.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 22 April, District 25,page 6B, Prairie Township, Ethel & Point Rd, Hse #125, Fam #126
    McSwain, James M  Head M W 45 AR NC NC Farmer
    McSwain, Mattie A  Wife F W 43 AR NC TN
    McSwain, That M  Son M W 13 AR AR OK
    McSwain, Wurt B  Son M W  11 AR AR OK
    McSwain, Bruce B  Son M W  6 AR AR OK
    McSwain, Elsie E  Step-Dau F W 20 AR AR AR
    McSwain, Nina M  Step-Dau F W 14 AR AR AR
    McSwain, Hazel Bob Step-Dau F W 11 AR AR AR
    Rowland, Walton Cousin M W 18 AR KY AR Farm Laborer

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 8 April, Ethel,District 26, page 3B, Belleview Rd, Hse #48, Owns Farm, Value $800
    McSwain, Jim Head M W 55 Grade 6 b Alabama lived in same house in 1935Farmer
    McSwain, Annie Wife F W 53 Grade 8 b Arkansas same house in 1935Housekeeper
    McSwain, Bruce  Son M W 16 Single Grade 6 b Arkansas same house in1935 Farm Laborer
    Wycough, Elsie Dau F W 30 Single Grade 1 b Arkansas DeWitt in 1935Housekeeper
    Wycough, Perrie Grandson M W 1 Single Grade 0 b Arkansas No locationrptd in 1935
    Wycough, Paul Franklin Grandson M W 3mos Single Grade 0 b Arkansas Nolocation rptd in 1935

    Social Security Death Index
    Annie McSwain
    Born 2 Oct 1886
    Died 15 Sep 1971
    Last Residence Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas 72048
    SSN 429-94-2760 issued Arkansas (1965)


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