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Elizabeth Katherine BANKS1,2

16271 - before 1st Dec 16861

Life History


Born in Canterbury, Kent, England.1


Birth of daughter Anne Katherine ROYALL in New Kent, Henrico, Virginia.4,3

about 1645

Married Joseph ROYALL in Henrico County, Virginia.1,7


Birth of son Joseph ROYALL in Doghams, Charles City, Virginia.1

10th Mar 1654/5

Death of Joseph ROYALL in Doghams Plantation, Charles City County, Virginia.5,1,6


Married Henry ISHAM in Virginia.2

1st Feb 1678

Death of Henry ISHAM in Henrico County, Virginia.6

10th Oct 1686

Death of daughter Anne Katherine ROYALL in Henrico County, Virginia.3

before 1st Dec 1686

Died in Dale Parish, Henrico, Virginia.1

Date that will was probated, so death was a few days earlier


  • U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Katherine Banks Royal
    Gender: Female
    Birth Place: England
    Spouse Name: Henry Isham
    Spouse Birth 1627 England
    Marriage 1659 Virginia, USA

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    Notes on Elizabeth Katherine (Royall) Banks
    Added by GenevaSwis on 23 May 2009

    Joseph Royall m. Katherine Banks of Canterbury, England, and becameancestor of the Royall family of Virginia (see articles in TheColonial Royalls of Virginia, XXII VA. Mag. 411, XXXIII VA. Mag. 103,322) and his wife Katherine m.2 Henry Isham of the distinguishedNottinghamshire family and had a son Henry who d. unm., leaving a willin Henrico, a dau. Mary who m. William Randolph of Turkey Island andbecame the ancestress of the celebrated Randolph family, and a dau.Anne who m. Col. Francis Epps and became the ancestress of thatwell-known family. Moved to Virginia as third wife of Joseph Royall[FTM CD186 Family History: VA Genealogies #2, 1600s-1800s, Genealogiesof Virginia Families, Volume IV, Price Family Notes, p. 215-16]
    Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 4, pp. 123 and 324, 1896.

    Will of Katherine Banks Royall was dated 10 August 1686 and proved 1December 1686 in Henrico County, Virginia. This names son JosephRoyall and daughters Katherine Perrin and Sarah Wilkinson; alsograndsons Henry Randolph, William Randolph,Richard Dennis, MaidenMaschall and Richard Perris; and granddaughters Elizabeth Randolph,Mary Randolph, Sarah Royall, Katherine Farrar, Ann Perrin, MaryPerrin, and Sarah Perrin.   (see articles in The Colonial Royalls ofVirginia, XXII VA. Mag. 411, XXXIII VA. Mag. 103, 322)

    Katherine Banks Royall Isham was the wealthiest woman in the UnitedStates in her era.

    --  GenevaSwis,,

    Will of KATHERINE ISHAM 1686 Henrico Co., Virginia

    In the name of God amen. I KATHERINE ISHAM being sick & weak of bodybut of sound & pfect mind & memory (praise be therefore given toalmighty god) do make & ordain this my last will & testament in manner& form following (that is to say).

    First I principally commend my soul unto the hands of Almighty Godhoping through the meritts of my Savior Jesus Christ to have full andfree pardon & forgiveness of all my sins and my body I comitt to theearth to be decently burried at ye descretion of my Extr, hereafternamed. And as the disposition of all such temporall as it hath pleasedAlmighty God to bestow upon me I give and dispose of as followth.

    First Item I will that all my debts and funerall charges be paid &discharged. I give to my Grandson Wm Randolph Ð20 sterling money ofEngland such is not in the custody of my son-in-law Wm Randolph to bedisposed of after my decease for the proper use & benefit of mygrandson above named, but in case of his mortaility before he comes toage, then I give & bequeath unto my grandson Henry Randolph the Ð20about to be disposed as above sd for his proper use and further I giveto my grandson Henry Randolph five pds sterling money of England andto my Granddaughters Mary Randolph & Elisa Randolph Ð5 apiece of likeSterling money all such money above specified is now in the custody ofmy son-in-law Wm Randolph.

    And further I give the residue of my mony such is in custody of myson-in-law Wm Randolph to my two daughters Mary Randolph & Ann Epes tobe equally divided. I also will that my claw trunk with all that is init be equally divided between my two daughters Mary Randolph & AnnEpes and I give to each of them two silver saltcellars. And to MaryRandolph I give my Wedding Ring & best feather bed and furniture to itand my least silver tankard but one and fifteen shillings to buy amourning Ring and desire the sd Mary Randolph may be exempt frombearing any part of paying my debts or funerall charges. And this isall my legacy to my loveing daughter Mary Randolph.

    Item. I give to my grandson Joseph Royall one Servant named JohnJordns all the time he hath to serve & my small silver tankard. Andfurther I give to my child of my son Royall's two silver spoons. Andto my loveing son Joseph Royall the last Tankard.

    Item. I give to my grandson Richard Dennis one of my best cows and twosilver spoons.

    Item. I give to my grandson Isham Epes my Negro Dick. and to myGrandson Francis Epes my biggest silver tankard but one. I also giveto the child my daughter Ann Epes now goes with my largest silverPorringer & great silver cupp. My sealed ring & great hoop ring with apair of silver Clasps & Silver bodkin I give to my daughter Anne Epes.

    Item. I give to my Grandson Richard Perrin one Feather bed andfurniture to it.

    Item. I give to my granddaughter Sarah Royall one Yearling heifer.Item. I give to my granddaughters Katherine Farrar, Mary, Sarah & AnnePerrin to each of them two silver spoons. And to Katherine Farrar oneGuinney And to Anne Perrin one silver porringer.

    Item I give to my granddaughter Sarah Dennis two silver spoons and onepair of dowlass sheets. And to my two daughters Sarah Wilkinson &Katherine Perrin all my wearing Cloaths woolen & Linnen.

    Item I give to my loveing friend Mary Parker six Ells of my bestdowless & as much of my finest Serge as will make her a gown &petticoat.

    Item I give to my grandson Maiden Marshall one heifer two years old.

    Item I will and bequeath all my land to my son Joseph Royall to himand his heirs for ever.

    Item I give my whole crop of Corn and tobacco to my Executorshereafter named except for much as will buy two gravestones, one tocover me & other my departed dear husband. All the rest & residue ofmy & on all estate Goods & chattells Sarah Wilkinson, Joseph Royall,Katherine Parrin & Anne Epes. And to each of them fifteen shillings tobuy a mourning Ring.

    And I do hereby constitute & appoint my loveing son Joseph Royall andmy loveing son-in-law Francis Epes full & sole Exers of this my lastwill and testamt. And I desire my body may be buryed near my dearhusband on my own plantation. And I do hereby revoke disanull and makevoid all former will & testaments by me heretofore made and to this mylast will and testament do sett my hand and seal this tenth day of OctAo Dm 1686 her

    signed & seald in Memdm Thos Words yt KATHERINE X ISHAM the presenceof and above underlined mark John Worsham were underlined before SEALof red wax Nath Hill signing & sealing Littlebury Epes Henrico CountyOctober 10, 1686.
    [John Worsham, Nathan Hill, Littlebury Epes]

    Proved in open Court to be the last will and testamt of MS. KATH ISHAMdecd by the oaths of Mr. John Worsham, Mr. Nath Hill & Littlebury Epes& entered amongst the records of ye sd county & in of originallyrightly inserted & etc.

    More About Katherine Banks: Residence: 1678, Listed at Bermuda Hundredas Mrs Ishams.32
    December 01, 1686, Will proved under Katherine Isham in HenricoCounty, VA33

    Posted by GenevaSwis,,


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