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Joseph ROYALL3,4,6,5

16003,4 - 10th Mar 1654/53,4,5

Life History


Born in Canterbury, Kent, England.3,4

22nd Jul 1622

Resident on the ship "Charitie" in arrived in Virginia.2


Residence2: registered in Virginia census in Neck of Land (now Jones Neck), Charles City County, Virginia.1,2

before 1637

Death of Firstwife TOMASIN.6


Married Ann SOMEBODY.6


Birth of daughter Anne Katherine ROYALL in New Kent, Henrico, Virginia.7,8

about 1645

Married Elizabeth Katherine BANKS in Henrico County, Virginia.4,6


Birth of son Joseph ROYALL in Doghams, Charles City, Virginia.4

10th Mar 1654/5

Died in Doghams Plantation, Charles City County, Virginia.3,4,5

after 10th Mar 1654/5

Buried in Doghams Plantation, near Charles City, Charles City County, Virginia.3

Other facts


Married Firstwife TOMASIN


  • The Royall family History provides the following comments on the moveof Joseph Royall to Virginia.  Dates vary in reports.  The MoranGenealogy has the most exact date of death at 10 March 1654.  Hismemorial on Find a Grave, which is presumably reporting the dates fromhis gravestone, report just a year of death 1655.  But the memorialnotes that his grave is unmarked, so these dates are not posted on agravestone..

    Royall Family

    Joseph Royall was born in London, England, 1600 and died March 10,1654 at Doghams, Charles City, VA. Joseph left England on the Charitieand arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in July 1622.

    He was married three times. His first wife's surname was Tomasin andby 1637 had married his second wife, Ann. In about 1645 he marriedKatherine Banks in Henrico County VA. Katherine was born inNorthamptonshire, England in 1627, daughter of Christopher Banks.Katherine's second husband was Henry Isham, Sr. She died December 1,1686 in Henrico County, VA. Katherine Banks Royall Isham wasgreat-great-great grandmoter to Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of theUnited States.

    In 1637 Joseph Royall, Sr., received 300 acres of land in HenricoCounty, Virginia on the south-east side of Turkey Island Creek fortransporting colonists to America. According to the record, he was"due 50 acres for his own personal adventure, 50 acres for thetransportation of his first wife Thomasin, 50 acres for thetransportation of Ann, his now wife, 50 for the transportation of hisbrother Henry, and 100 for the transportation of two persons, Rob(er)tWarrell and Jon(athan) Wells." In 1638 he received 200 acres inCharles City Co., VA for transporting four persons. In 1642, hereceived 600 more acres for transporting twelve people, including histhird (to be?) wife Katherine Banks. This plot bounded the lands ofEdward Maddox "above Sherley hundred &c. on the river, to DickinansCreeke."

    His plantation eventually grew to 1,100 acres, and he built aresidence called Doghams, named after the French river D'Augham.Doghams was located on the banks of the James River above "ShirleyHundred". This tract of land remained in the possession of the Royallfamily for almost 300 years.
    --  Moran Genealogy,

    JOSEPH ROYALL 1600 - 1655. At age 20 years, came to Virginia on theship "Charitie", 22, July 1622. In the following year, in the census,he was listed at Neck of Land in Charles City. As shown in the musterhe was one of two young men serving Luke Boyse. Joseph Royall was aship's master in England and worked for a man by the name of Boise.

    The Royall Genealogy in Kin Nextions gives a bit of information aboutCaptain Joseph Royall and his family.

    Capt. Joseph ROYALL was born about 1602 in Canterbury, Kent, England.He died 1658. Joseph married Katherine BANKS about 1645 in Henrico,VA.
    The first American Joseph came from England on the "Charitie" in 1622.He married 1st Thomasina ???, secondly Ann ??? and thirdly KatherineBanks about 1645.

    Katherine BANKS was born 1625 in Canterbury, Kent, England. Shemarried Capt. Joseph ROYALL about 1645 in Henrico, VA.
    Other marriages:  ISHAM, Henry

    They had the following children:
    F i  Sarah ROYALL was born 10 Oct 1644 in VA.
    M ii Joseph ROYALL was born 1646 and died 7 May 1722.
    F iii  Katherine ROYALL was born about 1642 in New Kent, VA. She diedabout 1704 in Henrico, VA
    --  KinNextions,

    Some genealogies report that the parents of this Joseph Royall (born1600) was William Royall and Mary Burke, not Joseph Royall andAngeline (No last name Known).

    Family Data Collection - Deaths
    Joseph Royall Royall
    Death Mar 1654 VA, USA

    Joseph Royall
    Birth 1600 Greater London, England
    Death 1655 Charles City County, Virginia, USA
    Father Joseph Royall (1550 - 1615)
    Spouse Katherine Banks-Royall Isham (1627 - 1686)
    Children on Find a Grave:  Katheryn Royall Perrin (1642 - 1686)

    Note: There is no stone for Joseph here or known elsewhere; states buried on plantation but there is no stone oldenough in this cemetery on the same plantation. Perhaps lost to time.

    Burial Royall Family Cemetery, Charles City, Charles City County,Virginia, USA
    Plot: Unmarked Grave Located on Dogham Plantation per records listedon is same family, same location, later period.

    Created by Jeff Hubbard Jan 25, 2011
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #64654515,


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