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Wirt Barnard MCSWAIN

Wirt Barnard MCSWAIN1,2,5,6,7,9,4

6th Apr 19191,2,3,4,5,6,7 - 12th Jan 19991,4,5

Life History

6th Apr 1919

Born in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7

20th Aug 1938

Married Connie Louise JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.9

after 1956

Married Inez SANDERS in Arkansas.10


Divorced from Connie Louise JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.10

12th Jan 1999

Died in Scott, Pulaski, Arkansas.1,4,5

Residence at time of death

after 12th Jan 1999

Buried in Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas.8

Other facts


Birth of son Living MCSWAIN


Birth of daughter Living MCSWAIN


  • Though most public records refer to him as Wirt B, Edith McSwain saysthat her family called him Barnard, pronouncing the name "Bonnard."Wirt's son Ken says his dad went by Wirt, because he did not like thename Barnard (Bonnard).

    Robert Collins includes Wirt and his second wife Inez Sanders Collinsin his Collins genealogy on Ancestry World Tree.  He reports that thefamily knew Wirt as Mac.

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 4 February, District16, Page 7A, Ethel & Chute Rd, House #121, Fam #125
    McSwain, James M  Head M W 35 AR NC NC Farmer
    McSwain, Ruth L  Wife F W 33 OK IN AR
    McSwain, Bernetta O  Dau F W 14 AR AR OK Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Ruth A  Dau F W 9 AR AR OK
    McSwain, Marvin J  Son M W 6 AR AR OK
    McSwain, Thad M  Son M W 3yrs 2mos AR AR OK
    McSwain, Wirt B  Son M W 8- 1/12 [this should read 9 months] AR AR OK

    In 1930, 11-year-old Wirt is in a houseful of siblings because hisfather has remarried after the death of his mother.  James MagnusMcSwain and Martha Annie Padgett McSwain have now merged theirfamilies into one household.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 21 April, District 25,page 6B, Prairie Township, Ethel & Chute Rd, Hse #114, Fam #115
    McSwain, James M  Head M W 45 AR NC NC Farmer
    McSwain, Mattie A  Wife F W 43 AR NC TN
    McSwain, That M  Son M W 13 AR AR OK
    McSwain, Wurt B  Son M W  11 AR AR OK
    McSwain, Bruce B  Son M W  6 AR AR OK
    McSwain, Elsie E  Step-Dau F W 20 AR AR AR
    McSwain, Nina M  Step-Dau F W 14 AR AR AR
    McSwain, Hazel Bob Step-Dau F W 11 AR AR AR
    Rowland, Walton Cousin M W 18 AR KY AR Farm Laborer

    Note that Wirt's name is spelled Wurt.  It is also mis-transcribed byAncestry.com as Ward.  Elsie, Nina and Hazel Bob are the daughters ofRobert Perry McSwain, Mattie's first husband.  The last child here isthe son of Maggie McSwain Rowland Porter.

    The Arkansas Marriage Index, 1933-1939
    Vol 2, page 0835, Certificate 00217
    Wirt B McSwain married Connie Jones
    License issued 20 August 1938 in Arkansas County
    Date of the ceremony not recorded

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 8 April, Ethel,District 1-26, page 3B, Belleview Rd, Hse #47, Rents Farm, $800 value
    McSwain, Wirt Head M W 21 Grade 7 b Arkansas same house in 1935 Cotton
    McSwain, Connie Wife F W 20 Grade 11 b Arkansas same house in 1935Housekeeper
    McSwain, Joice Dau F W 6mos b Arkansas

    Their son Kenneth Wirt McSwain tells me Wirt and Connie were divorcedwhen Kenneth was 15 years old.  This would make the divorce in about1956.  Wirt married widow Inez Sanders Collins some years later.

    In 1951, Wirt was in North Little Rock, running a restaurant with TedCavin.

    U.S. City Directories
    North Little Rock, Arkansas 1951, p 187
    Spot Cafe (Ted Cavin, Wirt McSwain)
    105 S Poplar St

    Ken adds some comments about his father and family and businessfriends.

    "Dad's hunting buddies around 1960:  Wirt McSwain [far left], CollinsAnderson (of Anderson's Minnow Farm near Lonoke), Calvin Butler,Herman Jones, Howard McSwain.  Dad loved hunting and fishing and was anatural with it."

    "He was a man of many accomplishments and many friends, despite adifficult childhood and a 4th grade education.  He also startedseveral successful businesses and did well.by his family.  His lastbusiness venture was a very successful store that catered to huntersand fishermen - McSwain's Sport Center [North Little Rock, Arkansas].He sold the store several years before his death in 1999.  Because hewas so well known in the area, the new owners kept the name and it'sstill going strong today."
    --  Comments on Wirt McSwain photo from his son Ken McSwain, Facebook,https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154723848470182&set=a.128413740181.220655.835570181&type=1&theater&notif_t=like

    Wirt Barnard McSwain was a resident of Scott, Arkansas, when he died.Sources on counties and town locations indicate that Scott is inPulaski County.  At the time of his birth, I believe the town had notyet spilled over the county line from Lonoke County.

    ePodunk states:
    "The community straddles Pulaski and Lonoke counties; ePodunk links tothe county with the greater share of population."
    --  http://www.epodunk.com/cgi-bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=11701

    Scott, Arkansas, information:
    --  http://www.arkansas.com/city-listings/city_detail/city/Scott

    Ken McSwain tells another story about his father's legendary skills asa duck caller, as well as giving some insight into Wirt's businessacumen.

    My dad, Wirt [Mac] had a lot of close friends and acquaintances,businessmen, because he had a terrific personality and told greatstories, as well as a sharp mind. Being a champion duck callerintroduced him to Wylie Cavin, who owned Sportsman's One Stop in RoseCity [northeast of North Little Rock] (just down the street from PatJones, father of Jerry Jones [of Cowboys football team fame], owner ofPat's Supermarket. Pat was a businessman extraordinaire, and he anddad were running around and fishing buddies.)

    Wylie also had, just for the record, a brother Clint who owned anearby liquor store, and another brother Ted, who managed a restaurantand a picturesque motel a couple of miles out of town, called LakeviewRestaurant. Ted was also a running buddy with dad. Wylie had gone duckhunting with dad (and brought my sis a double barreled 410 shotgun asa gift) and asked him if he would be willing to teach duck callingclasses for young men at his store on Saturday mornings. Dad readilyaccepted, and as his young son, I was expected to participate.

    Dad could blow a caller as if he were a duck and the caller anextension of his body. He could make it talk. There was name for eachcall: feeding call, mating call, and long-distance hailing call, andmaybe more. Dad knew the language perfectly so had no trouble callingin the ducks for the hunters to shoot.
    --  Ken McSwain, Facebook dsicussion, 4 December 2014,https://www.facebook.com/n/?orville.jenkins%2Fposts%2F10205060122640950&comment_id=10205091634588729&offset=0&total_comments=65&aref=116076074&medium=email&mid=aea5cc6G464f7b8aG6eb2e2aGeG993a&bcode=1.1417699224.AbmufRqtnNQDCMnH&n_m=orville%40jenkins.nu&lloc=1st_cta

    Gravestone of Wirt Barnard and Inez Sanders McSwain, Mt PleasantCemetery, Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Wirt Barnard
    Apr 6, 1919  Jan 12, 1999
    Inez Sanders
    Apr 9, 1915


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