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James Taylor GREEN

James Taylor GREEN4,3,14,8,6,5,2,15,9,10,11,6,16

27th Jun 18784,3,7,8,6,5,2,9,10,11 - 12th Oct 196413,1,2

Baptist Minister

Life History

27th Jun 1878

Born in Hill County, Texas.4,3,7,8,6,5,2,9,10,11

6th Feb 1902

Married Mattie Arletta LOVIN in Fort Gibson, Muskogee, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory.3

2nd Nov 1902

Birth of daughter Delia Ozella GREEN in Indian Territory.17,9

10th Dec 1904

Birth of son Harry Benjamin GREEN in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.5,18,19,4,20,15,21

3rd Feb 1907

Birth of daughter Pearl Lois GREEN in Marlow, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.22,19,4,23,5,24,25

17th Feb 1908

Death of daughter Delia Ozella GREEN in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.17,9

between 1910 and 1920

Occupation2 in Real Estate Agent in Marlow, Oklahoma.5,4

between 1910 and 1924

Resident in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.4,5

29th May 1911

Birth of son Arlie Wesley GREEN in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.26,27,5,28,29,9

23rd Dec 1913

Birth of son James Elmer GREEN in Stephens County, Oklahoma.30,31,5,32

6th Aug 1916

Birth of son George Emory GREEN in Duncan, Stephens, Oklahoma.33,34,5,35,9,36,37,38,32

between 1918 and 1930

Occupation3 in Farmer.8,6


Residence2 in Duncan, Stephens, Oklahoma.6

7th Apr 1919

Birth of son James Taylor GREEN in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.12,5,39,32

26th Apr 1921

Birth of son Glen Woodrow GREEN in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.8,29,9,40

4th Oct 1923

Birth of daughter Frieda B GREEN in Oklahoma.8,41,38

13th Feb 1926

Birth of daughter Mattie Mable GREEN in Duncan, Stephens, Oklahoma.29

2nd Apr 1928

Death of daughter Mattie Mable GREEN in Silverton, Briscoe, Texas.29

between 1929 and 1964

Residence3: "He was born in HilI County and moved to Friona from Duncan, Okla. in1929." -- obit; 1930 census: Justice Precinct 2 Parmer Co TX in Parmer County, Texas.12,2

12th Oct 1964

Died in Friona, Parmer, Texas.13,1,2

after 12th Oct 1964

Buried in Friona Cemetery, Friona, Parmer County, Texas.1,2


  • James Taylor Green went by Taylor.  My mother and her siblings calledhim Uncle Taylor.  Linda Hanks reports that James Taylor was a Baptistminister.  This occupation does not show up on the census reports, butit was quite common for a minster to support his family with farmingor a job.

    I cannot find any entry for James Taylor or his father Jackson in the1880 census.  There are very many Taylor, and even James Taylor,individuals that can be found in those years and later, but Jackson'sfamily does not show up anywhere.  LIkewise, Jackson and family havenot been found in the 1900 census.

    This probably indicates they were in Indian Territory, as were someothers of the Green and related Jackson families, where no censuseswere taken until 1900.  I cannot understand why no entry is found forthem, however, in 1900.  James was a little over 1 year old in 1880,and would have been about 21 in 1900, and did not marry until 1902.

    Another Green family researcher has found a census entry that likelyis for our James Taylor Green, in Hill County, where we know hisfamily had lived and where his older brother Toliver Jorile Green wasborn and related Jacksons were born.  Taylor is living as a boarder inthe home of Sidney A Faulkner, while working as a Drug Store Clerk.No information has been found to help us understand more about whenand why he returned to his family's home place.  Probably Taylor wasin touch with other Green or Barnett relatives there.

    1900 Federal Census, Hill County, Texas, 2 June, Justice Precinct 4,District 45, page 25A, Hse/Fam #50
    Green, Taylor Boarder W M Jan 1879  21 Single TX Unknown Unknown DrugStore Clerk  Can read/write

    The birth date given in this census differs from that reported in hisDraft Registration in 1918, 27 June 1878.  I have not yet seen theactual census sheet reported by this genealogy, but it could be amis-reading of Jan.  Also years of birth are often wrong in the 1900census.  I have seen a one-year discrepancy on between several DraftRegistration records and family sources or other public sources.  Idid not have a birth date for JT from the family.

    In 1910, Taylor and Mattie Green are living in Marlow, StephensCounty, Oklahoma.  Stephens County had been created out of ChickasawNation when the Indian Territory nations and the Oklahoma Territorycombined by treaty into the new State of Oklahoma in 1907.  Taylor isworking in Marlow as a real estate agent.

    1910 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 29 April, Marlow Ward3, District 239, page 14B, Hse #265, Fam #272
    Green, Taylor J Head M W 31 Married 8 yrs TX  Unknown Unknown  RealEstate Owns Home
    Green, Mattie Wife F W 26 Married 8 yrs OK MS TN
    Green, Harry Son M W 5 OK TX OK
    Green, Pearl Daughter F W 3 OK TX OK

    In 1918, Taylor and Mattie were living in Duncan, when he registeredfor the US Military draft on 12 September 1918.  This registrationgives us his exact birth date, 27 June 1878, but no place.  The formused in 1918 eliminated birth place, which was in the 1917registration forms.  Before finding this Draft registration, I hadonly an approximate year from the census record, 1879, and the state,Texas.  It is likely he was born in Hill County, Texas, but nospecific record has been found documenting this.

    U.S. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    James Taylor Green, age 40, born 27 Jun 1878  [no place]
    residence Star Route 2, Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma
    Occupation Farmer, self-employed, wife Mattie Green
    Brown Eyes, Brown Hair
    Registration 12 September 1918, Duncan
    Stephens, Oklahoma
    signed James Taylor Green

    When I found Taylor's Military draft registration, I also foundanother James Taylor Green whose draft registration card shows he wasregistered on the exact same date, 12 September 1918!  Both had signedtheir registration cards with their full name, James Taylor Green.That other James Taylor registered in Shawnee, Pottawatomie County,Oklahoma, and was a carpenter, born in 1980.  I found this eerie!

    I have found many unrelated Green families with very similar names.There are many Tolivers, several Taylors, even some other JamesTaylors, and of course many Jameses, Johns and other common names.

    I found a family with a child named James T, born in 1879, a yearafter our James Taylor, but in Shelby County, Texas.  The father isJohn Ogden and the mother Nancy Ellen. apparently the same John.  Healso shows up as John Ogden in a genealogy that has confused thisfamily with our James Taylor and Mattie.  The compiler has mixeddetails from our family's James Taylor Green with this Shelby Countyfamily.  This is probably because Nancy Ellen was born in PotterCounty, Texas, and James Taylor and Mattie later moved to West Texas,resident in Parmer County, and Mattie died in Amarillo, Potter County.

    John Ogden Green's wife Nancy E (Nancy Ellen Potts on the genealogy)was born in Texas, neither one fitting the known details of JamesTaylor Green, son of Jackson Green, son  of Toliver Green.

    This is a different Green family that has similar names. There arethree Greens next door to each other, but none of them are kin to us.This particular John Ogden Green was born in Alabama, which doesn'tmatch Toliver, Jackson and Taylor's Green lineage.

    The John Ogden Green in Shelby County was born in Alabama.  Hisparents were both born in South Carolina, which indicates he couldhave come from the same general line of Greens that James Taylor isdescended from.  Our branch of that South Carolina family had movedfrom South Carolina to Georgia in the previous generation, beforeTaylor's father moved to Texas.

    In the 1880 census in Shelby County, Texas, a Henry Green, living nextdoor to this John Ogden, was also born in Alabama.  At an age of 26,one year older than John, Henry appears to be a brother.  Both hisparents were also born in South Carolina.

    The Green on the other side of John is a bit older, age 32, and bornin Mississippi.  But both his parents were born in South Carolina,like the other two men.  Since the parents of all three of these menwere born in South Carolina, they are probably all three brothers.

    James Taylor's family was already in Indian Territory early duringthis time, as we know other Green and Jackson families were.  In the1940 census (below) Taylor reported he was born in Indian Territory.All the other censuses report he was born in Texas.  His next brother,Daniel David, was born in Indian Territory in 1882.  There were nocensuses until 1900 in Indian Territory. We have located some of themthrough legal records of other kinds.

    We know Mattie's family were living there when she was born inNovember 1884.

    I later found confirmation that Taylor was born in Hill County, Texas. On the death certificate of his daughter Mable, who died at age 2,his birth place is reported as Hill County, Texas.

    Texas Death Certificate, Registration #125099
    Mable Green
    Born 13 Feb 1926 Duncan (Stephens Co), Oklahoma
    Died 2 April 1928 Silverton, Briscoe County, Texas
    ** Father Taylor Green, born Hill Co, Texas **
    Mother Mattie Lovin, born Davis (Murray Co), Oklahoma
    Burial 3 April 1928 Silverton

    This means he was living on a farm in Duncan, but also selling realestate in Marlow.  In the 1910 and 1920 census, he is a real estateagent.  In 1920, however, the census shows him and the family livingin Marlow town.  So they moved from Duncan into Marlow betweenSeptember 1918 and January 1920.

    In 1920, Taylor Green is living in Marlow, Oklahoma, still working asa real estate agent.

    1920 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 28 January, MarlowWard 2, District 257, page 13B, Hse #441, Fam #562
    Green, J Taylor Head Owns Home Free  M W 41 TX GA IL Real Estate
    Green, Mattie Wife F W 35 OK MS AR
    Green, Harry B  Son M W 15 OK MS [sic] AR
    Green, Pearl Daughter F W 12 OK MS [sic] AR
    Green, Arlie W  Son M W 8 OK MS [sic] AR
    Green, J Elmer Son M W 6 OK MS [sic] AR
    Green, George M  Son M W 3 OK MS [sic] AR
    Green, J T Jr  Son M W 1 OK MS [sic] AR

    Note that the birthplace of the children's parents does not match thebirthplace of Taylor and Mattie shown here.  The enumerator appears tohave just copied Mattie's information for all the children.  Herbirthplace is also shown as Arkansas instead of Tennessee which we seein the 1910 and 1930 censuses.

    They were living for a short time in or near Silverton, Texas, not farfrom Amarillo.  There was a daughter named Mable, or Mattie Mable,reported above in the child's death certificate.  Her deathcertificate reports she was born in Duncan, Oklahoma, a little northof Marlow in 1926, but died a little over two years later in SilvertonTexas, on 2 April 1928.  But by the 1930 census, they were near theborder of New Mexico in Friona, Texas.

    This tells us they moved westward form Duncan about 1927.  No burialrecord has been found for Mattie Mabel in cemetery burial lists orFind a Grave memorials.

    By April census time in 1930, Taylor and Mattie had moved to Texas,farming in Parmer County.

    1930 Federal Census, Parmer County, Texas, 23 April, Justice Precinct2, District 185, page 6A, Hse #100, Fam #107
    Green, Taylor J Head Owns M W 51 Married at 22 yrs old TX GA IL FarmerNot a veteran [b abt 1879]
    Green, Mattie Wife F W 35 Married at 17 yrs old OK MS TN
    Green, Harry Son M W 24 OK TX OK Farmer  Not a veteran
    Green, Arlie Son M W 18 OK TX OK
    Green, Elmer Son M W 16 OK TX OK
    Green, George Son M W 12 OK TX OK
    Green, J T Son M W 11 OK TX OK
    Green, Glen Son M W 8 OK TX OK
    Green, Frieda Dau F W 6 OK TX OK

    Mattie's mother's birthplace is now reported again as Tennessee, notArkansas.  On the children's entries, the birthplace of both parentsis correctly reported in this census.  It appears that Pearl isalready married and out of their household.

    I was surprised to find that in the 1940 census, they were reported asliving in DeQueen, Sevier County, Arkansas, in the Washita/Ouachitamountains near the Oklahoma border.  This seems odd, since they hadalready moved to Friona, Texas, near the New Mexico border, where theywere enumerated in 1930.  In 1940 Taylor is reported as a Real Estatesalesman. Maybe that was the reason they moved to Arkansas, and thatdid not work out.  In his obituary, he was reported as a Farmer,living in Friona, as in the 1930 census.

    1940 Federal Census, 4 April, Parmer County, Texas, 4 April, Friona,District 185-2, page 1B, Hse #31, Owns $23 [? the amount is like rentaround them]
    Green, Taylor Head M W 60 Married Grade 7 Indian Territory  DeQueen,Sevier County, Ark in 1935 Real Estate Salesman [b abt 1880]
    Green, Mattie Wife M W 55 Married Grade 7 b Indian Territory  DeQueen,Sevier County, Ark in 1935 [b abt 1885]
    Green, Elmer Head M W 25 Single Grade H4 Oklahoma DeQueen, SevierCounty, Ark in 1935 Radio Store Proprietor [b abt 1915]
    Green, Glen Head M W 18 Single Grade H4 Oklahoma DeQueen, SevierCounty, Ark in 1935 Farm Laborer [b abt 1922]

    In 1942, James registered in the WWII draft, at age 63.  On this card,the name of the county is spelled Farmer, instead of Parmer.

    U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947
    James Taylor Green
    Residence Friona, Farmer, Texas
    Mailing Address P O Box 272, Friona
    Age 63, Birth July 27, 1878 Hill Co Tex
    Contact Joe D Johnson, Sebastian, Texas
    Signed James Taylor Green

    Taylor and Mattie and their children were among relatives who attendeda family reunion in Marlow, Oklahoma, in 1955.

    T J Green Family Has First Reunion

    Relatives of Mrs. T. J. Green and the late Mr. Green had their firstreunion Sunday in Red Bud Park in Marlow.  Taylor Green, 77, ofFriona, Texas, was the eldest relative present and Terry Lee,six-weeks-old son of Mr. and Mrs. E. H, Gregory, was the youngest kinattending. "

    The baby is also the great, great nephew of Mrs. T. J. Green.

    Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Ford and son, Roger, of Norman;Mrs. Franklin Lovell and daughter Louise, of Oklahoma City; Mr. andMrs. Orville Jenkins and sons, Orville Boyd, Gregory Wayne and GaryLynn, of Quanah, Texas.

    Mr. and Mrs. Homer Green and children, Lanell and Harold Gail [Lanelland Harold are the children of Paul Donald Green, Homer'shalf-brother.  The children of Homer are not listed here]; Mr. andMrs. Dave Green; Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette Green and I children James andLeford; and Mr. and Mrs. Bud Gray and children, Deola, Floyd andCleston, all of Marlow.

    Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Green, of Friona, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Greenand son, Richard, and Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Green and children, Ralph,Ray Dean, Ronnie, Sheldon, Sharon and Randy, all of Canyon Texas. GlenGreen, Clovis, N. Mex:; Mrs. Ollie Blalock and Mrs. Jewel Thomasson,of Duncan; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Erwin and daughter, Jan, of WichitaFalls, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Spann and sons. Andrew and Royce, ofMaysville; Mr. and Mrs. A. Gregory and daughter, Loretta, Miss EllaGreen, Mr. and Mrs. R. J, Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gregory andchildren, Rita Faye, Larry Wayne, and Terry Lee, and Mr. and Mrs. RoyTrout and children, Phyllis June and Lindell Roy,
    all of Lindsay.

    --  T J Green Family Reunion, Newspaper unknown, probably the MarlowReview, Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma, September 23, 1955;Received from Loretta Gregory Gay 29 July 2014
    Taylor's obituary was given to me by Loretta Gregory Gay.  NewspaperUnknown, but appears to be the The Friona Star.  No date ofpublication is given, and no date or day of the week appears in theobit to assist with clarification.  We see that the obituary waspublished the day of the funeral, but no other identifying informationis available to determine the date.  No information is included onplace of death.

    Obituary of James Taylor Green
    Date Unknown, 1964
    Paper Unknown, appears to be the Friona Star
    Received from Loretta Gregory Gay

    James T Green

    FRIONA - Funeral services for James Taylor Green, 86, will be at 2:30pm today in the First United Pentacostal [sic] Church with the RevFrank Baber, pastor, officiating.

    Burial will be in the Friona Cemetery under the direction of ClabornFuneral Home.

    Mr Green, a retired farmer, died Sunday morning in Parmer CountyCommunity Hospital.  He was born in Hill County and moved to Frionafrom Duncan, Okla. in 1929.

    Survivors include his wife, Mattie, daughters, Mrs. Pearl Johnson ofFriona and Mrs Freda Merrick of Amarillo;
    sons, Harry of Canyon, Arlie W of Sunray; Elmer of Grand Prairie,George of Pampa, J T of Lubbock and Glen of Clovis, NM;
    a brother, D D of Marlow, Okla.;
    23 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.

    A memorial on Find a Grave gives the exact date of death.

    James Taylor Green
    Birth Jun. 27, 1878 Hill County, Texas
    Death Oct. 12, 1964 Friona, Parmer County
    Spouse Mattie Arletta Lovin Green (1884 - 1969)
    Delia Ozella Green (1902 - 1908)
    Harry Benjamin Green (1904 - 1987)
    George Emory Green (1916 - 1991)
    Burial Friona Cemetery, Friona, Parmer County, Texas, Plot 0231-07-00
    Created by armyvet Nov 24, 2013
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #120757706,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=120757706&ref=acom&ftm=1


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