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William Greenberry BRISCOE

William Greenberry BRISCOE1,2,3,4,5,6

16th May 18241,2,3,4,5,6 - 22nd Jul 19082,3,5

Life History

16th May 1824

Born in Apple Grove, Morgan, Alabama.1,2,3,4,5,6

about 1844

Birth of daughter Mary C BRISCOE in Arkansas.9,1,6

13th Mar 1844

Married Sarah RALLS in Sevier County, Arkansas.4

about 1846

Birth of daughter Martha BRISCOE in Arkansas.9

about 1848

Birth of son Thomas Francis BRISCOE in Sevier County, Arkansas.10,6

25th Aug 1848

Birth of son James M E BRISCOE in Arkansas.9,6,11

after 1850

Death of daughter Martha BRISCOE in Poilk County, Arkansas

May 1850

Birth of son Charles A BRISCOE in Sevier County, Arkansas.10,6,12

22nd Nov 1852

Birth of daughter Sarah Angeline BRISCOE in Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas.6,7,13,14

22nd Nov 1852

Birth of daughter Nancy Adaline BRISCOE in Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas.6,11,7

22nd Nov 1852

Birth of daughter Amanda Caroline BRISCOE in Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas.7,7

about 1854

Death of daughter Amanda Caroline BRISCOE in Cooke County, Texas.7,7

3rd Feb 1854

Birth of son Benjamin Franklin BRISCOE in Sevier County, Arkansas.6,11

about 1855

Birth of son William Bee BRISCOE in Arkansas.6

1st Nov 1857

Birth of son George M BRISCOE in Arkansas.6,11

about 1859

Birth of son John BRISCOE in Polk County, Arkansas


Birth of daughter Jane BRISCOE in Texas.15

Mar 1864

Birth of son Edmond Willis BRISCOE in Arkansas.16,17,18,19

17th Sep 1866

Birth of son Joseph Alonzo BRISCOE in Groesbeck, Limestone, Texas.20,1,15

15th Apr 1869

Birth of son Henry Clark BRISCOE in Groesbeck, Limestone, Texas.1,20,7,7,11

26th Jun 1888

Death of Sarah RALLS in Llano, Llano, Texas.5

19th Dec 1895

Death of daughter Mary C BRISCOE in New York, New York.8

19th Aug 1901

Death of son James M E BRISCOE in Haskell County, Texas.11


Resident "In 1902 [H C] moved from Texas by covered wagon to a farm west ofFrederick, bringing their one-year-old daughter with them. They werealso accompanied by his father and two of his brothers, BenjaminFranklin and Joseph Alonzo (Lon)." -- newspaper unkn in Frederick, Tillman, Oklahoma.7

22nd Jul 1908

Died in Frederick, Tillman, Oklahoma.2,3,5

22nd Jul 1908

Buried in Frederick Memorial Cemetery Frederick, Tillman County, Oklahoma.2,3


  • William Greenberry Briscoe
    Birth 16 May 1824 in Apple Grove, Morgan, Alabama
    Death 22 May 1903 in Frederick, Tillman, Oklahoma
    James W Briscoe
    Birth 1804 in Charlotte, Virginia
    Death 1 Dec 1862 in Sevier, Arkansas
    Mary Polly Dossey
    Birth 1807 in Franklin, Tennessee
    Death 1851 in Madison, Sevier, Arkansas
    Spouse Sarah Sallie Ralls
    Birth 13 Mar 1827 in Obion, Tennessee
    Death 26 Jun 1888 in Llano, Llano, Texas
    --  Anderson2,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/26932610/person/1952805351

    "James W. Briscoe was a Justice of the Peace in Alabama and SevierCo., Arkansas where he moved in 1837. His son, William GreenberryBriscoe married Sarah Roll there Janauary 11, 1844. ... After thedeath of his father on December 1, 1861, William G. and his familymoved to Groesbeck, Limestone Co., Texas, and later to RobertsonCounty, Texas, where Briscoe built the first gin in the county. Hiswife Sallie died in 1880. He came to Tillman, Oklahoma in 1904 etc"
    --  "James Warren Briscoe,"http://briscoe.eu/James_w_briscoe/james_w_briscoe.htm

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Wm Briscoe
    Age 19, Birth Year abt 1825
    Residence Sevier, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name Sarah Rolls
    Spouse's Age 17
    Spouse's Residence Sevier, Arkansas
    Marriage 13 Mar 1844 Sevier County

    1850 Federal Census, Sevier County, Arkansas, 11 November, MadisonTownship, page 422 (scan 211B), Hse/Fam #347
    William Briscoe 26 M Farmer $No Valuation Real Estate b Alabama [b abt1824]
    Sally Briscoe 23 F b Tennessee [b abt 1827]
    Mary Briscoe 6 b Arkansas [b abt 1844]
    James Briscoe 5 M b Arkansas [b abt 1845]
    Martha Briscoe 4 b Arkansas [b abt 1846]
    - page 423 -
    Thomas Briscoe 2 M b Arkansas [b abt 1848]
    Charles Briscoe 0 M b Arkansas [b abt 1850]

    1860 Federal Census, Polk County, Arkansas, 26 July, Sulphur Springs,PO Shetucket, page 87 (scan 681), Hse #603, Fam #598
    Wm G Bescoe (Briscoe) 36 M Farmer $700 Real Estate $400 Personal bornAla [b abt 1824]
    Sally Bescoe 33 F born Tenn Cannot read or write [b abt 1827]
    Mary E Bescoe 15 F born AR [b abt 1845]
    James Bescoe 14 M born AR [b abt 1846]
    Thomas Bescoe 11 M born AR [b abt 1849]
    Charles Bescoe 10 M born AR [b abt 1850]
    Franklin Bescoe 9 M born AR [b abt 1851]
    Sarah Bescoe 7 F born AR [b abt 1853]
    Adaline Bescoe 7 M born AR [b abt 1853]
    William Bescoe 5 M born AR [b abt 1855]
    George Bescoe 3 M born AR [b abt 1857]
    John Bescoe 1 M born AR [b abt 1859]

    William and his family have not been found in the 1870 census.

    1880 Federal Census, Robertson County, Texas, 14 June, District 143,Bald Prairie, page 14B, Hse #110, Fam #111
    Briscoe, William  W M 56 Head Farmer AL VA AL [b abt 1824]
    Briscoe, Sallie  W F 53 Wife Keeping House Tenn SC SC [b abt 1827]
    Briscoe, Mary C  W F 36 Dau Ark Ala Tenn
    Briscoe, Edmond W  W M 16 Son Working on Farm Ark Ala Tenn [b abt1864]
    Briscoe, Joseph L  W M 13 Son Working on Farm Tex Ala Tenn [b abt1867]
    Briscoe, Henry C  W M 12 Son Working on Farm Tex Ala Tenn
    Carroll, James F  W M 10 Grandson Working on Farm Texas -- Ark
    Carroll, Clarissa A  W F 8 Texas -- Ark

    The birth states and ages of the children tells us about when theymoved from Arkansas to Texas.  The last two sons Joseph and Henry wereonly a year apart in age.  They moved to Texas about 1867 or early1868.

    The history cited above reports that William established the first ginin Robertson County, Texas.  We are told in historical records thatthe gin, located in the new county seat of Calvert, was already thebiggest gin in the world in the 1870s.  In the 1880 census, William'sfamily was enumerated in Bald Prairie area of Robertson County, Texas. The birth states of the children reported in that census tell us thatWilliam moved his family to Texas in about 1865 or 1866.  Trainsstarted stopping on the new line in 1869.

    "One of the earliest settlers was Joseph Harlan, who received a landgrant in 1837.  The town’s namesake, Robert Calvert, established aplantation here around 1850.  The Texas Central Railway laid tracks toCalvert in 1868 with the trains arriving the next year.  Populationwas drawn from the communities of Sterling and Owensville and in time,Calvert replaced Owensville as the Robertson County seat ofgovernment.  A post office was granted that same year (1868) andCalvert prospered as a cotton shipping point. In the 1870s the townreportedly had the largest cotton gin in the world."
    --  "Calvert, Texas," TexasEscapes,http://www.texasescapes.com/CentralTexasTownsSouth/Calvert-Texas.htm

    If William was the one who put in the first gin there, he set right toit early on.  This was already a big cotton area, as noted in thearticle below.  Already in 1871 the gin there was the largest in theworld.

    Sue says that this was the first gin in the country.  I suspect shehad a typo, meaning the first gin int he county.  Perhaps Williamestablished the first gin in Robertson County, Texas.  Wikipedia notesthat by 1878, Calvert had several gins.

    "The earliest known white settler in the area was Joseph Harlan, whose1837 land grant laid five miles south of what is now the City ofCalvert. In 1850 Robert Calvert, for whom the town was named,established a plantation west of the town. ... By 1878, Calvert was athriving community with 52 businesses. ... The community remained amajor cotton center with many gins, cotton compresses, and cottonseedoil mills, until 1899 when the town was damaged by floods."
    --  "Calvert, Texas," Wikipedia,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calvert,_Texas

    W G Briscoe
    Birth May 16, 1824
    Death Jul 22, 1908
    Burial Frederick Memorial Cemetery Frederick, Tillman County, Oklahoma
    Created by Paula Feb 20, 2009
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #34036621,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=BRI&GSpartial=1&GSbyrel=all&GSst=38&GScntry=4&GSsr=4961&GRid=34036621&

    Posted with the memorial is a short obituary cut from a local paper.Part of it is missing.  The readable part is transcribed here.

    Obituary of W G Briscoe, newspaper unknown, Frederick, Tillman County,Oklahoma
    W G Briscoe, aged 84, died at his home in Frederick, July 22, 1908,and was buried at the Frederick Cemetery July 22nd. Funeral serviceswere conducted at the grave by Pastor John W Jennings at 3 pm.  Thedeceased ....


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