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Frederick Inman STRANGE3,4,1,5,6

21st May 18721,2,3,4,5,6 - 29th Apr 19371,6

Life History

21st May 1872

Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee.1,2,3,4,5,6

31st Dec 1890

Married Hannah Katherine MOORE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.7,6

21st May 1923

Death of Hannah Katherine MOORE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.6

29th Apr 1937

Died in Jefferson County, Tennessee.1,6

after 29th Apr 1937

Buried in Strange Cemetery, Muddy Hollow Road, Jefferson County, Tennessee.1


  • 1880 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 16 June, CivilDistrict 5, Enumeration District 177, page 32, Hse #263, Fam #267
    Strange, William  W M 44   Farmer TN TN TN
    Strange, Eadie  W F 34 Wife Keeping House Cannot read or write TN TNTN
    Strange, Frederick I  W M 7  Son  TN TN TN

    1900 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 13 June, CivilDistrict 3, Enumeration District 43, page 9A, Hse #154, Fam #155
    Strange, Frederick I  Head  W M May 1872 28 married 9 years  TN TN TNCounty Register Owns
    Strange, Hannah C  Wife W F Sept 1875 24 married 9 yrs 4 children/4living TN TN TN
    Strange, Leonodus D  Son W M Dec 1891  8 TN TN TN
    Strange, Ida J Dau W F Mar 1894  6 TN TN TN
    Strange, Tiny A Dau W F Dec 1896  3 TN TN TN
    Strange, Lolie Dau W F May 1899  1 TN TN TN

    The name of the second daughter appears to be pronounced Teeny,diminutive for Tina.

    1910 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 20 June, CivilDistrict 8, Enumeration District 77, page 4A, Hse/Fam #69
    Strange, Fred I  Head  M W 38 married 20 years  TN TN TN  Salesman,Dry Goods Store Rents
    Strange, Katherine H Wife F W 34 married 20 yrs 9 children/7 living TNTN TN
    Strange, Leonard D  Son M W 18 TN TN TN
    Strange, Tina Dau F W 15 TN TN TN
    Strange, Lola Dau F W 10 TN TN TN
    Strange, Lucile Dau F W 5 TN TN TN
    Strange, Clarence Son M W 2 TN TN TN
    Strange, Fred I Son M W 9mos TN TN TN

    The oldest son's name is given here as Leonard.  This makes it appearthat the name for him in 1900, Leonodus, was meant to representLeonardus, the full original form of Leonard.  This could be hisactual formal name.

    Note that Ida is missing.  In connection with this, we see that HannaKatherine has had 5 more children since 1900, but only 3 more totalare living.  It appears from this census that Ida is one of thechildren who has died.  However, the Edmonds/Strange Genealogy reportsthat she lived until 1956.
    Ida Jane Strange 1894 - 1956
    She must have married at age 15 or 16.

    Other new children in this census are Lucile, Clarence and Fred Jr.That means there are two other child born since 1900 that has alsodied in the meantime, which these records do not tell us about.  TheEdmonds/Strange Family Genealogy reports the names of two additionalchildren, twins born and died in 1903:
    Andy Strange 1903 - 1903
    Ann Strange 1903 - 1903

    But this genealogy also reports a total of 14 children born before1910, but the 1910 census reports only 9 children born up to thattime.  Either this genealogy or the census number of children iswrong.  The genealogy provides some family information, but is notvery carefully reviewed or documented.  It has a duplication of FredJr, and Lola is entered a second time as Lela.  So the total is 12,still 3 children more than the census reported.

    A family genealogy reports that Frederick I Strange Sr is buried inthe Strange Cemetery on Muddy Hollow Road, off Rainwater School Roadin south Jefferson County, Tennessee.


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