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Mars Mareen DUVALL

Mars Mareen DUVALL1,3,7,5,4,8

also known as Mars Marin DUVALL1

about 16351,2,3,1,4 - 5th Aug 16943,2,6,4

Life History

about 1635

Born in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire, Bretagne, France.1,2,3,1,4


Birth of son John DUVALL in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.4,8

about 1658

Married Mary Parren BOUTH.1,4


Arrival: It may have been earlier this is the date he applied for a land grant. in Maryland Colony, America.5


Birth of son Maureen DUVALL in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.4,4


Birth of son Samuel DUVALL in Ann Arundel County, Maryland.8,1

about 1672

Death of Mary Parren BOUTH in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.1,4,4


Married Susannah Marie BRASHEARS in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.10,1

between 1675 and 1678

Birth of daughter Susanna DUVALL in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.1,1,3

about 1680

Birth of son Mareen Brasseur DUVALL in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.4,1,4,9

about 1692

Death of Susannah Marie BRASHEARS in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.4,4

5th Aug 1694

Died in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.3,2,6,4

after 5th Aug 1694

Buried in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.4

Other facts


Married Mary STANTON


  • Mareen Duvall was a French Huguenot and an early American settler.  Hewas born in France and arrived in the Province of Maryland on August28, 1650.  He received a patent from the first proprietors of theMaryland Colony, the Calvert Family.  Naming the estate La Val, namedafter his family's estate in France, on the south side of the SouthRiver in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He became quite properous. Healso owned Middle Plantation in Davidsonville, Maryland.

    Some genealogies indicate Mareen was born in the Loire Valley ofFrance, but without stating the source of the information.  Mostsources seem to follow the Genealogical and Memorial Encyclopedia ofthe State of Maryland, pp. 13-137, which details the first fivegenerations of Duvalls in the colonies.  The Loire Valley is inBretagne, and Nantes, where Mareen (Marin) is thought to have beenborn, is not far from Laval (meaning "The Valley"), on the border ofNomandy.

    Mareen's parents are shown as French, but he joined the migrants ofLord Baltimore emigrating to the Colony of Maryland.  I have not beenable to find the original sources.  His marriage record reports hisbirthplace simply as France, but one record collection has Englandinstead.  The latter seems in error, but may indicate a period ofassociation or residence in the UK before migrating to America.

    The Huguenot was striking figure in colonial history.  Many of thedescendants of Mareen Duvall rendered distinguished service to theProvince in Civil and military life.  His sons and daughtersintermarried with the most influential English Families in the Colony,and from the bequesters in the various wills it is evident that thelife at Laval (La Val) and Middle Plantation was as luxious andcourtly as in any of the manors of the English gentry.

    The last wife and widow of the Huguenot was Miss Mary Stanton, before1700, she became the wife of Colonel Henry Ridgely, the immigrant, andwith him, closed the administration of the estate of the Huguenot.The Younger Mareen objected to the disposition the estate of hisfather.  He objected to the guardianship of Colonel Ridgely, but thecourts did not sustain him.

    Mareen Duvall, eldest son of the immigrant, married Frances Stockett,of Anne Arundel County and left numerous distinquished descendants.
    Susannah Duvall, daughter of the Huguenot married Robert Tyler, andhad among other descendants, President John Tyler.
    Lewis Duvall, married Martha Ridgely, daughter of Robert Ridgely, theearly colonial dignitary

    The following excerpt comes from Founders of Anne Arundel and HowardCounties, p 104

    Mareen Duval, The Huguenot

    No more striking figure in colonial history is found than the personalachievements of this fleeing immigrant from Nantes, about 1650.  Hecame as one of the 150 adventurers, bought over by Colonel WilliamBurgess.  He settled near Colonel Burgess, in Anne Arundel County, andbecame of the most successful merchant and planters of the favoredsection.

    When political influences were most active during the Revolution of1689, Mareen Duvall was among the leaders who sustained the LordProprietary.  His name is found in Colonel Greenberry's letter toGovernor Copley, as one at the Jacobin Party, whose mysteriousmeetings he could not solve.

    The land records of Anne Arundel and Prince George Counties show thatthis Huguenot planter and merchant held a vast estate, and left hiswidow and third wife [Mary Stanton] so attractive as to become thethird wife of Colonel Henry Ridgely and later the wife of Reverend Mr.Henderson, the commissary of the Church of England.  Together theybuilt the Old Trinity, or Forest Chapel, near Collington, in PrinceGeorge County [Maryland].

    The will of Mareen Duvall is an intelligent one.  It was probated in1694, about the time of the removal of the capital from St. Mary's toAnnapolis [Maryland].

    --  The Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland: Agenealogical and biographical review from wills, deeds and churchrecords, by J. D. Warfield (1905), p 104

    A significant source on the Duvalls is the Maryland Genealogical andMemorial Encyclopedia of the State of Maryland, Volume 1.  (Year ofpublication uncertain.)  It covers the first five generations ofDuvalls in the Colonies, under the chapter title "Richard IsaacDuvall," pages 132-141.  Here is a pertinent excerpt I havetranscribed.

    Mareen Duvall, the first of the family who settled in Maryland, issaid to have come from the neighborhood of Nantes, Brittany, and somesupport is lent to this statement by the fact that he gave to thefirst piece of land patented to him the name of "Lavall," and there isa town name "Val" and a chateau "Laval" some sixty or seventy milesfrom Nantes.  The name "Mareen" is clearly a corruption of the French"Marin" and he was undoubtedly a French Huguenot.  Although the Edictof Nantes was not repealed until 1685, those of the "religion," as theHuguenots called themselves, were nevertheless severely oppressed bythe government, and many of them emigrated to the other lands. ... Thedate of his arrival in Maryland is not recorded, but it was certainlynot far from 1650.  At any rate he made his demand for land, July,1659, and this being duly laid out for him he had a patent, January22, 1659-60, for a tract called "Lavall" on the west side of Southriver, in Anne Arundel county. ...

    In 1683 an act was passed by the Assembly, and approved by Governorand council, for the encouragement of trade by establishing with greatliberality towns and ports of entry in all the seaboard counties, andunder the terms of this act Mr. "Marien Duvall" is appointed one ofthe Commissioners for establishing towns and ports in Anne Arundelcounty (Md. Arch. vii, 611). ...

    Mareen Duvall was three times married.  The name of his first wife hasnot been preserved.  His second wife, Susanna, is named in his will asthe mother of his son, Mareen, the younger, or Mareen II., as he isusually designated.  His third wife, Mary (Stanton) Duvall, sister ofDaniel Stanton, of Philadelphia, was married to him about 1693, theyear before he died, and bore him no children.  According to JudgeDuvall, who left a thoroughly reliable genealogy of the Duvall family,was born in 1692, and was the son of the immigrant by his second wife,Susana.  In all probability, therefore, Mrs. Susanna Duvall died atthe birth of her youngest son, Benjamin, in 1692, and Mareen wasmarried to his third wife, Mary Stanton, in 1693.

    Mareen Duvall died in August, 1694, and the following year his widow,Mrs. Mary Duvall, married Colonel Henry Ridgely, in proof of which wehave the following:
    9 October, 1695, "came Major Henry Ridgely, of Anne Arundel county,who intermarried with Mary, relict and executrix of Mareen Duvall,late of said county, deceased, and exhibited the inventory of saiddeceased's estate, etc. (Test, Proceedings). ... He died in 1710, andby his will, dated April 30, 1705, and proved July 13, 1710, appointedhis wife, Mary, his sole executrix.  She soon married her thirdhusband, Rev. Jacob Henderson, rector of Queen Anne Parish, PrinceGeorge's county, and afterward Commissary for the Province under theBishop of London.  Rev Jacob Henderson died August 21, 1751.  Mrs.Henderson survived until 1762.  As she was married to Mareen Duvall in1693, she must have been very old a the time of her death."
    --  Maryland Genealogical and Memorial Encyclopedia of the State ofMaryland, Volume 1, pp 132-135

    Several genealogies report a full place of birth for Mareen inBretagne:
    Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire, Bretagne, France.  I havenot found specific documentation sourcing on these.  It appearsgenealogists have assumed Nantes as Mareen's birth place, based onreports that this was his home before emigration.  In light of thecontemporary sources, this seems reasonable.  Digging into localNantes or Bretagne records might provide more details to clarify orconfirm this.

    The following records of his marriages do not report a place of birth.

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Mary Bouth
    Gender: Female
    Birth 1634 Place Unknown
    Spouse Name Mareen Duvall
    Spouse Birth 1625 Place Unknown
    Marriage Year 1658

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Mars Marin Duvall
    Gender: male
    Birth 1630, Place Unknown
    Spouse Name Susanna Brasseur
    Marriage Year 1673

    The following reports his birth place as France, as do mostgenealogies.

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Mareen Duvall
    Gender: Male
    Birth 1630 France
    Marriage State: MD Anne Arundel Co.

    A birth record reports the birth location in France and his parents'names.  His first name is spelled two ways here, the English first andthen the French.  But this record show his birth in Normandy.  Thismay be the wrong birth record, but he did later live in Normandy.

    Family Data Collection - Births
    Mareen Marin Duvall
    Father Thomas Duvall
    Mother Nicola Stagard
    Birth 1627 Laval, Normandy, France

    Millennium File
    Mareen Duvall
    Birth 1625 Nantes, France
    Death Aug 1694 Anne Arundel County, Maryland, USA
    Spouse Susanna Marie Brashears
    Susanna Duvall
    Samuel Duvall

    A memorial has been posted on Find a Grave for Mareen.  It includes anextensive autobiography.  The memoiral points out the his actualburial place is unknown.  His last recorded residence was in AnneArundel County, Maryland.  His will was probated there in August 1894,which is reported in the memorial as his date of death.

    Mareen Duvall
    Birth 1635 Nantes, Departement de la Loire-Atlantique, Pays de laLoire, France
    Death Aug. 5, 1694 Anne Arundel County, Maryland

    Mareen Duvall was an immigrant from Nantes, France about 1650. Thereis a chance that DuVall had served in the Scot Army and could havebeen a part of the Army of Charles II, which was captured by Cromwellin 1651. He came to Maryland as one of the 150 adventurers broughtover by Colonel William Burgess, one-time Quaker and sympathizer ofthe Puritan regime in Maryland, and he served a certain period ofindentureship under John Covell. About 1657 he became a freeholder,married, and began life anew as a subject of Lord Baltimore under theBritish Crown. On July 25, 1659, Mareen Duvall having completed hisperiod of service and as a freeholder, applied for his rights to 50acres of land. The following is an exact copy from the original entry:

    "Marin Du Vail demands fifty acres of land having performed his timeof service with John Covell and brought in by William Burgess. Warrantissued for fifty acres return 25 December next. Warrant renewed toJohn Jones for one hundred acres return 25 next."

    This was a parcell of Land called Lavall lying on the west side ofChesapeake Bay and on the west side of a river called South RiverDuvall. It is not known whether Mareen actually settled on "Lavall,"but by 1678 "Lavall" had come into the possession of George Parker. In1664, Mareen Settled near Col. Burgess in Anne Arundel County, on 600acres on the South side of the South River, known as “MiddlePlantation” and became a successful merchant and planter of thatfavored section. In 1665, he added 100 acres, known as “Duvall’sAddition” to Middle Plantation. During the next ten years, Mareenadded much land to his holdings. Mareen Duvall was an educated man. In1664 he signed his name at an inquest. He was also accorded the titleof "Mr." bestowed at that period only on men of rank. Duvall and hisfamily belonged to the Church of England, and later, when the AmericanEpiscopal Church was organized [the American church of England justchanged its name], his family continued their allegiance to thatchurch.

    Mareen Duvall married soon after his indentureship ended, about 1657.His first wife’s name was Mary, her family name was possibly Bouth. Itis thought Mareen and Mary had five or six children. Mary died around1672. His second wife was Susannah, the third and Virginia-borndaughter of his compatriot-in-exile, Benois Brasseur, and Marie hiswife, she being of The Clifts, of Calvert County. It is thought thatSusannah and Mareen had five children. After the death of Susannah,Mareen married again, Mary Stanton, but had no children with her.

    Mareen's will was probated in 1694; about the time of the removal ofthe Capitol from St. Mary's to Annapolis. He left his third wife Marya vast estate. His heirs, in order mentioned in his will were: hiswife, Mary, who inherited a life interest in "Middle Plantation" withthe remainder at the death of his stepmother; Elizabeth, who received150 pounds sterling and 375 acres called "Bowdels Choice" in CalvertCounty; Benjamin, who received 150 pounds sterling and 200 acres,which was one-half of "Howertons Range;" Mareen the younger, whoreceived 150 pounds sterling and 300 acres called "The Plains" inCalvert County; Mary who received 150 pounds sterling and 320 acrescalled "Morleys Grove" and 370 acres called "Morleys Lott;" Johanna,who received 150 pounds sterling and 311 acres called "Larkins Choice"and 200 acres called "Duvalls Range," both located in Anne ArundelCo.; John who received 5 shillings, all wearing apparel and a silvertobacco box. John was appointed co-executor with his brother, Lewis,and his brother-in-law Robert Tyler; Samuel, who received 5 shillings;Mareen the elder, who received 5 shillings; and Susanna, who receiveda silver tankard.

    One can easily reconstruct the family of Mareen. The older children,who had already made their way, received little in the way of money orland. These were the children of his first wife. John, Lewis, Samuel,Susanna and Mareen “the elder”. It is also know he had a daughternamed Eleanor, who received nothing in the will, perhaps she was alsofrom the first wife. To explain naming two sons Mareen in the will, itwas common in those times to have sons with the same name, born ofdifferent wives, who were many years apart in age, probably to ensurepassage of the name. Hence Mareen “the elder”, born about 1662, andMareen “the younger”, born about 1680. Mareen the younger, along withhis full siblings Elizabeth, Benjamin, Mary and Johanna, inheritedland and money in their father Mareen’s will. They were obviouslychildren of his second wife.

    Mareen’s widow, Mary [Stanton], married second Colonel Henry RidgelySr., as his third wife. She was later to become the wife of Rev. Mr.Henderson, the commissary of the Church of England. One of Mareen’swives was closely allied to John Larkin, a neighbor and enduringfriend of Mareen. Of his children, Mareen the Elder, also called"Marius" by his mother-in-law, married Frances Stockett, daughter ofThomas. He was ancestor of John P. Duvall (Virginia Legislaturemember). Capt. John Duvall, who held a large estate, married ElizabethJones, daughter of William Jones, Sr. Of Anne Arundel County. SamuelDuvall married Elizabeth Clark, in 1687; Susannah married Robert Tylerand was the ancestress of General Bradley T. Johnson; Lewis Duvallmarried Martha Ridgley, only daughter of the Honorable Robert Ridgely,of St. Inigoes, in 1699.

    Mary Bouth (1639 - 1672) [1st wife]
    Susannah Brassuer Duvall (1652 - 1692) [2nd wife]

    Son Maureen Duvall (1662 - 1734)

    Burial Unknown

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