Andrew Jackson DEMPSEY Mary Henrietta DEMPSEY Frank B DEMPSEY Roe Andrew DEMPSEY Nocensusname DEMPSEY Linnie O DEMPSEY Azalia DEMPSEY Unknown NOLASTNAME Unknown NOSURNAME Mini tree diagram

Jackson DEMPSEY1,2,3,4,5

also known as Jack DEMPSEY5

about 18585 - UNKNOWN

Life History

about 1858

Born in Mississippi.1,2,3,4,5

(most likely)

about 1858


(less likely)


Birth of son Frank B DEMPSEY in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,7,8,9

5th Feb 1887

Birth of son Roe Andrew DEMPSEY in Arkansas.11,12,1,3

about 1900

Birth of daughter Nocensusname DEMPSEY in Arkansas.13

5th Jan 1902

Birth of son Linnie O DEMPSEY in Arkansas.14,16,5,15

14th Jan 1906

Birth of daughter Azalia DEMPSEY in Arkansas.18,19,17,6,13

before 1930

Death of Unknown NOLASTNAME in Arkansas County, Arkansas

24th Jun 1937

Death of son Roe Andrew DEMPSEY in Arkansas County, Arkansas.10,11


Death of son Frank B DEMPSEY in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.6

17th Sep 1967

Death of daughter Azalia DEMPSEY in Arkansas.17,6

13th Mar 1972

Death of son Linnie O DEMPSEY in Saint Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas.14,15


Death of daughter Nocensusname DEMPSEY



Other facts


Married Unknown NOLASTNAME


  • A census record in Bolivar County, Mississippi for an Andrew Demseymay be a record for Andrew Jackson Dempsey.  The age matches ourAndrew Jackson Dempsey who lived later in Arkansas County, Arkansas.One discrepancy is that this record reports Andrew as born inArkansas, rather than Mississippi, as later Arkansas censuses report.But James C Dempsey, who is likely his brother, was born inMississippi.

    1850 Federal Census, Bolivar County, Mississippi, 9 November, BolivarDistrict, scan p 382, Hse/Fam #73
    Benjamin Perryman 71 M Farmer  Tennessee [born abt 1779]
    Mary Rachel Perryman 50 F Kentucky [born abt 1800]
    Albert Smith 30 F Laborer Kentucky [born abt 1820]
    Mary E Smith 18 F Mississippi [born abt 1832]
    Rachel Smith 17 F Mississippi [born abt 1833]
    Andrew Demsy 26 M Laborer Arkansas [born abt 1824]
    James C Demsy 22 M No Occupation Mississippi [born abt 1828]

    The 1850 census does not report the family relationships ofindividuals.  Looking at the configuration of this household, I wouldguess that Mary E Smith is the daughter of Ben and Mary Perryman, andAlbert her husband.  Andrew and James are likely brothers.  It wouldappear that Andrew is working for Mr Perryman on the farm.  I havefound no earlier information on Andrew Jackson Dempsey's parents orfamily to confirm this fraternal relationship with James.

    1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 2 July, PrairieTownship, PO St Charles, page 13, Hse/Fam #98
    Dempsey, Jackson  47 M W Farmer $300 Personal  b Mississippi
    Dempsey, Mary 16 F W Keeping House born Mississippi  Cannot read orwrite
    Dempsey, Jackson 12 M W born Mississippi  Cannot read or write [b abt1858]

    In 1880, Jack is living with his sister Mollie (Mary) Henderson, nextdoor to a family named Vanderford, with whom their father AndrewJackson Dempsey is living and working.

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 3 June, PrairieTownship, District 2, page 21 (scan p15C), Hse #24, Fam #28
    John Henderson  W M 21 (Head) Farmer AR MS AL
    Mollie Henderson  W F 25 Wife Keeping House MS MS MS
    M J Henderson  W F 19 Sister Single AR MS AL
    Jack Dempsey W M 23 Bro-in-law Single Farming MS MS MS  [born abt1857]
    Wilfred Hargraves W M 6 1/2 Bro Single AR AL AL

    In 1910 Jack and his family are living on the White River.  Everyonein this division of Prairie Township are fishermen.  Note that bothAndy Middleton and Jackson Dempsie are reported as Head of thishousehold and owners of their home.  For some odd reason, theenumerator has recorded no first name for the Jack's wife or his twodaughters.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 26 May, PrairieTownship, District 13, page 11A, River Division, Hse/Fam #17
    Midleton, Andy Head M W 50 Widow US Unknown Unknown Fisherman Owns
    Dempsie, Jack Head M W 40 Married 23 years AR IL IL Fisherman Owns[born abt 1870]
    Dempsie, ---  Wife M W -- Married 23 yrs 6 children/3 living AR MS US
    Dempsie, Roc Son M W 20 Single AR AR AR Fisherman [born abt 1890]
    -- page11B --
    Dempsie, ---  Dau F W 10 Single AR AR AR [born abt 1900]
    Dempsie, ---  Dau F W 5 Single AR AR AR [born abt 1805]
    Portwood, Andrew Boarder M W 35 Single US US US Fisherman

    From early indications, I thought Roc (or Roe) was the son of JacksonDempsey, born in 1858.  The I found this 1910 census, indicating thatRoc's father Jackson reported as age 40 was born about 1870!  Yet in1930 Roe/Roc's father Jack is reported as 72, a gain of 30 years in20!.  All the other census ages make him born about 1858.  So for somereason, Jack was reported as about 10 or 11 years younger than he was!

    By 1930, Roe/Roc has married, they have moved inland and he is nowraising cotton.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 12 April, PrairieTownship, District 24, page 3B, Public Road, Hse #51, Fam #52
    Dempsey, Roc (Roe?) Head Rents M W 42 Married at age 30  AR MS ARCotton Farmer
    Dempsey, Josie F W 30 Married at age 18  AR AR AR
    Dempsey, Harrison Son M W 11 AR AR AR
    Dempsey, Thelmer (Thomas?) Son M W 9 AR AR AR
    Dempsey, Elvis Son M W 7 AR AR AR
    Dempsey, Jack Father M W 72 Widowed  MS MS MS [born abt 1858]

    Someof the missing pieces in my knowledge of the Dempsey line fellinto place in November 2012, when I found the 1940 census entry thatconfirmed that Linnie Dempsey was Jack's son.  Jack, age 82, is in thehousehold of Linnie and Gladys Dempsey, confirming that my JacksonDempsey, father of Roc, is the same person as Jack Dempsey, father ofLinnie, whose connections we knew otherwise.

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 15 April, Ethel,District 1-26, page 7B, Oak Flat Rd, Hse #113, Rents $400
    Dempsey, Linnie Head M W 28 Grade 4 b Ark same place in 1935 Fisherman
    Dempsey, Gladys Wife F W 21 Grade 7 b Ark same place in 1935Housekeeper
    Dempsey, Annella Dau F W 8 Single Grade 2 b Ark same place in 1935
    Dempsey, Carew Son M W 6 Grade 1 b Ark same place in 1935
    Dempsey, Lanell Dau F W 5 Grade 0 b Ark same place in 1935
    Dempsey, Arvin Son M W 2 Grade 0 b Ark
    Dempsey, Jack Father M W 82 Grade 4 b Miss same place in 1935 [b abt1858]


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