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about 14701 - 14971

Life History

about 1470

Born in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England.1


Birth of son Thomas LE STRANGE in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England.3,2,4,5


Married Robert LE STRANGE in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England.1


Birth of daughter Katherine LE STRANGE.1

about 1496

Birth of son Roger LE STRANGE.1


Birth of daughter Elizabeth LE STRANGE.4




Birth of daughter Ann LE STRANGE.4


  • The maiden name of Anne (Ann) is uncertain.  It appears from the formof the name in some sources that her name was already Le Strange.  Itis spelled L'Estrange AND L Estrange (without the apostrophe) in somesources.  A few genealogies have the more standard Le Strange.  Thisis a variation used by some branches of the family in Devon.  The nameis already registered under various spellings in the Domes Day Book,1085,  the first general register in English history, implemented bythe Norman King William I of England.

    The Hunstanton family spell the name Anne, but in their minimalinformation, they use their family spelling, le Strange, of the lastname.  Other sources spell her name Ann, and may spell her name LEstrange.  The common spelling of the latter form uses an apostrophe,so I have done that.

    Some sources report birth place as Hunstanton, Norfolk, England.According to the family website and the Devon County website, there isalso a Hunstanton town and estate in Devon County.

    There is a discrepancy about the husband of Anne L'Estrange (LeStrange).  Tudorplace reports that this is the wife of John, and thatRobert married a Margaret Le Strange.  The Le Strange website reportsthat Ann L'Estrange married Robert.  However, the death date given byLe Strange Website for Anne is 1497, before any of the children ofJohn are reported born, by Tudorplace or other sites that give birthdates.  (Le Strange Website is a more casual site, has less criticalattention to consistency and completeness and has few birth dates.)At least one child of Robert was born in 1499.  This puzzle remains tobe resolved.

    Some of these dates appears uncertain.  Different genealogies reportdates or places irregularly and incompletely.  There are greatvariations between sources, and some appear to be uncritical, forthere are internal conflicts between the dates reported in some.

    The Le Strange Family Website lineage is helpful, and I have followedthat as a more definitive general guide.  I have generally followedthat for the location of birth, where that is given.  However, thatinformation is quite spotty and has dates and places for only a fewpersons.  Dates there are sometimes estimated, and some informationclashes with known historical information from reliable genealogies.

    The lineage was posted only as a secondary interest, and the site,while giving history, does not focus primarily on the family details.It is primarily a personal hobby site about the family by one of thecurrent family members of another last name.

    The dates reported by sources give the same year for the marriage ofRobert and Anne as for the birth of the first son Thomas.


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