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Marvel Lindsey GREEN

Marvel Lindsey GREEN1,6,7,8,2,9,10,3,4,5,11

29th Jul 18141,2,3,4,5 - 14th Mar 18761

Life History

29th Jul 1814

Born in Rutherford County, North Carolina.1,2,3,4,5

1st Aug 1833

Married Elizabeth DICUS in Rutherford County, North Carolina.8

about 1834

Birth of daughter Malinda A GREEN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.15

about 1837

Birth of son William B GREEN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.2

about 1843

Birth of son John W GREEN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.2,4

about 1845

Birth of daughter Susan J GREEN in North Carolina.2,4

3rd Jul 1846

Birth of son Joseph Martin GREEN in Tennessee.2,4


Birth of son Andrew Jackson GREEN in Warren County, Tennessee.16,17,4,2

about 1852

Birth of daughter Sarah L GREEN in Indiana.4

about 1854

Birth of daughter Martha S GREEN in Indiana.4


Death of Elizabeth DICUS in St Francois County, Missouri.4,11,4

21st May 1854

Married Mary Ella WOOD in Roane County, Tennessee.4,18

about 1859

Birth of daughter Laura GREEN in Missouri.5

30th Dec 1859

Birth of son James Whitson GREEN in Hardin County, Missouri.3,4,5

before 1866

Death of Mary Ella WOOD.9

16th Oct 1866

Married Lucina KESSINGER in Montgomery County, Illinois.9,3

about 1871

Birth of daughter Esther F GREEN in Illinois.12,13

about 1874

Birth of daughter Mary A GREEN in Illinois.12,13

14th Mar 1876

Died in Grisham, Montgomery, Illinois.1

after 14th Mar 1876

Buried in Clear Springs Cemetery, Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois.3

7th Aug 1876

Birth of son George A GREEN in Montgomery County, Illinois.12,13,14


  • "I am William L Green (Bill) and 85 years of age.  Marvel LindseyGreen (1814), son of Shadrack and Martha Jones is my great, great,great grandfather.  I have done rather a good bit of research on myancestors recently and have most all info on Marvel's son's family(Andrew Jackson Green), and Marvel Linzy Green Andrew's son andfamily. ... and was acquainted with many of the extended family whoare now buried in Sunnyside Cemetery Sorento IL.  My father was LloydLionel Green Sr (1899), the only child of Marvel Linzy and MaryMargaret (Kelly) Green."
    --  Bill Green, email communication to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 5 June2014

    In the 1850 census, Marvel's wife is named Ann M.  In 1860 it is EllaM.  In 1870 it is Louisa.

    A marriage record for Marvel with Elizabeth Dicus in North Carolina.A memorial for one of Marvel's sons, James Whitson Green, on Find aGrave reports his mother was Mary Ella Woods.  This would match thename Ella M for Marvel's wife in 1860.  James was born 30 December1859.  This would mean that Elizabeth died some time in late 1858 orearly 1859.  One genealogy reports that James was the only childMarvel had with Ella.

    Marvel's memorial on Find a Grave reports that Lucina, buried withhim, is his third wife.  But the name Ann M in 1850 gives us fournames.  Maybe the name this is only an enumerator error for Ella M.

    North Carolina, Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
    Record #01 113
    Marvel Green
    Elizebeth Dicus
    Marriage 1 Aug 1833 Rutherford County, North Carolina
    Bond Date 1 Aug 1833
    Bond #000133739
    Rutherford County
    Bondsman Shadrach Green
    Witness Drury Dobbins

    In light of the marriage record and later censuses, it appears thatMarvel's wife Ann M Green is actually Elizabeth Dycus/Dicus Green, asnamed in the marriage record in 1833.  The name in the 1860 censusseems to also be her, but is different again, Ella M.  The name Ellacould be a nickname from Elizabeth.  It is uncertain, but I have noother information that indicates that Marvel was married again before1850.

    1850 Federal Census, Warren County, Tennessee, 19 August, 9th JudicialDistrict, Hse/Fam #7
    Marvell Green 34 M Waggon Maker $300 Real Estate Value b NC [b abt1816]
    Ann M Green 31 F b Tenn [b abt 1819]
    Malinda A Green 17 F b NC [b abt 1833, but it had to be 1834, becauseher paretns married in Aug 1833.]
    William B Green 13 M b NC [b abt 1837]
    John W Green 7 M b NC [b abt 1843]
    Susan J Green 5 F b NC [b abt Jan 1845]
    Joseph N Green 4 M b Tenn [b abt 1846]
    Andrew J Green 2 M b Tenn [b abt 1848]
    James Cogdill 23 M b NC [b abt 1827]

    Marvell's brother Abner is living next door.  He is reported as a"Waggon Maker" also, so i would guess they are in business together.

    1850 Federal Census, Warren County, Tennessee, 19 August, 9th JudicialDistrict, Hse/Fam #8
    Abner Green 39 M Waggon Maker $300 Real Estate Value b NC [b abt 1811]
    Elizabeth B Green 35 F b NC [b abt 1815]
    Susan Green 16 F b NC [b abt 1834]
    Thomas Green 13 M b NC [b abt 1837]
    Sarah Green 9 F b Tenn [b abt Jan 1841]
    William S Green 6 M b Tenn [b abt 1844]
    Joseph Green 4 M b Tenn [b abt 1846]
    Eliza L Green 2 F b Tenn [b abt 1848]

    In the 1860 census, Marvel wife was reported as Ella M.  We knowMarvel's first wife was Elizabeth Dicus (or Dyer, according to somesources).  Marvel married Ella Mary (or Mary Ella) Wood in May 1854.Elizabeth's last child Martha was born in late 1853 or early 1854,according to her age in the 1860 census.  This means that Elizabethdied in early 1854 or possibly late 1853.

    Marvel married Mary Ella in East Tennessee, in Roane County.  Buttheir son James Whitson Green was born in Missouri in December 1859(according to his death record, though he was reported as 1 years oldin the August 1860 census enumeration).

    Tennessee, Marriages, 1851-1900
    Mary E Woods
    Spouse Marvel Green
    Spouse Gender Male
    Marriage 21 May 1854 Roane County, Tennessee

    1860 Federal Census, St Francois County, Missouri, 9 August, Outsideof Liberty, PO Farmington, page 107 (scan 137), Hse #673, Fam #676
    Marvel Green 46 M Farmer $1200 Real Estate $3382 Personal born NoCarolina [b abt 1814]
    Ella M Green 44 F born No Carolina [b abt 1816]
    John W Green 18 M born No Carolina [b abt 1842]
    Susannah J Green 16 F born No Carolina [b abt 1844]
    Jasper M Green 14 M born Tennessee [b abt 1842]
    Andrew J Green 12 M born Tennessee [b abt 1848]
    Sarah L Green 8 F born Indiana [b abt 1852]
    Martha S Green 6 F born Indiana [b abt 1854]
    James W Green 1 M born Missouri [b abt 1859]

    Ella probably died soon after.  Marvel married Lucina/Lucinda in 1866. The name on the 1866 marriage record is Louise Felkel.  All otherfactors indicate this is the same individual named Lucina or Lucindain other records.  Several genealogies report only two wives, and havethe name of Marvel's second wife as Lucinda.  But it is Lucina on herfirst marriage license and the 1880 census.  His memorial on Find aGrave refers to Lucinda (or Lucina) as Marvel's 3rd wife.

    Illinois, Marriages, 1851-1900
    Marvel Green
    Gender Male
    Spouse Name Mrs Louine [Louise?] Felkel
    Marriage 16 Oct 1866 Montgomery County

    Note the bride's name.  This is from an transcription,and a photo of the actual handwritten record is not provided forconfirmation.  This may be Louise, or Louisa, under which Marvel'swife is listed in the 1870 census,  This fits with the person normallynamed Lucinda in family sources.  In the 1880 census, his widow isenumerated as Lucina Green.

    A matching marriage record for Lucina and her first husband WilliamFelkel.

    Illinois, Marriages, 1851-1900
    Lucina Kesinger
    Spouse Name William Felkel
    Marriage 17 Apr 1860 Montgomery County

    1870 Federal Census, Montgomery County, Illinois, 7 June, Bear CreekTownship, PO Bear Creek, page 37, Hse/Fam #245
    Green, Marvel 53 M W Wheelwright $0 Real Estate $400 Personal born NoCarolina [b abt 1817]
    Green, Louisa F E 34 F W Keeping House b NC [b abt 1836]
    Green, James 12 M W born Missouri [b 1858]
    Green, Laura 12 F W born Missouri [b abt 1858]
    Elliott, Lee W 10 M W born Kentucky [b 1860]
    Felkhell, John 9 M W born Illinois [b abt 1861]
    Felkhell, Edward 9 M W born Illinois [b 1861]

    There is another marriage record of a Marvel Green to a Louisa Street. This was in St Clair, Missouri.  But this has to be a differentLouisa, and a different Marvel Green, because this marriage was in1855.

    Missouri Marriages, 1766-1983
    Louisa Street
    Spouse Marvel Green
    Marriage 25 Jan 1855 St. Clair [Franklin County], Missouri

    There is a recurrence of family lore reporting that this line ofGreens were part Cherokee.  I have not run into that very prominently,and it could be from marriage partners in various generations ratherthan in the Green lineage.  No conneciton has been found between thisline of Greens and the line of Meshack W Green and Lucretia Franklin.

    My dad, who descended from Marvel Green's granddaughter Hattie, alwaystold us that we were part Cherokee. We've been trying for years tofigure out how we were and we focused on Hatti's husband's family.Coincidentally, his name was also Sparks. It actually may not be acoincidence because I find that the families to which I am relatedseemed to travel west together in groups.

    Years ago, I was in contact with a woman who also descended fromMarvel Green, through another of his children. She had her DNAanalyzed and it showed she had Native American ancestry. However, sheattributed it to another line of her ancestry, although she also wastold that her grandmother, one of Marvel's daughters, was partCherokee.

    It seems to me, if memory serves, that this woman was related to aDicey Green, who married a William Bandy. Also, if memory serves,somewhere among the records at Fold3, related to the Sparks familymembers who were trying to get listed as tribal members, there was amention of Dicey Green and someone named Bandy.
    --  Patricia Topolski, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 3 November 2015

    Marvel Lindsey Green
    Birth Jul. 29, 1814 North Carolina, USA
    Death Mar. 14, 1878 Illinois, USA

    Marvel Green was born in North Carolina, the son of Shadrack Green andMartha (Jones) Green. Marvel was a farmer, wagon maker, andwheelwright. He lived for a time in Warren County, TN, then in St.Francois County, MO, and finally in Montgomery County, IL. He had atleast 13 children and many brothers and sisters. He is buried with histhird wife, Lucina (Kessinger).

    Joseph Martin Green (1848 - 1884)
    James Whitson Green (1859 - 1933)

    Burial Clear Springs Cemetery, Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois,USA

    Created by Patricia Jan 18, 2006
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #13060352,


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