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Martha C MCSWAIN1,5,2,3,4

26th Jun 18365 - UNKNOWN

Life History

26th Jun 1836

Born in Rutherford County, North Carolina.1,2,3,4

(most likely)

about 1841

Born in Rutherford County, North Carolina.5

(less likely)




  • Sarrett and Hamrick have different dates for Martha, as well as acouple of other children of Lous Hobson and Mary.  Hamrick Family hasan exact date of birth for Nancy in October 1841, while Paul Sarretthas a year 1844.  Paul has Martha born in 1841, while Hamrick data hasbirth year abt 1855.

    Though the dates in the censuses cause the estimated date of birth tovary somewhat, in both 1850 and 1860, Martha appears between Judy andHannah,

    1850 Federal Census, Cleveland County, North Carolina, 4 September, p315 (scan 158), Hse/Fam #596
    McSwain Lewis 35 M Baptist Preacher b NC (b abt 1815)
    McSwain Mary 38 F b NC (b abt 1812)
    McSwain Judy N 16 F NC (b abt 1834)
    McSwain Martha 13 F b NC (b abt 1837)
    McSwain Hannah 10 F b NC (b abt 1840)

    Notice that here Mary (Hamrick) is said to have been born in NorthCarolina, but in the 1870 census, when they are living a little acrossthe border in York District, South Carolina, she is reported as bornin South Carolina!  The 1870 census reports that the whole family isborn in South Carolina, except for Louis, though family sources reportMary and all children through Mary Caledonia as born in NorthCarolina.

    1860 Federal Census, Cleveland County, North Carolina, 14 August, page72, Hse/Fam #511
    Lewis McSwain 46 M Farmer
    Mary McSwain 44 F
    Judy N McSwain 26 F NC [b abt 1834]
    Martha McSwain 24 F NC [b abt 1836]
    Hannah McSwain 21 F NC [b abt 1839]


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