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Judith N MCSWAIN1,10,11,6,2,5

also known as Judy PADGETT6

also known as Juliah PADGETT7

14th Jul 18348,9 - 28th Aug 18973

Life History


Born in North Carolina.7,6

(less likely)

14th Jul 1834

Born in Rutherford County, North Carolina.1,2,3,4,5

(most likely)

about 1840


(less likely)


Resident in Cleveland County, North Carolina.1

9th Apr 1862

Married W Edwin PADGETT in North Carolina.3,5

3rd Jan 1865

Birth of son William Ensley PADGETT in North Carolina.12,4,13,14,15,16,5


Birth of son John Pinkney PADGETT in North Carolina.4,6,5

Oct 1870

Birth of daughter Mary PADGETT in Arkansas.17,6


Birth of daughter Edna Earl PADGETT in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.6,5,18

Nov 1874

Birth of daughter Minnie Ola PADGETT in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.19,6,20,17


Residence2 in Prairie, Arkansas, Arkansas.6

about 1886

Divorced from W Edwin PADGETT in Arkansas County, Arkansas.5

28th Aug 1897

Died in Ward, Lonoke, Arkansas.3


  • Jerry Gallagher's information on the Padgetts was one source forevaluating the link of the McSwains and Padgetts in Arkansas.  Hefollows the Sarrett date of 1840 for her birth, which the Hamrickssuggest as abt 1841.

    1860 Federal Census, Cleveland County, North Carolina, 14 August, page72, Hse/Fam #511
    Lewis McSwain 46 M Farmer $500 real estate $3280 Personal NC
    Mary McSwain 44 F NC
    Judy N McSwain 26 F NC

    See later enumerations for Judith in Notes for W Edwin Padgett.

    Judith listed in the 1870 census as Juliah, age 36.  This matches theage reported in the 1880 census, age 46 to yield a birth year of 1834. These ages indicate a birth year of 1834, so it seems best to followthis, though sources of allied families use a later date in theirgenealogies.

    I have followed specific birth information on Judy which I found inthe LDS FamilySearch online information:
    Birth:14 JUL 1834, Rutherford, North Carolina
    Death: 28 AUG 1897

    In 1870 the family, along with Edwin's parents and family, are inCocke County, Tennessee.  We know their first daughter was born inArkansas in 1871.  It is not clear exactly when they left NorthCarolina and arrived in Tennessee.  Their second son John P, age 3, isreported as born in North Carolina.  So they were in Tennessee noearlier than 1867.

    In 1870, Edwin has moved west and is enumerated in Cocke County,Tennessee, in the mountains of East Tennessee, near the North Carolinaborder.

    1870 Federal Census, Cocke County, Tennessee, 23 August, District 9,page 18, Hse #123, Fam #124
    Padget, Edwin 32 M W Farmer NC  (b abt 1838)
    Padget, Juliah 36  F W Keeping House b North Carolina (b abt 1834)
    Padget, William C [E?] 5 F W b North Carolina (b abt 1865)
    Padget, John P 3 F W b North Carolina (b abt 1867)

    Incidentally, they are living in Cocke County, with a Newport (countyseat) post office address.  This is the town where most of thechildren of Orville's great-grandfather Dock Patrick Gregory wereborn.  Dock and Julia Ann Clementine (Strange) Gregory lived justacross the county line in Jefferson County, and perhaps in CockeCounty part of the time, before they moved to Oklahoma about 1895.

    Edwin and Judith are enumerated in Arkansas County in 1880, along witha number of other Padgetts and McSwain of their family.  Edwin'sparents are there, and Edwin's sister Martha Elizabeth is married to adistant cousin of Judith named Phillip K McSwain.  Edwin's mother is aMcSwain, a relative of P K's father George McSwain.

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 19 June, PrairieTownship (Ethel), District 2, page 24A, Hse #171, Fam #182
    Edwin Padgett  Self M Male W 41 Farmer NC SC NC
    Judy Padgett   Wife M Female W 46 Housekeeping NC NC NC
    W E Padgett   Son S Male W 15 NC NC NC
    John Padgett  Son S Male W 13 Works On Farm NC NC NC
    Mary Padgett  Dau S Female W 9 AR NC NC
    Edna E Padgett  Dau S Female W 7 AR NC NC
    Minneola Padgett  Dau S Female W 5 AR NC NC

    We learn from the Holden Genealogy by David Holden that the full nameof the son W E is William Ensley.

    In 1900 we find Edwin in Lonoke County.  He is now a widow, livingwith two single daughters, Mollie (Mary) age 29 and Minnie age 25.  Welearn from other sources that his wife Judith died in August 1897.They are living in the town of Austin Station in Lonoke County,Arkansas.

    1900 Federal Census, Lonoke County, Arkansas, 5 June. CarolineTownship, District 77, page 2, Austin Station, Hse #36, Fam #37
    Padgett, Edwin Head W M Dec 1838  age 61 Widowed NC SC NC Farmer
    Padgett, Mollie Dau W F Oct 1870  29 Single AR NC NC
    Padgett, Minnie Dau W F Nov 1874  25 Single AR NC NC
    McSwain, Ida  Boarder  Sept 1895  4 AR AR AR

    There is an interesting record in Arkansas County marriages.  Thismatches very closely with Judith and her husband W Edwin Padgett, whomarried in 1862 in North Carolina, then moved with other Padgett andMcSwain relatives to Arkansas.  This is a marriage record matchingthis couple dated 1888 in Arkansas County, where they moved.  And notethat the spouse's name is Judie Padgett.  The name on these recordsshould be the maiden name, but both are surnamed Padgett.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    E Padgett
    Gender Male
    Age 49, Birth Year abt 1839
    Spouse's Name Judie Padgett
    Spouse's Gender Female
    Spouse's Age 54
    Marriage Date 24 Oct 1888 Arkansas County
    Marriage License Date 24 Oct 1888

    There is another marriage record reporting the marriage of EdwinPadgett to M G MSwayne (McSwain) in 1886.  M G matches the widow ofJohn Franklin McSwain, of the same McSwain clan from North Carolina.Without further info, it appears that Ediwin and Judith divorced, thenhe married Mary G McSwain, then after her death he and Judith (Judie)Padgett remarried.  I have not found any divorce record.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Edwin Padgett
    Age 48, Birth Year abt 1838
    Spouse's Name M G McSwayne
    Spouse's Gender Female
    Spouse's Age 43
    Marriage 12 Dec 1886 Arkansas County
    Marriage License Date 10 Dec 1886


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