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Edward Luther DUMOND

Edward Luther DUMOND9,2,10,3,11,4,5,6,8

22nd Dec 18891,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - 21st Dec 19727,8

Life History

22nd Dec 1889

Born in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

22nd Sep 1912

Married Hassie LEE in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3,11

18th Jun 1913

Birth of son Edward Luther DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.8,12,3,6

16th Dec 1914

Birth of son Roy Lee DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,8,13,3

2nd Feb 1922

Birth of daughter Mary Ruth DUMOND in Stuttgart, Arkansas, Arkansas.14,3

17th Jun 1927

Birth of son Robert Milton DUMOND in Jacksonville, Pulaski, Arkansas.15,11,3,16,16,17

about 1933

Married Emma Chester ROSS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.4

about 1934

Birth of daughter Esther Lottie DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.4

20th Sep 1937

Birth of son James Carl DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.18,4,19,20

21st Dec 1972

Died in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.7,8

Other facts


Birth of daughter Living DUMOND


  • Edward Luther went by his middle name Luther.
    --  Bertie Lois Dumond McSwain, letters and oral communication

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 14 June, Sugar LoafTownship, District 18, page 8B, Hse #137, Fam #141
    Dumond, Edward C Head  W M  Jan 1860  40  Married 15 years AR AR ARFarmer  Owns Farm
    Dumond, Emma C  Wife  W F Sept 1866  33 Married 15 years AR GA GA
    Dumond, Edward L  Son W M Dec 1889  10 AR AR AR Farm Laborer

    I initially expected that his son Edward L was also Edward Luther, andthis was confirmed when I found a genealogy with many names and a fewdetails by Julie Dumond, granddaughter of Edward Luther and EmmaPurdy.

    However, I was puzzled that Julie had her grandfather's father asEdward Lee instead of Edward Luther, when other Dumond family membershad told us his name was Edward Luther.  Some genealogies report themas Senior and Junior.  Multiple records report the elder Edward L asEdward Luther, as indicated below.  I have never seen another sourcethat reports him with the middle name of Lee.  This is corrected lateron her similar tree on Ancestry.com, where both father and son areEdward Luther.

    The family information indicates that Edward Luther's birthday is 22December 1889.  This also matches the 1900 census.  But on his WWIDraft Registration in 1918, Luther reported his birth date as 22December 1890.  On the WWII Registration, it is again 1889, and theplace of birth is confirmed as Arkansas County.  His age is notreported on his marriage record.

    Luther married in 1912.  His wife is reported as Hassie Lee.  Somerecords and genealogies seem to indicate that Lee is the middle name,but the name on their marriage record is only Hassie Lee, indicatingthis was her maiden name.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Luther Dumond
    Gender: Male
    Residence: Arkansas, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name: Hassie Lee
    Spouse's Gender: Female
    Spouse's Age: 16
    Spouse's Residence: DeWitt
    Marriage 22 Sep 1912 Arkansas County
    Marriage License Date: 1912

    A genealogy by Julie Daniels reports Luther's wife as Hassie ESermons.  I have seen no other genealogy or record that has a lastname for her.  The middle initial E seems to come from the entry inthe 1920 census, the only listing of her name with an E initial.  Theonly documented name is Hassie Lee.  But see the 1940 census below.

    Birth 13 Apr 1896 in Arkansas
    Death Sep 1978 in DE Witt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Spouse EDWARD Luther Dumond
    Birth 22 Dec 1890 in Arkansas
    Death Dec 1972 in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    --  Julie Daniels,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/1593470/person/-1914610834

    U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Edward Luther Dumond
    Residence DeWitt, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Birthplace Birth 22 Dec 1890 DeWitt, Arkansas
    Self-Employed Farming near DeWitt
    Wife & 2 children
    Medium Height, Slender, Light Brown Eyes, Black Hair
    Registered LaGrue Precinct, Arkansas, 5 June 1917

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 4 February, DeWittTown, LaGrue Township, District 12, page 14A, South Union St, Hse#282, Fam #295
    Dumond, Luther E  Head Rents M W 30 Widowed AR AR AR Public WorksLaborer [b abt 1890]
    -- page 14B --
    Dumond, Hassie E Wife F W 24 AR AR AR [b abt Jan 1896]
    Dumond, Roy E Son M W 6 AR AR AR [abt 1904]
    Dumond, Edward L Son M W 5 AR AR AR [b abt 1905]

    I note that in this census Roy is reported as older than Edward.  Thisdiffers from the other censuses and other information giving theirbirth dates.  Records indicate Roy was born 16 Dec 1914, while Edwardwas born 18 June 1913.  Roy is reported as Roy E, differing from Roy Lin the 1930 census.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 12 April, Stuttgart,District 8, page 8B, 715 North College St, Hse #178, Fam #210
    Dumond, Edward L Head  Rents Home  M W  40  Married at age 40 AR AR ARCarpenter, House
    Dumond, Hassie  Wife  F W  34 Married at age 16 AR AR AR
    Dumond, Edward L  Son M W  16 AR AR AR
    Dumond, Roy L  Son M W  15 AR AR AR
    Dumond, Mary R  Dau  F W  8 AR AR AR
    Dumond, Lucy C  Dau  F W  5 AR AR AR
    Dumond, Robert M  Son M W 2 AR AR AR

    In the 1940 census an entry that appears to be for Edward Lutherpresents some problems.  The enumeration was in LaGrue Township, nearDeWitt, where they were living in 1920.  This Luther seems to matchher son Edward Luther Dumond, and Edward Luther's mother is livingnext door.  But the age is a little different, and his wife is EmmaTeal, instead of Hassie Lee.  Teal step children in the home confirmthe previous married name of Emma.

    But the death date I have for Hassie Lee is 1978.  So from theinformation in this 1940 census, it looks like Luther and Hassiedivorced some time before 1934, about the time Esther Lottie was bornto Luther and Emma Teal Dumond.  From the age of Lottie here, we canestimate that Luther married Emma Teal about 1933.

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 4 May, LaGrueTownship, District 1-17, page 20A, Road to Cuba, Hse #377, Rents $5
    Dumond, Luther Head M W 54 Grade 6 b Ark same place in 1935 FarmOperator
    Dumond, Emma Wife F W 51 Grade 4 b Ark same place in 1935
    Dumond, Esther Lottie Dau F W 6 Single Grade 0 b Ark same place in1935
    Dumond, Jas Carl Son M W 1 Single Grade 0 b Ark same place in 1935
    Teal, Troy Stepson M W 9 Single Grade 2 b Ark same place in 1935
    Teal, Marie Stepdau F W 11 Single Grade 3 b Ark Father b Okla Mother bArk same place in 1935
    Teal, Jas Wesley Stepson M W 11 Single Grade 3 b Ark same place in1935
    Teal, Thos Chester Stepson M W 14 Single Grade 4 b Ark same place in1935

    In the 1940 census, Emma Miller is living alone next door to thisLuther Dumond.  Her presence next door would seem to strengthen thepossibility that this is her son Edward Luther Dumond, son of EdwardCaliste Dumond.  But this Luther's age is a little off, and the wifeis Emma instead of Hassie.

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 4 May, LaGrueTownship, District 1-17, page 20A, Road to Cuba, Hse #378, Rents $1
    Miller, Emma Wife F W 73 [b abt 1867] Grade 5 b Ark same place in 1935

    I have seen no info about Hassie Lee in other sources, either, thatwould indicate a previous marriage to a Teal, or that she and Lutherdivorced.  Hassie Lee lived until 1978.  I have considered that therewas another Luther Dumond born in about 1886, as Luther's 1940 agewould indicate.  But I cannot find a place to put this Luther Dumondwith the information now available.  Help is welcomed from familymembers who can clarify this.

    But his WWII Draft card in 1945 has the name of his contact person asMrs. Emma Dumond.  This is usually the name of the registrant's wifeif married.  This seems to indicate his wife's name was Emma, matchingEmma Teal, the wife reported in the 1940 census.  So did Luther andHassie divorce?  And why can I find no record?

    U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
    Edward Luther Dumond
    Residence DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Birth 22 Dec 1889 Arkansas, Arkansas
    Contact Person (Wife?) Mrs Emma Dumond
    Self-Employed in Arkansas County

    I later found one genealogy that reported Edward Luther's wife as EmmaChester Ross Teal.

    Emma Chester Ross Teal
    Birth 1-12-1895 in Arkansas
    Death 11-14-1973 in Stuttgart, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Joshua Ross 1860 - 1900
    Sarah Angie Freeman 1871 - 1915
    Married George Dunlap Teal
    Birth 02-1861 in Gulledges, North Carolina
    Death 02-21-1928 in Dallas County, Arkansas
    --  Barger Family,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/40308229/person/19509448540

    This genealogy did not report another wife for Luther.  I referencedsome of the records this genealogy cited.  I found the marriage recordof Emma to George Teal.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Emma Ross
    Age 17, Approx Birth Year 1893
    Residence Carthage, Dallas, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name George D Teal
    Spouse's Age 40
    Spouse's Residence Oargile, Union, Arkansas
    Marriage 24 Aug 1910 Dallas County
    Marriage License Date 22 Aug 1910

    A memorial on Find a Grave has an entry with the same birth dateindicating she is buried in Saline County (Benton area).  Deathinformation indicates she died in Stuttgart, one of the county seatsof Arkansas County.

    Emma Dumond
    Birth Jan. 12, 1895
    Death Nov. 13, 1973
    Burial New Rosemont Cemetery, Benton, Saline County, Arkansas
    Plot: Garden of Apostles
    Created by Patti V. Feb 24, 2008
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #24858503,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=DU&GSfn=e&GSpartial=1&GSbyrel=all&GSdyrel=all&GSst=4&GScntry=4&GSob=n&GSsr=241&GRid=24858503&df=all&

    Another genealogy has Emma Ross with both her husbands, but has noinformation on Luther Dumond to clarify further.  There are also nomarriage dates, and no documentation.

    Emma Chester Ross
    Birth 1-12-1895 in Arkansas, Death 11-14-1973 in Stuttgart, Arkansas,Arkansas
    Parents Joshua Ross 1860 - 1900, Sarah A Freeman 1871 - 1915
    Spouse Luther Dumond b 1890;  Spouse George Dunlap Teal 1861 - 1928
    --  Langston-Teal,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/15726744/person/1540749031

    This genealogy has no information on Luther Dumond's family.  Itindicates that George Teal, Emma's first husband, died in 1928.  Thisindicates he died while Emma was pregnant with their last child,Jimmie.

    George Dunlap Teal
    Birth 02-1861 in Gulledges, North Carolina
    Death 02-21-1928 in Dallas County, Arkansas

    Some of the Teal children are listed by name and some information.

    George D. Teal
    Birth 12-10-1915 in Carthage, AR
    Death 02-28-1995 in Newport, AR

    Tommy Teal
    Birth 07-26-1925 in Arkansas
    Death in Arkansas

    Jimmie Teal
    Birth 04-28-1929 in Arkansas
    Death 05-03-1994 in Arkansas

    This  Tommy would be the Thomas Chester listed in the Dumond householdin the 1940 census.  Jimmie is James Wesley in the 1940 census.

    Edward Luther died one day before his 83rd birthday, on 21 December1972.

    Social Security Death Index
    Edward Dumond
    Born 22 Dec 1889
    Died Dec 1972
    Last Residence De Witt, Arkansas, Arkansas 72042
    SSN 432-30-1565 issued Arkansas (Before 1951)


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