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Jonathan MULLINAX3

also known as Jonathan MULLINIX4

17051 - 17903,2

Tobacco planter

Life History


Born in England.3,2

(most likely)

before 1705

Born in England.1

(less likely)

10th Jun 1726

Immigrated to sailed from Middlesex, England, to Maryland as an indentured servant (or a convict).1


Married Rebecca HASLIP in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.2

between 1731 and 1733

Birth of son Jonathan MULLINIX in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.4,5,4


Birth of son John MULLINAX in Camden, York, South Carolina.6,7


Death of Rebecca HASLIP in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.3,8,2


Died in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.3,2


  • The name is also spelled Jonothan, and the surname appears in manysources as Mullineaux.  His father's name is sometimes spelledMulleneaux.

    Names are similar generation to generation, so interpreting thesources is a bit uncertain.  But some genealogies, such as the one Iused from George Moss, have another generation in her, with anotherJonathan Mullineaux as son of Thomas and father of this Jonathan.Dates are missing or uncertain in many sources, so there are someproblems with ages and birth dates.

    Those sources giving a date of birth for Thomas, report the date as1674.  The common date of birth for the first Jonathan(Jonothan/Jonathon) Mullineaux is about 1685, and for the secondJonathan Mullinax 1705.  This puts a bit of a squeeze on the age forfathering.  This makes Thomas a very young father with only 11 yearsbetween his birth and that of the first Jonathan!  So I was uncertainhow to report the birth dates for Thomas.

    There are not enough details available yet to fully resolve thisproblem.  Because of this uncertainty, I have removed the firstJonathan Mullinax from this sequence.  Another possibility is thatthis Thomas Mulleneaux is incorrectly considered the father ofJonathan (born 1705).  The genealogy showing dates for Thomas, alsoindicate that this Thomas Mulleneaux died in Delaware in 1728.  Whilethis is possible, it brings up a question since some sources (followedby many genealogies) say his son and some others named Mullineauxarrived in the colonies in Maryland, as indentured servants (thesources below says "convicts") in 1726.

    This story about the arrival of Jonathan in the colonies as anindentured servant seems to be wrong or refers to a differentJonathan.  I am investigating further sources.  For information, I amincluding below the information from George Moss that is questioned bysome researchers.

    There seems to be an error in some genealogies (usually undocumented)in the positioning of a Jonathan Mullinax, wife of Susanna Greenberryand father of Greenberry Mullinix/Mullinax.  There are severalgenealogies that confuse two lines of Mullinaxes with some makingGreenberry the son of John, son of Jonathan, and others make his theson of Jonathan.

    I have reconstructed the line of that Jonathan and his son Greenberry,which I am reasonably satisfied with.  I worked with clues from aMullinix descendant in the Midwest who was researching theIndiana-Illinois-Missouri Mullinix line from Greenberry.

    The name of Jonathan (born 1705) also appears with variation, as seenin the following documentation from another genealogist.  But his nameis more commonly seen with the more completely Anglicized Americanspelling of Mullinax or Mullinix.

    Notes Imported to the Jenkins GED from

    Arrived from Middlesex, England on the ship "Loyal Margaret" as aconvict in 1726. JONOTHAN3 MULLINIX, JR (JONOTHAN MULLINEAUX2 SR.,THOMAS1 MOLINEAUX) was born 1705 in England, and died 1790 in AnneArundel County, Maryland.  He married REBECCA HASLIP 1730 in AnneArundel County, MD, daughter of JOSEPH HASLIP and AGNES (?).  She wasborn January 29, 1708/09 in St. James Parish, Anne Arundel County, MD,and died in Anne Arundel County, MD.

    Immigrant: Jonathan Mullineaux sailed from Newgate for Maryland onJune 10, 1726 on the Loyal Margrett, Captain John Wheaton.  There were69 passengers listed per PRO T53/32 Pps. 386/387.

    Oaths of fidelity, Ann Arbor County, Maryland February 1777
    Jonathan Mulleneaux, Sr
    Henry Mulleneaux
    Thomas Mulleneaux
    William Mulleneaux

    Newsclip: Robert Barnes. 'Marr's and deaths from the Md. Gazette1727-1839'
    "Joseph Cranwell, servant of Jonathan Mullinix of Elkridge, ran awayfrom his master.  (27 Nov. 1751).   A body was found Mon. last back ofElkridge, supposed to be that of Joseph Cranwell.  (12 Mar 1752)"

    Keren Mauer Gree, 'Abstracts from Md. Gazette, 1727-1761'  Galveston,The Frontier Press. 1990.  Lofc.   No. 89-082073. ISBN #:0-932231-07-1
    p 95. Wed. 27 Nov 1751 No. 344, Jonathan Mullineaux living at ElkRidge reports a runaway servant, Joseph Cranwell, and a stray horse.
    p 156. Thu. 8 May 1755 No. 522. Jonathan Mullineaux at Elk Ridgereports a stray horse.
    p161. Thu 14 Aug 1755 No. 536. Jonathan Mullenux, living on Mr.Carroll's manor, reports a runaway servant, John Broof, imported onthe Rose by Capt. Slade. Deliver to H. Bateman at Elk Ridge landing.
    p 162, Thu. 21 Aug 1755 No. 537.  John Raitt, Sheriff, has in custodya John Bruff who belongs to Jonathan Mulleneux of Elk Ridge.
    p 177. Thu. 10 Jun 1756 No. 579.  Jonathan Mulleneux has been confinedin Ann Arbor County jail for a long time for debt, and will petitionthe Assembly for relief.

    The surname Haslip may be found as Hazelop/Hazelope

    Tax list 1785
    Jonathan Mulleniks
    Aaron Hill, Randolph County, NC

    An alternative marriage date is recorded by one source:
    nee Rebecca HAZELOPE HASLIP 37147
    ca 1741 Anne Arundel Co, MD

    This surely is too late, since they would be about 40 years old atthis time.


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