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Henry Orval ROWND

Henry Orval ROWND4,8,1,5

also known as Henry Orville ROWND3,7

also known as Orvall ROWND2

7th Mar 18991,2,3,4,5,6,7 - 3rd Sep 19984,6

Life History

7th Mar 1899

Born in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7


Resident in Prairie, Arkansas, Arkansas.2


Residence2 in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.3

between 1920 and 1930

Residence3 in Prairie, Arkansas, Arkansas.5,7

after Mar 1922

Married Iona D MCSWAIN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.10

about 1923

Birth of daughter Margaret N ROWND in Arkansas.1,9

about 1925

Birth of daughter Warene ROWND in Arkansas.5,1

25th Nov 1993

Death of Iona D MCSWAIN in Hot Springs National Park, Garland, Arkansas.6,4

3rd Sep 1998

Died in Hot Springs National Park, Garland, Arkansas.4,6

Other facts


Social Security number 432-62-0388.4


SSN issued in Arkansas.4


  • Various sources have Orval Rownd's name spelled differently.  The 1910census spelled it Orvall.  Several sources give his name as HenryOrval Rownd.  Social Security Death Index lists him as Henry O Rownd.Some sources, some of which have the first name Henry, spell hissecond name Orville.  In the 1920 census, he is listed only asOrville.  His gravestone has his name as simply Orval Rownd.  So Ihave spelled the name this way, and included the first name.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 22 April, Ethel,Prairie Township, District 13, page 4A, Hse/Fam #54
    Rownd, Bert Head M W 52  Kansas Unknown Indiana Farm Laborer
    Rownd, Fannie E  Wife F W 39  AR AL AL
    Rownd, Orvall Son M W 11  AR KS KS

    His World War I Draft Registration is dated 21 September 1918, at age19, at Stuttgart, Arkansas, Arkansas.  His residence was Ethel,Arkansas, Arkansas.  His name was written on the registration by anofficial as Henry Orville Rownd, but he signed it Henry Orval Rownd.He is declared as a blacksmith, working for his brother Frank.  Hismother Fannie E Rownd of Ethel is shown as next of kin.  This seems toindicate that his father had passed away by this time.  Indeed, familysources, reported by Mary Carson Rownd, indicate Bert died in 1914.

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 2 February, PrairieTownship, District 16, page 6A, Hse #109, Fam #113
    Rownd, Fannie Head F W 47 Widow AR AL AL Silversmith in her own shop
    Rownd, Frank Son M W 32 S AR KS AR No occupation
    Rownd, Orville Son M W 20 S AR KS AR Blacksmith at Home
    Rownd, Owaimee Dau F W 18 S AR KS AR No occupation
    Rownd, Erik Son M W 10 S AR KS AR Farmer
    Rownd, Francis Dau F W 8 S AR KS AR No occupation

    In 1930, he is living with his brothers and sisters, in a householdheaded by his brother Frank.  Their widowed mother is living withthem.  He is listed as Henry O, and his wife is reported as Alma Drather than Iona D.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, Prairie Township,District 25, Ethel and St Charles Rd, page 3B, Hse #61, Fam #61
    Rownd, Frank Head M W  age? Single AR KS AR  Merchant, Hardware Store
    Rownd, Francis E Mother F W 59 Widow AR AR AL None
    Rownd, Henry O Brother M W 31 Married at age 23  AR KS AR  Laborer,Blacksmith
    Rownd, Alma D  [Iona D] Sister [in-law] F W 26 Married at age 18 AR ARAR None
    Rownd, Francis (Frances) L  Sister F W 18  Single AR AR AR PublicSchool Teacher
    Rownd, Margaret N   Niece F W 7 Single AR AR AR
    Rownd, Warene  Niece F W 5 Single AR AR AR

    The census taker separated Orval and Iona (Alma here) from their twodaughters by listing Frances (spelled Francis here) before the girls.Eric is not in this household, and I have not found him elsewhere.

    I have learned from Sue Rownd (wife of Wilbert Rownd, Jr) thatMargaret and Warene are daughters of Orval and Iona.  This censusgives us a year of marriage for them, since it reports the age atmarriage.  This gives a marriage year of 1922.  Their first daughterMargaret was born in 1923.  Sue also confirms what I had discoveredform public sources, that Nona and Mary were the same person and herfull name was Mary Winona Rownd.  Sue comments on this census info:
    "None of us know or have heard of Alma D. ... Iona (McSwain)  wasOrval's wife and the mother of Margaret and Wareen.  Mary Rownd andNona are the same person.  Her full name was Mary Winona."

    In 1940, Eric is in the home again.

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 4 April, Ethel,District 1-26, page 1B, Hwy 17, Hse #11, Owns Farm, $2000 value
    Rownd, Frank D Head M W 52 Grade 8 b Arkansas same house in 1935Proprietor, Gen Merchandise
    Rownd, Fanny Mother F W 69 Grade 7 b Arkansas same house in 1935Housekeeper
    Rownd, Eric Brother M W 35 Single Grade 8 b Arkansas same house in1935 Clerk, Gen Merchandise
    Rownd, Orval Brother M W 41 Single Grade 8 b Arkansas same house in1935 Proprietor, Gen Merchandise
    Rownd, Iona Sister-in-law F W 36 Grade 8 b Arkansas same house in 1935Housekeeper
    Rownd, Margarett Niece F W 17 Grade HS-4 b Arkansas same house in 1935Public School Teacher
    Rownd, Warene Niece F W 15 Grade HS-2 b Arkansas same house in 1935

    Orval and Iona moved to Hot Springs National Park upon retirement,where both died.  I have not found out when they moved to Hot Springs. I have found a public information listing showing him with a HotSprings phone number in 1994.  Orval died in September 1998.  He andhis wife Iona are buried in a dual grave in Mt Pleasant Cemetery neartheir home in Ethel, Arkansas.


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