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Joseph Benjamin JENKINS

Joseph Benjamin JENKINS18,6,19,8,9,1,2,10,20,3

also known as Benjamin Joseph JENKINS2,13,5,7

21st Oct 18891 - 10th Mar 19782,3,17,4,10

Oilfield Superintendent11

Life History

21st Oct 1889

Born in Linden, Cass, Texas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

(most likely)

12th Oct 1890

Born in Texarkana, Bowie, Texas.1

(less likely)


Resident in Marlow, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.6

13th Oct 1907

Married Bessie Amanda Ann WINANS in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.33,20

about 1908

Birth of daughter Florence Jean JENKINS in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.32,1

about 1908

Divorced from Bessie Amanda Ann WINANS in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.20

about 1917

Residence2: Residence Healdton, Carter County, Oklahoma; Age 27, Birth 21 Oct 1890Texarkana, Bowie Co, Texas; Employed by Empire Pipeline Co, Healdton;Supports wife and mother in Healdton, Carter, Oklahoma.13

20th Feb 1917

Married Lena Fairy STINSON in Hobart, Kiowa, Oklahoma.11,4,4

29th Oct 1918

Birth of son Brian Jay JENKINS in Healdton, Carter, Oklahoma.12,5,22,5,7,23


Residence3 in Oakdale, Washita, Oklahoma.14

14th Jul 1921

Birth of son Wilmer Kent JENKINS in Mountain View, Kiowa, Oklahoma.7,24,22,18,2,25,26


Occupation Oilfield Superintendent.11


Residence4 in Healdton, Carter, Oklahoma.11

7th Feb 1923

Birth of son Edgar Donald JENKINS in Healdton, Carter, Oklahoma.27,22,18,7

24th Feb 1924

Birth of son Robert Winston JENKINS in Oklahoma.22,18,28,7

21st Jul 1928

Birth of son Ralph David JENKINS in Los Angeles County, California.29,4,31

7th Nov 1929

Death of son Ralph David JENKINS in Los Angeles County, California.29,30


Occupation2: Oil well drilling in Norwalk, Los Angeles, California.16

between 1930 and 1962

Residence5 in Bellflower, Los Angeles, California.15,11,16

1st Apr 1940

Resident in Downey, Los Angeles, California, United States

between 1941 and 1945

Military: Merchant Marines.12

about 1948

Divorced from Lena Fairy STINSON in Orange County, California.11,21


Death of daughter Florence Jean JENKINS in California.32

10th Mar 1978

Died in Anaheim, Orange, California.2,3,17,4,10

after 10th Mar 1978

Buried in Westminster, Orange County, California.11,12

Other facts


Social Security number 564-24-7106.3


SSN issued in California.3


Birth of daughter Living JENKINS


Birth of daughter Living JENKINS


Birth of daughter Living JENKINS


Birth of son Living JENKINS


Birth of daughter Living JENKINS


  • I have noticed a variation in the various family references to JosephBenjamin Jenkins.  Throughout his life, he went by Benjamin.  He islisted as Benjamin in many public sources, and much of our familycorrespondence about him.

    I have seen public references to him as both Joseph Benjamin andBenjamin Joseph.  His family commonly called him Ben, and we nephewsand nieces called him Uncle Ben.  In the Christiansen and Winansgenealogies, he is listed only as Benjamin Jenkins.

    The common way I have seen or heard his full name is Joseph BenjaminJenkins.  I found that on the website, members of hisfamily have referred to him there as Benjamin Joseph Jenkins.  Thatsite is managed by a grandson, and one of the contributors is adaughter of Ben. In previous email correspondence, a great grandsonrefers to Ben as I have known his name, Joseph Benjamin.

    Information from Julia Virginia Jenkins, Ben's step-mother, gives hisname as Joseph Benjamin.  This is in family information given to LouIla Jenkins in the 1950s.

    Ben's grandson Bruce Jenkins says his father Brian told him that Benchanged the order of his names after an event in the army, when he andsome army buddies in San Francisco were attacked by a Chinese gang.Ben was so badly injured doctors had to put a plate in his head.  Atsome time after that event he changed his name by switching the orderof his two given names.

    Since early sources, such as the 1910 census cited below, show hisname as Joseph B(enjamin), it appears that this was the original formof his name.  This would follow the pattern of names in his fatherJoseph Asa and grandfather Joseph Sanford.  Also note his cousinJoseph Benjamin Christian.  He is in the 1900 Chickasaw Nation censusas Joseph B Jenkins.

    In his 1917 WWI registration Ben reported that he was born inTexarkana, not too far from Linden, where the family was living at thetime. In the Jenkins Family History, Harold Christian reported fromhis research that the Ben's birth place was Linden, Texas, where thefamily farm was located.  I tend to think Ben's report is correct.

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 19 June,District 164, Marlow, Page #310, Family #133
    Jenkins, Joe    Head    W M  JUN 1866  33 Married 13 yrs TX SC GAFarmer
    Jenkins, Hattie   Wife   W  F  JUL 1870  29 Married 13 yrs 6children/4 living TX TN TX
    Jenkins, Joseph B Son  W M  OCT 1889 10  TX TX TX

    Joseph Benjamin Jenkins married Bessie Amanda Ann Winans in October1907.  Though the marriage register spells the name Wynans, otherfamily sources, including a letter from a grand-daughter to Jenkinsfamily members, uses the spelling Winans.

    JENKINS, J B 18 WYNANS, BESSIE M 19 13 OCT 1907 MARLOW K©471
    --  Chickasaw Nation Marriages, Ardmore Courthouse, transcribed byMary Kinard,

    Ben was a few days short of his 18th birthday.  Harold K. Christianreports this as a short marriage.  I estimate that the marriage lastedbetween one and two years.  The marriage register gives his age as 18. His brother Everett also married in 1907.  Ben is known to have movedto Mountain View to work with his brother Everett in a dry cleaningbusiness, but it is not certain when this move occurred.

    His registration for military service for WWI, his card has the nameBenjamin J and he signs his name as Benjamin.  This seems to indicatehe changed the order of his names while still a teenager, before heentered the service.  His address is given as Healdton (CarterCounty), Oklahoma.

    U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Benjamin J Jenkins
    Residence Healdton [Carter County], Oklahoma
    Age 27, Birth 21 Oct 1890 Texarkana [Bowie Co], Texas
    [actual birth was in Linden, Cass county, which is not very far southof Texarkana]
    Employed by Empire Pipeline Co, Healdton, Oklahoma
    Supports wife and mother
    Height 5'10" Medium Build, Black Eyes, Black Hair
    Registered 5 June 1917 Ardmore, Carter Co, Oklahoma
    Signed Benjamin Jenkins

    Note that Ben reports the year of birth as 1890, instead of 1899,which is the date in family history info and in the 1900 census.Variations in dates often differ in that era.  Names do too.  A personmight have a totally different name from one census to the next.  Mostcensus enumerators recorded only one name, not the full name of theperson.  In earlier years they wrote whatever the family told them thechild's name was, and many nicknames appear as the only name incensuses.

    People were not oriented to the formalities of dates in the objectivesense that we are.  Ben probably had not focused so much on the actualdate, and the slight difference in dates could reflect a lapse ofmemory on the exact details.  The variations in name could alsorepresent a cavalier attitude toward a name.  Your name could bewhatever you wanted it to be.  Many cultures are still that way today,and a person will change a name at a particular stage or event in hislife.

    In the 1920 census in Oakdale, Washita County, Oklahoma, he is listedas Benjamin J Jenkins.  He and his second wife Lena Stinson have a sonreported here as 1 year and 2 months old..  The exact birth date oftheir first child was 29 October 1918.  So we can estimate theymarried in 1917.

    1920 Federal Census, Washita County, Oklahoma, 23 January, Oakdale,Enumeration District 192, page 8A, Hse #128, Fam #127
    Jenkins, Benjamin J  Head  Rents M W 30  TX TX TX Farmer
    Jenkins, Lena F        Wife   F W  18  OK MO KY
    Jenkins, Benjamin J  Son    M W   1 yr 2 mos OK TX OK

    Oakdale was an early name for Mountain View.  That portion of WashitaCounty later became Kiowa County.  Children were born in Healdtonbefore and after the 1920 census.  It appears that Ben and Lena livedon the oilfield assignments, but maintained a permanent residenceaddress in Oakdale/Mt View, where they were registered in the census,rather than Healdton, where they lived in somewhat deprivedconditions.  As work diminished during the recessions and conditionsworsened, they joined many other Oklahomans and migrated to Californiain 1924 or 1925, after the birth of Robert in Oklahoma, settling inLos Angeles County.

    In the 1930 census in Los Angeles County, he is listed as Joseph B.This probably indicates that this was still his formal legal name, asmy father thought.  That would also follow a common pattern in ourJenkins line with the name of Joseph in each generation.

    1930 Federal Census, Los Angeles County, California, 9 April, NorwalkTownship, District 1191, page 7B-8A, 3260 Bell Drive, Hse #180, Family#168
    Jenkins, Joseph B  Head Rents 39  First married at age 27 TX TX TXRotary Helper, Oil Well Drilling
    Jenkins, Lena F 29  First married at age 17  OK MO KY No Occupation
    Jenkins, Benjamin J 11 OK TX OK No Occupation
    Jenkins, Billy 9 OK TX OK No Occupation
    Jenkins, Edgar 7 OK TX OK No Occupation
    Jenkins, Robert 6 OK TX OK No Occupation
    Jenkins, Betty Lou 4 Calif TX OK No Occupation
    Jenkins, Joan 5mos Calif TX OK  No Occupation

    By 1940, the family had moved to Bellflower, still in Los AngelesCounty,  In 1935 they were living in Whittier.  The entry for Kathlynwould indicate that the family still lived in Whitter, in the samecounty, when she was born.  So they moved from Whittier to Bellflowerafter 1935.  In 1940, Ben is listed as Benjamin J.

    1940 Federal Census, Los Angeles County, California, 3 April,Bellflower, District 117, page 2A, 947 E Center St, Hse #31 Owned,Value $6500
    Jenkins, Benjamin J Head M W 50  Grade 6 b Texas lived in Whittier CAin 1835 Cattle buyer
    Jenkins, Lena Wife F W 39  Grade 9 b OK lived in Whittier CA in 1835
    Jenkins, Ben Jr Son M W 21 Single HS-2 b OK lived in Whittier CA in1835 Sewing mach repairman, own business
    Jenkins, Wilmar Son M W 18 Single HS-4 b OK lived in Whittier CA in1835 Pin setter, bowling alley
    Jenkins, Edgar Son M W 17 Single Grade 8 b OK lived in Whittier CA in1835
    Jenkins, Robert Son M W 31 Single Grade 1 b OK lived in Whittier CA in1835
    - page 2B -
    Jenkins, Betty Lou Dau F W 14 Single Grade 7 b CA lived in Whittier CAin 1835
    Jenkins, Joe Ann Dau F W 10 Single Grade 4 b CA lived in Whittier CAin 1835
    Jenkins, Harry Son M W 9 Single Grade 2 b CA lived in Whittier CA in1835
    Jenkins, Marion Dau F W 7 Single Grade 1 b CA lived in Whittier CA in1835
    Jenkins, Kathlyn Dau F W 5 Single b CA lived in Whittier CA in 1835

    Bruce Jenkins says Ben "took care of 9 children through the Depressionand owned a large house in Bellflower [California].  When WWII brokeout and some of the older boys enlisted, he joined the merchantmarines to do his part for the war."
    --  Bruce Jenkins, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 9 March 2007

    U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
    Joseph Benjamin Jenkins
    Age 52, Birth 21 October 1889 Linden [Cass County], Texas
    Residence 947 Center St, Bellflower, Los Angeles Co, California
    Contact Mrs Lena F Jenkins (wife), same address
    Employer Consolidated Steel Co, Wilmington, LA County, California
    Signed J B Jenkins

    "When Grandpa [Joseph Benjamin] was young he was in the army in SanFrancisco. One night he was on leave with an army buddy when they wereattacked by a Chinese gang. His buddy was killed and grandpa was sentto the hospital. The doctors had to put a plate in his head. Now thisis where the story gets strange - dad [Brian Jay Jenkins] told me hewasn’t sure if grandpa went awol or left somehow, but he changed hisname from Joseph Benjamin to Benjamin Joseph ( or visa versa ) at thattime. Dad now believes that grandpa’s drinking was due to the pain hehad from the plate in his head. He also suffered a back injury laterin his life."
    --  Bruce Jenkins, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 9 March 2007

    "About Uncle Ben I remember dad talking about he would drink a lot soI asked mom to see if I was remembering correctly and she said dadsaid that Uncle Ben and Uncle Everett both did."
    --  Beverly Michele Jenkins, daughter of Orville Lee Jenkins, email toher brother Orville Boyd Jenkins, 31 August 2008

    Kathlyn Jenkins Lanford reports that her parents divorced after 30years.

    "After thirty years and nine surviving children later, my parentsdivorced. My mother, who desperately tried to keep the family intact,ended the marriage emotionally scarred but not defeated."
    --  Kathlyn Jenkins Lanford, in family life website stories, no longeronline

    Bruce Jenkins also reports that later in life, Ben lived with hisdaughter Betty Lou Strickland for a while.  The California Death Indexhas an entry for him under both sequences of his name, JosephB[enjamin] and Benjamin Joseph.

    California Death Index, 1940-1997
    Benjamin Joseph Jenkins
    Birth 21 Oct 1889 Texas
    Death 10 Mar 1978 Orange County
    Social Security #564247106

    California Death Index, 1940-1997
    Joseph B Jenkins
    Birth 21 Oct 1889 Texas
    Death 10 Mar 1978 Orange County
    Social Security #564247106

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
    Joseph Jenkins
    Born 21 Oct 1889
    Died Mar 1978
    Last Residence Anaheim, Orange County, California 92804
    Last Benefit Westminster Orange County, California 92683
    SSN 564-24-7106 issued California (Before 1951)

    "I attended Uncle Ben's funeral in Westminister.CA "
    --  Bruce Jenkins, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 9 March 2007

    Westminster is the last address his Social Security benefits went to,though his last residence address with Social Security was Anaheim,also in Orange County.  His funeral in Westminster is a strongindication that he was also buried in Westminster or nearby in OrangeCounty.  An excerpt of an obituary is available.

    "BENJAMIN JENKINS BENJAMIN AGE 88 of passed away March 1978.  He Issurvived by his daughters Betty, Marian, Kathy, Joanne;  sons Edgar,Brian, Wilmer K, Robert Harry;  38 Great grandchildren.  ChapelService today at MasonMcKltrlck Funeral Home, Arlington Avenue,Internment in Crestlawn Memorial Park [Riverside, California]...."
    --  Orange County Register, Santa Ana, California, Mar 14 1978,

    I established the following memorial for Ben in June 2015.

    Joseph Benjamin "Ben" Jenkins
    Birth Oct. 21, 1889 Linden, Cass County, Texas
    Death 10 March 1978 Orange County, California

    He went by Ben, and in several records his name is Benjamin Joseph orBenjamin J. His California Death Record has both forms.

    Ben was born in Cass County, Texas, then moved to Chickasaw Nationwith his father and other Jenkins and Christian family members. Aftera short early marriage in 1907-1908, Ben married Lena Fairy Stinson in1917. They had 8 children. His drinking and related problems led to adivorce about 1947.

    Burial location is uncertain. He died in Orange County, California,where his residence was in Anaheim. But no burial information has beenfound. Burial is likely in Orange County, but could have been inRiverside County, where he lived for many years.

    Joseph Asa Jenkins (1866 - 1962)
    Annie Hester Jenkins (1870 - 1900)
    Spouse Lena Fairy Jenkins (1901 - 1987)
    James Everett Jenkins (1886 - 1963)
    Sallie Hester Jenkins Christian (1893 - 1982)
    Ocy Belle Jenkins (1896 - 1896)
    Mary Nettie Jenkins Yates (1897 - 1991)
    Mabel Clare Jenkins Hill (1901 - 1990) Half-sibling
    Thomas Asa Jenkins (1903 - 1969) Half-sibling
    Nannie May Jenkins (1905 - 1906) Half-sibling
    Rhonda Fay Jenkins Boyd (1907 - 1963) Half-sibling
    Arthur Carthal Jenkins (1909 - 1955) Half-sibling
    Orville Lee Jenkins (1912 - 1987) Half-sibling
    Gladys Lahoma Jenkins Hendron (1914 - 1991) Half-sibling
    Martha Netheline Jenkins Callaway (1918 - 2007) Half-sibling
    Virginia Jo Jenkins (1925 - 1930) Half-sibling

    Burial Pierce Brothers Crestlawn Memorial Park & Mortuary, Riverside,Riverside County, California

    A partial obituary seems to indicate burial was in Crestlawn Cemetery,Riverside, Calilfornia, but no other record of him in Crestlawn hasbeen found.

    Created by Orville Jenkins Jun 18, 2015
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #148003186,


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