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Thomas W SEAMONS1,4,5,2

also known as Thomas W Seamans

30th Nov 18621,2 - 31st Jan 18943,2

Life History

30th Nov 1862

Born in Arkansas.1,2

15th Apr 1884

Married Jennie MILLER in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1

11th Nov 1886

Birth of daughter Lillie SEAMONS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,7

19th Jul 1889

Birth of daughter Ethel Oral SEAMONS in Possum Waller, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,8,9,10,6,11,1,12,13

Dec 1892

Birth of daughter Tempie SEAMONS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6

31st Jan 1894

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3,2

after 31st Jan 1894

Buried in St Charles Cemetery, St Charles, Arkansas County, Arkansas.2


  • This family name was recorded by Bertie Lois Dumond McSwain as Seamonsin her formal listing of family history.  But in family discussionsabout family history and in an informal letter referring to families,she spelled it Seamon.  The formal list is dated before thediscussions and after the letter where it appears without the s.  Itis likely that the form without the s is either a lapse of memory whenspelling orally, or an unconscious variation.

    I have chosen to use the spelling Seamons.  This is the spelling Icommonly find in various family lines.  But some have followed aspelling found in one of the censuses, Seamans.  There was alsoanother unrelated family that did spell their name that way.  The namecomes originally from the German Siemens.  The other two forms areEnglish adaptations.  I see current families of this surname using thespelling Seamons.
    --  OBJ

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Thomas Seamons
    Age 21, Birth Year abt 1863
    Spouse's Name Virginia Miller
    Spouse's Age 17
    Marriage 15 Apr 1884 Arkansas County
    Marriage License Date 14 Apr 1884

    In April 2014, Ralph DuMond, a grandson, found Thomas' grave broken inthe St Charles Cemetery, St Charles, Arkansas County, Arkansas.Interestingly, it appears the surname is spelled there as Seamans.

    "I finally found my Great Grandfathers grave in the St. CharlesCemetery.  Seems all I had to do was actually go there and search forit.  Books, Phones & Internets were no help.  He was Granny's (EthelSeamans DuMond) father."
    --  Ralph DuMond, comments on Thomas' photo posted by Ralph onFacebook,

    "Thomas W. Seamans. Father of Ethel Seamans Dumond (Granny). SinceEthel was his only offspring that had children (remember Aunt Lilly?),we cousins are his only descendants. His father (also Thomas Seamans)was in the First Arkansas Infantry, Company H (Crockett's Rifles). Hewas wounded the second day of the Battle of Shiloh, taken aboard theUnion hospital boat the D.A. January to a hospital in Covington,Kentucky where he died."
    --  Ralph DuMond, comments on Thomas' photo posted by Ralph onFacebook,

    Gravestone of Thomas W Seamans, St. Charles Cemetery, St. Charles,Arkansas, Arkansas
    Thomas W Seamans
    Born Nov 30, 1862
    Died Jan 31, 1894


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