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Marie LAGNINE1,2,3

Dec 18811,2,3 - UNKNOWN

Life History

Dec 1881

Born in Louisiana.1,2,3

Sep 1899

Birth of daughter Anna Emma GAROT in Acadia Parish, Louisiana.1,4

1st Sep 1901

Birth of son Victor L GAROT in Acadia Parish, Louisiana.5,9,4,6,10,7,11,8,12

about 1906

Birth of daughter Arline GAROT in Acadia Parish, Louisiana.4,13

27th Jul 1911

Birth of son Otto L GAROT in Arkansas County, Arkansas.7,15

17th Sep 1913

Birth of son Walter B GAROT in Arkansas County, Arkansas.7,3

about 1915

Birth of daughter Lillian E GAROT in Arkansas County, Arkansas.2,3

15th Oct 1947

Death of Adolph J GAROT in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.16

Sep 1981

Death of son Walter B GAROT in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.7

20th Mar 1984

Death of son Otto L GAROT in Mexia, Limestone, Texas.14,7

29th May 1990

Death of son Victor L GAROT in Wenatchee, Chelan, Washington.5,6,7,8


Death of daughter Lillian E GAROT


Death of daughter Anna Emma GAROT


Death of daughter Arline GAROT


Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas

Other facts


Married Adolph J GAROT


  • 1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 5 January, LaGrue,District 12, page 2B,  Burks and Olena Rd, Hse #45, Fam #47
    Garot, Adolph J Head  Owns F W 50 Immigrated to the US UnknownNaturalized Unknown Belgium Belgium Belgium (French native lang) RiceMill Laborer [abt 1870]
    Garot, M Lagnine Dau F W 36 Immigrated to the US 1886 LouisianaBelgium Belgium (French native lang) [abt 1884]
    Garot, Victor J Son M W 18 Louisiana Belgium Belgium [abt 1901] FarmLaborer
    Garot, Otto L Son M W 7 Arkansas Belgium Belgium [abt 1902]
    Garot, Walter B Son M W 6 Arkansas Belgium Belgium [abt 1913]
    Garot, Lillian E Dau F W 4 Arkansas Belgium Belgium [abt 1915]
    - page 3A -
    Garot, Aline Dau F W 13 Arkansas Belgium Belgium [abt 1906]

    Aline is reported out of order if her age is correct.  An enumeratorerror here reports Note that both the children's parents were born inBelgium.  But Adolph's wife here was born in Louisiana.  The 1930census clarifies this, reporting the children's mother born inLouisiana.

    The 1930 census corrects the birthplace problem, reporting MarieL[agnine] as born in Louisiana, and the mother of the three childrenalso born in Louisiana.  This seems to indicate that Marie is indeedthe mother of these children, and the 1920 report of their mother'sbirth in Belgium was an enumerator error.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 7 April, LaGrue,District 17, page 1B, Hse/Fam #24
    Garot, Adolph J Head Rents $50 M W 43 Married at age 22 LouisianaLouisiana Louisiana Farmer
    Garot, Marie L Wife F W 40 Married at age 18 Louisiana LouisianaLouisiana
    Garot, Otto Son M W 43 Tex Louisiana Miss
    Garot, Walter Son M W 17 Ark Belgium Louisiana
    Garot, Lillian Dau F W 15 Ark Belgium Louisiana


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