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Adolph J GAROT

Adolph J GAROT6,7,1,2,3,4,5

Oct 18671,2,3,4,2,5 - 15th Oct 19471

Life History

Oct 1867

Born in Marcinelle, Belgium.1,2,3,4,2,5


Immigrated to Port of entry not stated.6

Sep 1899

Birth of daughter Anna Emma GAROT in Acadia Parish, Louisiana.2,8

1st Sep 1901

Birth of son Victor L GAROT in Acadia Parish, Louisiana.9,10,8,11,12,13,14,15,16

2nd Mar 1903

Naturalized in Acadia Parish, Louisiana.6

about 1906

Birth of daughter Arline GAROT in Acadia Parish, Louisiana.8,17

27th Jul 1911

Birth of son Otto L GAROT in Arkansas County, Arkansas.13,18

17th Sep 1913

Birth of son Walter B GAROT in Arkansas County, Arkansas.13,4

about 1915

Birth of daughter Lillian E GAROT in Arkansas County, Arkansas.5,4

15th Oct 1947

Died in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.1

Other facts


Married Marie LAGNINE


  • 1900 Federal Census, Acadia County, Louisiana, 6 June, District 6,page 4B, Hse/Fam #74
    Garrot, Adolph Head W M Oct 1867 32 Married 2 yrs Belgium BelgiumBelgium Immigrated 1884 In US 15 yrs Farmer Rents
    Garrot, Mary Wife W F  Dec 1881 18 Married 2 yrs 1 child/1 living LALA LA
    Garrot, Emma Dau W F Sept 1899 8mos LA LA LA
    Viged (?), Henry Boarder W M Jan 188 19 Single LA LA LA

    In the 1910 census, the daughter matching Emma is reported as Anna..Note the discrepancy of age reports for Adolph from 1900 to 1920.  Hegains only 7 years.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 8 June, LaGrue,District 9, page 20A, Hse #243, Fam #251
    Garot, Adolph Head  M W  39 Married 12 years  Belgium Belgium BelgiumRice Farmer
    Garot, Mary L Wife F W 27 Married 12 yrs [No child report] LA LA LA
    Garot, Anna Dau F W 10 LA Belgium LA
    Garot, Victor Son M W 8 LA Belgium LA [b abt 1902]
    Garot, Arline Dau F W 4 LA Belgium LA [b abt 1906]

    Next door to Adolph is another Garot family, all born in Belgium.  Thehead of the household is Leon, matching the name of cathnerine GarotGirerd's oldest son.  There seems to be only 13 years between theirages, so it seems likely this is an older brother of Adolph.Immigration records indicate that Leon immigrated in 1884, the sameyear as Adolph, strengthening the indicaiion of family ties.  Leon wasnaturalized in 1892, 11 years before Adolph (se below).

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 8 June, LaGrue,District 9, page 20A, Hse #244, Fam #252
    Garot, Leon Head  M W  55  Married 12 years [No immigration report]Belgium Belgium Belgium Share Tenant
    Garot, Therese Wife F W 56 Married 12 yrs [No child report] [Noimmigration report] Belgium Belgium Belgium No Occup
    Garot, "Joe" Son M W 28 Married 2 yrs Belgium Belgium Belgium Farmer
    Garot, Augusta Dau-in-law F W 25 Married 2 yrs 1 child/1 livingBelgium Belgium Belgium
    Garot, Laon [Leon] Jr Grandson of Leon M W 6mo Arkansas BelgiumBelgium
    Labine, Aleron Son-in-law M W 32 Married 11 yrs Belgium BelgiumBelgium Farmer
    Labine, Gustavine Dau F W 29 Married 11 yrs 1 child/1 living BelgiumBelgium Belgium No Occup
    Labine, Ava Granddau of Leon F W 10 Single Louisiana Belgium Belgium
    Labine, Mart Grandson of Leon M W 6 Single Louisiana Belgium Belgium
    Labine, Nellie Granddau of Leon F W 1 Single Arkansas Belgium Belgium
    Garot, Milane Dau F W 22 Single Belgium Belgium Belgium No Occup

    There is no immigration report for any member of Leon Garot'shousehold.

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 5 January, LaGrue,District 12, page 2B,  Burks and Olena Rd, Hse #45, Fam #47
    Garot, Adolph J Head  Owns F W 50 Immigrated to the US UnknownNaturalized Unknown Belgium Belgium Belgium (French native lang) RiceMill Laborer [abt 1870]
    Garot, M Lagnine Dau F W 36 Immigrated to the US 1886 LouisianaBelgium Belgium (French native lang) [abt 1884]
    Garot, Victor J Son M W 18 Louisiana Belgium Belgium [abt 1901] FarmLaborer
    Garot, Otto L Son M W 7 Arkansas Belgium Belgium [abt 1912]
    Garot, Walter B Son M W 6 Arkansas Belgium Belgium [abt 1913]
    Garot, Lillian E Dau F W 4 Arkansas Belgium Belgium [abt 1915]
    - page 3A -
    Garot, Aline Dau F W 13 Arkansas Belgium Belgium [abt 1906]

    The birth places of Adolph's children tell us about when they moved toArkansas.  The 1910 census reports the daughter Arline (Aline in 1920)was born in Louisiana abt 1906..  But the 1920 census says she wasborn in Arkansas.   From other family informaiton (see Jean Girerd) itappears the birthplace in Arkansas would be correct for Aline(Arline?), not Louisiana.  Their son Victor was born in Louisiana abt1901 or 1902.  So we can say Adolph moved his family to LaGrue,Arkansas County, between late 1901 1906.

    Aline is reported out of order if her age is correct.  Note that allthe children are reported as having parents who wee both born inBelgium.  But Adolph's wife here was born in Louisiana.  If this iscorrect, it means that Lagnine is not their mother, but theirstepmother.  This may also be an enumerator error.  But the 1930census below clarifies this by reporting the mother of all thechldlren born in Louisiana, matcher Adolph's wife.

    The census above reports that information about Adolph's immigrationand naturalizaton is unknown.  I found his naturalization recordonline at Ancestry.com.  He was naturalized on 2 March 1903.  One ofthe witnesses was his brother-in-law Jean F Girerd (whose name wasrecorded in this record as Jean S Girard).  Another witness was oneNuma Mouton, with the surname of Theresa Girerd's husband, Francis EMouton.  In the 1930 census, there are Moutons living near Adolph.

    U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992
    Adolph J Garot
    Acadia Parish, Louisiana
    18th Judicial District Court
    Birth Place Belgium
    Court District Louisiana
    Arrival 1884 Port of arrival not stated
    Date of Naturalization 2 Mar 1903
    Jean S Girard [Jean F Girerd, brother-in-law]
    Nouma Mouton

    Further information is provided in a travel record in 1913, ten yearsafter his naturalization as a US citizen.

    New Orleans, Passenger Lists, 1813-1945
    Adolph Garot
    Arrival 14 Aug 1913 New Orleans, Louisiana
    Age 45, Birth abt 1868 Belgium, Marcinelle
    Nationality Belgium [but this is 10 years after he was naturalized asa US citizen]
    Race Belgian
    Resident in US 1884-1913, DeWitt, Arkansas and Crowley, Louisiana
    Fair Complexion, Blue Eyes, Black Hair
    Occupation Farmer
    Port of Departure Colon, Panama
    Ship Name Parismina
    Last Permanent Residence DeWitt, Arkansas

    The 1930 census corrects the birthplace problem, reporteing MarieL[agnine] as born in Louisiana, and the mother of the three chidlrenalso born in Louisiana.  This seems to indicate that Marie is indeedthe mother of these children, and the 1920 report of their mother'sbirth in Belgium was an enumerator error.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 7 April, LaGrue,District 17, page 1B, Hse/Fam #24
    Garot, Adolph J Head Rents $50 M W 43 Married at age 22 LouisianaLouisiana Louisiana Farmer
    Garot, Marie L Wife F W 40 Married at age 18 Louisiana LouisianaLouisiana
    Garot, Otto Son M W 43 Tex Louisiana Miss
    Garot, Walter Son M W 17 Ark Belgium Louisiana
    Garot, Lillian Dau F W 15 Ark Belgium Louisiana

    Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950
    Volume 72, Certificate #6
    Adolph Garot
    Age 80, Estimated Birth Year 1867
    Death 15 Oct 1947 Arkansas County


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