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Mellette UNKNOWN

Mellette UNKNOWN1

about 1050 - UNKNOWN

Life History

about 1050


about 1096

Birth of son Roland LE STRANGE in Cheswardine, Shropshire, England.1,2

between 1099 and 1151

Birth of daughter Margaret LE STRANGE.4


Death of Guy of Metz LE STRANGE in London, England.1,5,6,7

between 1132 and 1231

Death of daughter Margaret LE STRANGE.4

before 1158

Death of son Roland LE STRANGE in Cheswardine, Shropshire, England.1,2,3



Other facts


Married Guy of Metz LE STRANGE


  • Mellete figures in the le Strange legend as part of an epic Frenchprose tale, the "Romance of Fouke le fitz Warine."  This was writtenby an unknown author in traditional troubadour style of the 13thcentury, (1200s).  It follows the ever-popular story of awrongly-declared outlaw and his romantic life and his faithfulsweetheart, a favorite theme of American westerns of the 20th century.

    These stories draw on real or legendary character and tell the storyin the lifestyle and culture of their present day.

    Most sources have no wife for Guy.  The name of Mellette may have been"borrowed" in Le Strange family legend/tradition, sue to theassociation with Brittany, the original home of the Strange(Extraneus) line transplanted to Norfolk a few years before theconquest of Britain by William the Conqueror (a Norman, with someassociations with Brittany).

    Mellette was the damsel whose hand Guy won in a tournament in the timeof William the Conqueror.  It is likely that this name was projectedback when the story was told with Guy Le Strange in focus, as this wasthe style of medieval tales.  Stories of old characters were told in"modern" focus and format, using their medieval Norman or Frankishfeudal culture as the context for the stories.

    The Le Strange Website, focusing on the history and lineage of theHunstanton Le Strange family, does not report any ancestors beforeRoland.  That is, they do not include the legendary forbears we arediscussing here.  They mention nothing about the legend of Guy or hisfather Hoel (Howell).  Other genealogies and some histories refer toGuy, who was a real person, attempting to separate him from theromance of legend that developed around him in the stories of hisgrandson descendant.

    Guy is said in legend to be from Metz.  A 12th century romanceportrays him as the son of the Duke of Brittany, like his father also,associated in seemingly unhistorical fancy with Hoel V of Brittany.

    Guy's wife Mellette may be a true figure, so I have made her his wife. Sources, however, report his parents as Hoel (Howell) and Hawsie orHawise.  The bulk of the following presentation of the legend comesfrom the Le Strange Family Genealogy on the Hart Family Web Site,whose Corbet-Le Strange genealogy I have used as one basis for thefamily lines of this period.

    The character Mellette first appears in a story set in the story ofGuy and Fulk, in the 11th century A.D.  That Mellette features as theoutlaw's grandmother.  In her youth, Mellette was united with herhusband Guy of Metz, who otherwise was known in France from whence hecame, as Guarine or Warine de Metz.  This may be Guy Le strange or amelange of characters for the medieval romance story purposes.

    The chapter conveys how the Le Strange family was founded, prior tothe Warines (Warrens, Guarines), when Mellette, a beautiful damsel hasa jousting tournament arranged for by her wealthy uncle, WilliamPeverel. This was held in the time of William the Conqueror, in 1083at his Castle Peveril (Peverel) in the Peak of Derbyshire England, andthis is where she was expected to find a suitable husband, to whichshe replied:

    "Sire, no knight is there in all the world that I would take for thesake of riches and the honour of this land but if ever I take such aone he shall be handsome and courteous and accomplished and the mostvaliant of his order in all Christendom. Of riches I make no account,for truly can I say that he is rich who has that which his heartdesires."
    --  from: Mellette, "The Romance of Fouk le fitz Warine"

    Ultimately, Guy, with his life spared, victoriously claimed his wife,Mellette, who had already expressed her interest in him by sendingover her glove. (All these aspects of the story reflect the cultureand practice of the later high Norman period, as commented earlier,from the 1200s and later, not the 1000s and 1100s of the LeStrangefamily in focus).  The story continues... "..... Guy remained inEngland, and conquered, by the force of his sword, many beautifullands, and so was named Guy le Strange ...."
    For more information see the""
    --  Our Folk -- Hart family Web Site

    A few sources name Guy's wife Mary.  No source I have seen has amaiden name for Guy's wife.  No historical documentation is available.


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