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John William MILLER

John William MILLER6,5,8,9,1,3,4,7

Dec 18438 - after 19106

Life History

about 1839

Born in Mississippi.8

(less likely)


Born in Mississippi.7

(less likely)

Dec 1843

Born in Mississippi.1,2,3,4

(most likely)

8th Jan 1865

Married Mary Minerva SCHNEIDER in Arkansas County, Arkansas.27,7

18th Dec 1866

Birth of daughter Frances MILLER in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.5,1,10,11

Apr 1867

Birth of daughter Jennie MILLER in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas.12,5,1,13,14

Aug 1869

Birth of daughter Mary Alice MILLER in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,5,15

about 1871

Birth of daughter Josephine MILLER in Arkansas.16,17,5

17th Apr 1874

Birth of son William Marvin MILLER in Arkansas.18,19,20,21,5

about 1875

Birth of daughter Ellen MILLER in Arkansas.5


Resident in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas.5

23rd Aug 1880

Birth of daughter Callie Donna MILLER in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas.22,23,24,25,3

Sep 1884

Birth of daughter Lucy MILLER in Arkansas.3,26

before 1900

Divorced from Mary Minerva SCHNEIDER in In 1900 census, Mary is reported as Widowed, but her husband is enumerated in another household.  they are both reported as Divorced in the 1910 census

after 1910

Died in Arkansas.6


  • 1850 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 12 November, PrairieTownship, page 30-31, Hse/Fam #15
    John Miller 45 M Carpenter b Prussia (b abt 1805)
    Nancy Miller 34 F b Alabama Cannot read or write
    -- page 31 --
    John W Miller 11 M b Mississippi

    1860 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 27 July, PrairieTownship, PO St Charles, page 65, Hse #477, Fam #456
    John Miller 54 M Farmer $3200 Real Estate $1520 Personal born Prussia(Germany)
    Nancy Miller 45 F House Keeper  b Alabama
    John Wm (William) Miller 17 M Farm Laborer b Mississippi

    Note that John is 11 in 1850 (born about 1839), then in 1860 he hasaged only 6 years to 17 (born about 1843).  The 1900 census reportshis birth date as December 1844.  If this is correct, then theenumerator or his parents confusedly reported an actual 6-year old asan 11-year old 1850.  Hard to figure.  In 1880 he is 38, making birthabout 1842.  The first age given in 1850 is way off compared to theothers.

    1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 18 July, PrairieTownship, PO St Charles, page 18, Hse/Fam #151
    Miller, John 26 M W Farmer $400 Real Estate $300 Personal  bMississippi
    Miller, Mary 24 F W Keeping House born Louisiana Cannot read or write
    Miller, Carcy (Carson) 7 M W born Arkansas
    Miller Francis 4 F born Arkansas
    Miller, Jane (Jennie) 3 F W born Arkansas
    Miller, Mary A 9 months born Aug 1869 F W born Arkansas
    Dillard, Thomas 22 Laborer on Farm b Mississippi

    The Carcy here is Carson Wallace (Wallis), Mary's with from her firsthusband.  Note that Mary's birth place is reported as Louisiana.  Thisis a puzzle, since all other sources report her born in New York.  Butthis is obviously the same person, since her son Carcy (Carson) isreported here, consistent with the 1880 report.

    1880 Federal census, Arkansas County, Arkansas lists this family.  Allthe children of John W and Mary were born in Arkansas.

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 2 June, PrairieTownship, page 21 (scan p15C), Hse #21, Fam #25
    John W Miller W M 38  Farmer  MS Prussia AL [b abt 1842]
    Mary Miller  W F 34  Wife  House Keeper NY VT Ireland
    Carson Wallace  W M 17 Step-Son  AR AL NY [b abt 1863]
    Fannie Miller  W F 15  Dau AR MS NY
    Jennie Miller  W F 13 Dau   AR  MS  NY
    Allie Miller  W F 11 Dau  AR MS NY
    Josephine Miller  W F Dau  9 AR MS NY
    Willie Miller  W M 7 Son  AR MS NY
    Ellen Miller  W F 5 Dau  AR MS NY

    The name Tannie is a mistranscription from the handwritten censusinformation, for the correct name Fannie.  This is in line with manyother typos in the LDS online version of the 1880 census.

    Likewise there is an error in the transcription of the childJosephine, which is clearly readable, though slightly faded.  Thecensus transcription names this child Joesy [actual spelling].  It isinteresting that they have substituted a nickname, when the actualentry is readable as Josephine.  These same errors occur in information, since they have taken the 1880 censustranscription of the LDS library.

    The report of Carson Wallace as a stepson of John W Miller indicatesthat Mary Wallis Miller was previously married to someone namedWallace.  (This is probably only another spelling for Wallis.)  TheMiller genealogy reports that John and Mary married in 1865, soCarson's birth in about 1863 would indicate that John was not hisfather.  John and Mary got married in the home of Mrs Sarah Wallis.This, then, must be Mary's mother-in-law from her first marriage.  Asof October 2008, I do not have further information about theWallis/Wallace family.

    Two children, Lucy and Kelly (Callie), reported by Bertie L McSwain,were born after this census and first reported in 1900 with John.Their mother is still living at this time, but not with her husbandJohn.  Mary is living in her own house, alone, a few doors down.  Bothare reported as widowed.  Callie is only 17 but already widowed, witha 2-year-old son.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 27 June, PrairieTownship, District 7, page 19A, Hse #333, Fam #341
    Miller, John E (should be W) Head  W M Dec 1844 65 Widowed MS GermanyAL Farmer Owns
    Miller, Lucy  Dau W F Sep 1884 15 Single AR MS NY
    Crabtree, Callie  Dau W F Nov 1882 17  Widow 1 child/1 living AR MS NY
    Crabtree, Elden  Son W M July 1897 2  Single AR AR AR

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 28 June, PrairieTownship, District 7, page 19B, Hse #338, Fam #346
    Miller, Mary E  Head W F Aug 1845 54 Widow NY VT Ireland

    The 1910 census records for John and Mary are very interesting.  J WMiller is listed as head of the household with his unmarried children,of whom Jennie is the oldest.  He is a widower.  However, his wifeMary is listed below, two houses away with their daughter JosephineAlmond!  Mary is reported as Divorced.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 5 May, North Prairie,District 12, page 8A, Hse #146
    Miller, J W Head M W  63 Widowed  MS Germ AL Farmer
    Seamans, Jinnie Daughter F W  40  borne 4 children, 3 living  AR MS AL
    Seamans, Lillie Granddaughter F W 20  AR AR AR Laborer, Home Farm
    Seamans, Ethel Granddaughter F W 16  AR AR AR Laborer, Home Farm
    Simmons, Arthur Grandson M W 13  AR TN AR Laborer, Home Farm (born abt1997)

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 5 May, North Prairie,District 12, page 8A, Hse #144
    Almond, T W Head M W  42 Married 14 yrs AR MS AL Farmer
    Almond, Josephine Wife F W  37 Married 14 yrs borne 4 children, 4living  AR MS AL
    Almond, Viola Daughter F W 13  AR AR AR Laborer, Home Farm
    Almond, Clara Viola Daughter F W 12  AR AR AR Laborer, Home Farm
    Almond, Edward Son M W 8 AR AR AR Laborer, Home Farm
    Almond, Felix Son M W 5 AR AR AR
    Miller, Marry  Mother-in-law F W  65 Divorced AL Unknown Unknown


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