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Martha A BUTLER2,1

Aug 18791 - UNKNOWN

Life History

Aug 1879

Born in Mississippi.1




  • Birth Date:
    Martha A Butler, Aug 19, 18 [only 3 numbers here, an erasure andincomplete overwrite]
    Most of the birth dates in this list have been changed or obliterated.
    --  Family BIble entry, scan courtesy of Jack Dodson, 28 August 2011

    In the 1880 census, the name of this child is faded and is transcribedby Ancestry as Wirtner.  However, the general configuration of thename is very similar to the name in the 1900 census that is clearlyMartha.  I think the mark interpreted by Ancestry as an R is the leftleg of initial A, matching the name in family sources, Martha AButler.

    The 1880 census reports the month of birth, which agrees with themonth reported in the 1900 census.  But there is a discrepancy on theyear.  In 1900 birth year is reported as 1880 (which would have beenafter the 1880 census, when she was already reported as 10 monthsold).  In 1900 Martha is consistently reported to be 19 years old.This is a common discrepancy in 1900 census birth dates.  Lacking anyother information about a daughter named Wirtner, I am consideringthat these two entries refer to Martha A.

    1880 Federal Census, Coahoma County, Mississippi, 11 June, Beat 3,District 99, page 14, Hse #88, Fam #99
    Buttler, Geo W  W M  40 Farmer AL TN AL
    Buttler, Sallie A W F 32 Wife Keeping House MS VA MS
    Buttler, Martha A  W F 10 months born Aug 1879  Dau Single MS AL MS

    1900 Federal Census, Coahoma County, Mississippi, 20 June, Beat 3,District 23, page 14B, Hse/Fam #307
    Butler, George W Head W M Dec 1889  60 Widowed 7 children/7 living ALTN AL Farmer Owns
    Butler, Martha Dau W F Aug 1880 19 Single MS AL AL


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    • 20 June, Beat 3, District 23, page 14B, Hse/Fam #307
  • 2. 1880 Federal Census, Coahoma County, Mississippi
    • 11 June, Beat 3, District 99, page 14, Hse #88, Fam #99

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