Laurie Margaret LEE Mini tree diagram

R H GLORY1,3,4,5

about 1880 - after 19341,2

Life History

about 1880


about 1929

Married Laurie Margaret LEE in Fresno County, California.1

after 1934

Died in Fresno County, California.1,2


  • It appeared that R H Glory had died before the census in 1930.  MaggieLee Green was reprorted wiht the name Maggie Glory, and as Married,but htere was no husband reported in her ghousehold.  In 1940 she wasreported as a widow, so it appeared perhaps her husband R H Glory hadjust died or was abvout to die iat the time of the 1930 census.

    However, in Jully 2015, a record was found for an R H Glory, with nowife reported, in the Fresno City Directory for 1932.  This indicateshe lived at least till 1932, and since no wife is reported, he waslikely divorced.  It is known that is other cases, a divorced wife inthat era might report therself as a widow in order to avoid questinosand the negative connotatoin of having a divorce.  That may be whathappened with Maggie Green Glory in the 1940 census.

    On the same two-page spread of the directory is also an entry for a PGreen, matching Maggie's brother-in-law Pink Green, with a matchingaddress on  Route 7, the neighboring box.  This matches the picture oftheir living situation that we get from from details in previouscensuses and mention of some land purchase or rental deals of Pinkwith R H Glory.  But I do not find a correspnding entry for Maggieunder the name either Glory or Green.  RH's entry is the only oneunder the surname of Glory.

    We might check the directory for the name Schuchard, which has come tolight as a marriage of Maggie at some point.  Dates have not beenrecovered or the timeline reconstructed.  Nope ... nothing in thisdirectory under the name Schuchard.  Further then similar entries forR H Glory were found in the 1933 and 1934 city directories.  Theaddress appears to mean Rural Route 7, Box 219, which fits theirearlier living situation,

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1932, p 734-735
    Glory R H rt 7 Bx 219 (p 734)
    Green P rt 7 Bx 218 (p 735)

    In the 1933 diirectory R H is at a different address, but stil on arural route in the county.  Again his is the only entry for thesurname Glory.  This entry is very interesting but puzzling in adiffertent way.  There are two similar entries now for a Green P andGreen Pink.  The entry for Green P has the address Rt 9 Box 221a,which is a couple opf houses away form either of the 1932 entries.Then Green Pink is at the very same address as R H Glory, Rt 9 Box433a.  This makes us less certain who the Glory entry might representand who P Green is in contrast to Pink Green.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1933, p 753-754
    Glory R H rt 9 Bx 433a
    Green P rt 7 Bx 221a (p 754)
    Green Pink rt 9 Bx 433a (p 754)

    In the 1934 entry, R H Glory and Pink Green are again at the sameaddress as in 1933.  There4 is no entry this time for P Green.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fresno, California, City Directory, 1934, p 746
    Glory R H rt 9 Bx 433a
    Green Pink rt 9 Bx 433a


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