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Shadrack GREEN2,3

also known as Shaddrock GREEN1

12th Sep 17422 - 22nd Oct 18202

Life History

12th Sep 1742

Born in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.1,2

(most likely)

16th Jul 1747

Born in Baltimore County, Maryland.2

(less likely)


Birth of son Shadrack L GREEN in South Carolina.4,5,6

8th Jul 1787

Birth of daughter Temperance GREEN in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.7,8

22nd Oct 1820

Died in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.2

Other facts


Married Rachel SMITH


  • Parentage of this Shadrack is somewhat uncertain, as with this wholeline in the 1700s.  Sources have them organized quite differently.The source cited here for Shaddrock (aka Shadrack) Green fits well inthe generational sequence, and eases the problem other sources hadwith the long impossible time ranges.  A problem in several of thesepersons is the matching of spouses, marriage dates, birth dates anddates of birth for the children.

    It is possible this Shadrick had more than one wife.  Some of theuncertainty is in different dates for what appears to be the samewife, reported as Rachel Smith, or Rachel with Unknown Last Name.  Twobirth dates range from 1750 to 1758 for Rachel's married to ShadrickGreen (b 1747).

    Our Shadrack Green born in 1760 seems to be a son of thisShadrick/Shadrack.  But the birth date of 1747 for Shadrick is tooclose to 1760 for him to reasonably be the father.  If he was born in1747, he would be only 13 years old when Shadrack was born in 1760.

    The dates of birth and death for Shadrick are convincingly exact.However, a more realistic date is provided by another source, whichhas very few details, and thus does not carry the sense of authority Iwould prefer.  The person is listed there as Shaddrock Green with abirth date of 1730.  The World Family Tree genealogy #3554 whichreports this Shaddrock has no name or info on a wife of Shaddrock.

    A daughter reported by this genealogy is also reported by onegenealogy in the One World Tree collection that reports the ShadrickGreen born in 1747.  Dicey Green, born in 1770 according to WFT #3554is born 1775 in OWT.  Shadrack Green born 1760 is also reported as achild in OWT.

    The birth date of 1730 would accommodate the age problem between thesetwo generations.  The inexact birth date of 1730 would not normally bea better alternative than the more exact date given in One World Tree. But the age spacing is more reasonable.  The early birth in 1830,however, presents a problem related to the birth of thewidely-reported father of Shadrack, Isaac Green, in 1721, and marriageto Rebecca in 1741.

    World Family Tree Vol. 13, Pedigree #3554. reports only the year 1830as Shadrack's birth date, which is only 11 years after most sourcesreport the birth of his father Isaac Green.  Other genealogies andindications make it more like 1847, with his brother Isaac born inSept 1742.  But Shadrack and Isaac's father Isaac in his will refersto Shadrack as his eldest son.  If Shadrack's parents married in 1741as reported, then it was Shadrack he and not his brother Isaac thatwas born in Sept 1742.

    OWT reports Shadrick born in Baltimore, while WFT reports Shaddrockwith no birth place.  The birth place of the daughter Dicey they bothreport differs:  OWT says Burke County, North Carolina, while WFT saysAlbemarle County, Virginia. These two counties are not to far apartconsidering the migratory nature of the culture at that time.

    People were moving south from Pennsylvania or Maryland throughVirginia into North Carolina, and in the same or next generation onwest.  Places and dates vary considerably on the known same person, sothis could be the same individual.

    There is likely more information that we are missing at this stage tomake sense out of all these names and close bit different dates andwide range of geography.  But there are a lot of Shadracks,Shaddrocks, Shadricks and similar Greens in several states.  It ispossible that one of these is a son of a related uncle or cousin.  Itis frustrating that most genealogies don't tell you where they got theinformation and why they have settled on a particular date, spellingof a name or particular place name as a birth place or death place.

    One problem is that most of these Greens are reported only assecondary persons in another family's line, so only one child of onegeneration who married someone in a another family is reported bydifferent ones.  So there are bits of information missing.


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