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Henry GREEN1,2,3

about 17901,2,3 - after 18503,2

Life History

about 1790

Born in North Carolina.1,2,3


Death of Charlotte CORBIN-GREEN in Hancock County, Ohio.3

after 1850

Died in Rutherford County, North Carolina.3,2

Other facts


Married Charlotte CORBIN-GREEN in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.3


Married Mary HENRYWIFE

The reported first marriage to Mary Corbin in this genealogy seems tobe unlikely, and probably an error due to confusing two individualsand families.


  • 1850 Federal Census, Rutherford County, North Carolina, 29 August, FoxSquirrel District, Hse #968, Fam #992
    Henry Greene 60 M Farmer $75 Real Estate b NC [b abt 1790]
    Mary Greene 64 F b NC [b abt 1786]
    Lucinda Greene 35 F b NC [b abt 1815]
    Willis Greene 17 M b NC [b abt 1833]

    Living close by is a Nancy A Greene, who matches Henry's mother NancyElizabeth Reeves Green.  But the reported age makes her only 10 yearsolder than Henry's reported age.  Age reports are wild in some ofthese censuses.  It appears to be Nancy A Reeves Green, but the agerecorded is incorrect.  She should be about 80 years old.

    1850 Federal Census, Rutherford County, North Carolina, 29 August, FoxSquirrel District, Hse #972, Fam #996
    Nancy A Green 70 F No Real Estate value reported b NC [b abt 1780]

    A genealogy reports that Henry was married twice, first to a woman inPennsylvania, who died in 1836, when they were living in Ohio.  Theremay have been some work-related reason for Henry to move from NorthCarolina to Pennsylvania, then after marrying there, move on toneighboring Ohio.  But this seems a bit far-fetched.  No documentationis offered in this genealogy.

    If this scenario is correct, it would mean that he moved back to hishome area, Rutherford County, North Carolina, after 1836, then marriedMary, the person we know as his primary wife, and died in 1850 (alsoreported by genealogies, but undocumented so far).  But I have foundno documentation to tie our Henry Green to this Pennsylvania and Ohioscenario.

    Henry Green
    Birth 1790 in Rutherford County, North Carolina
    Death 1850 in Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio
    Marriage to Charlotte Corbin-Green Pennsylvania, Somerset County,Pennsylvania
    Birth 8 Apr 1793 in Huntingdon, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania
    Death 1836 in Hancock, Ohio
    Marriage 2: Mary Green, Birth 1790, Death <Unknown>
    --  Nancy Ballard,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/20250722/person/19970702895?ssrc=&ml_rpos=2&ftm=1

    The 1850 census above seems to make it difficult to work in thatearlier marriage.  Details are lacking, but it appears that Henry andMary had at least one son.  It appears that Lucinda Green in theirhousehold is their widowed daughter-n-law, and Willis theirgrandson,Lucinda's son.  But if they did not marry until after Henry'sfirst wife died in 1836, the oldest child they could have would beless than 15 years old.

    Maybe Lucinda is the wife of one of Henry's brothers?  Maybe theBallard genealogy has the matter wrong bout the first wife inPennsylvania?  But the likelihood that two families have been mixedhere is further indicated in the genelaogy, which reports that HenryGreen died in Ohio in 1850, but is in the 1850 census in RutherfordCounty, North Carolina, in 1850, and is married to Mary.  So these aretwo different Henry Greens that have been welded together.  The weldseams attempting to merge these two individuals and famllies are notholding.


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