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Myrtle Emma GREEN

Myrtle Emma GREEN3,1,4,11,2,5,10,6,12,7,8

also known as Myrtle E POWELL3

also known as Myrtle M9

2nd Dec 18929 - 20th Oct 194610,7

Life History

2nd Dec 1892

Born in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.3,1,4,2,5,3,6,7,8

(most likely)


Born in Oklahoma.9

(less likely)

between 3rd Oct 1898 and 25th Sep 1902

Residence1: Dawes Chickasaw Roll; Chickasaw History in Bob, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,2

about Feb 1908

Birth of son Daniel R POWELL in Oklahoma.3,9

8th Mar 1908

Married Andrew Julius POWELL.11


Residence2 in Washington, Love, Oklahoma.9

6th May 1910

Birth of son Ambrose J POWELL in Oklahoma.3,4,13

25th Dec 1911

Birth of daughter Lucille POWELL in Oklahoma.3,14,15,16

about 1912

Birth of daughter Manto R POWELL in Oklahoma.3

about 1914

Birth of son William B POWELL in Oklahoma.5,3,4

5th Jun 1919

Birth of son Melvin D C POWELL in Oklahoma.5,3,4,11


Residence3 in Thomas, Johnston, Oklahoma.3


Birth of son Julius POWELL in Oklahoma.4,5

about 1928

Death of daughter Manto R POWELL in Oklahoma

29th Oct 1928

Birth of daughter Wanda Sue POWELL in Oklahoma.5,4,17


Residence4 in Precinct 6, Red River, Texas.4


Residence5 in Bowie County, Texas.5

20th Oct 1946

Died in Vancouver, Clark, Washington.6

(most likely)

1st Nov 1948

Died in Marion County, Oregon.10,7

(less likely)

Other facts




  • 1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 2 June,Township 8, South Range 1 East, District 151, page 1A, Hse #2
    Green, Reddick J  Head White Male Feb 1869  31 Married 12 yrs IndTerritory GA Ind Territory  Farmer  Owns Farm  Cannot read and write
    Green, Etta L  Wife White Female Nov 1869  30 Married 12 yrs  3children/2 living MS TN AL Can read and write
    Green, William A  Son White Male Aug 1890  9 Ind Territory IndTerritory Mississippi
    Green, Myrtle E Dau  White Female Dec 1892  7 Ind Territory IndTerritory Mississippi

    Myrtle was registered with other members of her family in the DawesChickasaw Nation Roll.

    U.S. Native American Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes,1898-1914
    Dawes Chickasaw Roll, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 25 Sep 1902
    Census Card #1662, Dawes' Roll #4064
    Myrtle Emma Green
    Birth Year abt 1892
    Age at Census Enrollment 12
    Enrollment Date 25 Sep 1902
    Chickasaw By Blood, 1/8

    Myrtle Emma Green
    Birth 2 DEC 1892 in Indian Territory
    Death 1 NOV 1948 in Marion, Oregon [but see below]
    Etta D Bower 1869 - 1949
    Marriage to 8 Mar 1908 Andrew Julius Powell
    Son Melvin D.C. Powell
    Birth June 5, 1919 in Oklahoma
    Death 27 Jul 2000 in De Kalb, Bowie, Texas
    --  Bishop Family,

    1920 Federal Census, Johnston County, Oklahoma, 11 February, ThomasTownship, District 97, page 17B, Hse/Fam #330
    Powell, Andy Head Rents M W 28 AR AR TN Farmer
    Powell, Myrtle E Wife F W 26 OK OK MS
    Powell, Daniel R Son M W 11 OK AR OK
    Powell, Ambrose Son M W 10 OK AR OK
    Powell, Lucille  Dau F W 9 OK AR OK
    Powell, Manto R Dau F W 7 OK AR OK
    Powell, W B Son M W 5 OK AR OK
    Powell, D C Son M W 6mos OK AR OK

    1930 Federal Census, Red River County, Texas, 14 April, Precinct 6,District 21, page 8A, Hse #165, Fam #171
    Powel, Andy J Head Rents M W 42 Married at age 20 AR AR AR FarmLaborer
    Powel, Myrtle Wife F W 37 Married at age 15 OK OK MS
    Powel, Ambrose Son M W 19 Single OK AR OK Farm Laborer
    Powel, Luciele Dau F W 18 Single OK AR OK
    Powel, W B Son M W 13 Single OK AR OK
    Powel, D C Son M W 10 Single OK AR OK
    Powel, Julious Son M W 6 Single OK AR OK
    Powel, Wandasue Dau F W 1yr6mos Single OK AR OK [b abt Aug 1927]
    Henry, Pat Boarder M W 33 Single AR AR AR Farm Laborer

    1940 Federal Census, Bowie County, Texas, 9 April, Justice Precinct 3,District 19-25, page 5B, Spring Hill & River Rd, Hse #93, Rents $2
    Powell, Andy J  Head M W 50 Grade 2 b Arkansas Rural Bowie County in1935 Farmer
    Powell, Myrtle Wife F W 48 Grade 4 b Oklahoma Rural Bowie County in1935
    Powell, William B Son M W 23 Grade 2 b Oklahoma Rural Bowie County in1935 Farm Laborer
    Powell, Melvin D Son M W 21 Grade 2 b Oklahoma Rural Bowie County in1935 Farm Laborer
    Powell, Julious Son M W 16 Grade 7 b Oklahoma Rural Bowie County in1935 No Occup
    Powell, Wanda Sue Dau F W 12 Grade 3 b Oklahoma Rural Bowie County in1935 No Occup
    Green, Daniel Brother-in-Law M W 72 Grade 0 b Oklahoma Rural BowieCounty in 1935 No Occup

    This Daniel Green, as age 72,  is the brother of Myrtle's father, andso her uncle, and Andy's uncle-in-law.  But he was also married toAndy's sister Sarah, so he is Andy's brother-in-law, as reported here. But his reported age points up the discrepancies and confusion infamily and official reports about Daniel and his older brother ReddickGreen, also confusingly reported in some genealogies as Daniel.

    Some genealogies have only one son with the name Daniel Reddic orvariations like Redric.  It appears that Reddick Jackson Green wasborn in 1869, and Daniel in about 1872.  So we would expect Daniel'sage in 1940 to be about 68.

    All the genealogies I have seen that have a death date for Myrtlereport her death was in Oregon in 1948.  This information is found inthe Oregon Death Index.  The difficulty with this is that the lastname is her maiden name and not her married name.  We would expect herto be Myrtle Emma Powell.  The Oregon record is for Myrtle E Green.

    Oregon, Death Index, 1898-2008
    Certificate #12554
    Myrtle E Green
    Death 1 Nov 1948 Marion County

    It appears the genealogies have just all copied from each otherwithout analyzing fully.  In December 2012 my cousin Marion Mixonfound an alternative record in Washington state that has very closedetails to our Myrtle Emma.

    Washington, Deaths, 1883-1960
    Myrtle Emmer Powell [Myrtle Emmer Green]
    Birth Date abt 1892
    Death 20 Oct 1946 Vancouver, Clark, Washington
    Age at Death 54
    Father Dutch Green
    Mother Etta Bowens
    Washington State Death Records

    The middle name here is Emmer, an obvious form of Emma, representingthe dialectic pronunciation we have commonly heard.  The surnames ofher parents match, though I do not have other information that herfather Reddick Jackson was called by the nickname Dutch.

    Her mother's maiden name is normally found as Bowers, and this Bowenscould be a transcription from a handwritten record that was misread.Also, the Bowers name was formerly found as Bowen, but was changedalong the way to Bower or Bowers.

    I have not found any further details about a move to the Northwest orother confirmations.  Note that this record of death is only 6 yearsafter they were recorded in the 1940 Census in Bowie County, Texas.


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