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Nancy Ophelia WEDONTKNOW

Nancy Ophelia WEDONTKNOW4,1,5

also known as OPHELIA1

also known as Nancy BARNETT3

18081 - between 1844 and 18482,1

Life History


Born in South Carolina.1

about 1829

Married Jorile R BARNETT in Maco, Brunswick, North Carolina.8,20,21

about 1832

Birth of son James BARNETT in North Carolina.3,6

27th Apr 1834

Birth of son John N BARNETT in North Carolina.3,7,8

about 1835

Birth of son Thomas BARNETT in North Carolina.3

22nd Dec 1835

Birth of daughter Evaline BARNETT in Cherokee County, North Carolina.9,10,11,12,13

about 1840

Birth of son William D BARNETT in Murphy, Cherokee, North Carolina.14,3

21st Feb 1841

Birth of son Francis Marion BARNETT in Murphy, Cherokee, North Carolina.15,16,1,17,18,3,14,19

about 1844

Birth of daughter Isabella Carline BARNETT in North Carolina.3,19

between 1844 and 1848

Died in Cherokee County, North Carolina.2,1

Last child b 1844; next wife married 1848

Other facts


Buried in Cherokee County, North Carolina.1


  • We do not know the full name of Jorile (Jorial) Barnett's first wife.She is reported in the 1840 census, but names of individuals otherthan the head of household were not reported.  We find Jorile and hisfirst wife with their family in Cherokee County, North Carolina in the1840 census.

    1840 Federal Census, Cherokee County, North Carolina
    Joriael Barnett
    MALES:  1 under 5 (William?), 3 between 5-10 (James, John, Thomas), 130-40 (Jorile/Jorial)
    FEMALES: 1 under 5, (Evaline), 1 5-10 (??); 1 10-15 (Nancy), and 130-40 (1st wife)

    There is an additional female child here, aged between 5 and 10, whomwe do not see later.  This is probably a child who died before the1850 census.

    Working with another Barnett researcher, Nadene Snyder, I discoveredthat the first name of Jorile's first wife was Nancy.  Nadene found achurch record, minutes form the Hanging Dog Baptist Church in CherokeeCounty, North Carolina, which reported that the church received Jorialand Nancy Barnett as members on 8 June 1844, just one month after thechurch had been organized.  This would be Jorial's first wife.

    His second wife's name was also unknown until 13 June 2008, when Ifound a note in a genealogy discussion list from Barbara Stevens.  Shereported that the name of Jorile's second wife was Nancy Powell, andthey married about 1848.  This Nancy Powell.  I had already found theHanging Dog Church records, which reported that a Nancy Powell hadjoined that church in November 1844.  Then I knew that the Nancy whojoined the church the same day as Jorile was his first wife, meaningboth his first and his second wife were named Nancy.

    Jorile married Nancy Powell in October 1848.  So Nancy <Firstwife>died before that time.

    Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002, page 78, entry 226
    Name: Jorial Barnett
    Spouse: Nancy Powell
    Marriage 27 Oct 1848, Monroe County, Tennessee

    With this marriage record, we know his first wife died before October1848.

    The 1850 census, along with the information from the church records,tells us that Jorile and his first wife lived in North Carolina, andhe met his second wife in the same church.  That 1850 census gives usthe names of all the children who survived to that point.  In 1850,Jorile and his second wife are just over the border in Monroe County,Tennessee.  From the marriage record above, we learned the Nancy hereis Nancy Powell.

    1850 Federal Census, Monroe County, Tennessee, 12 November, 14th CivilDistrict, page 229 (scan 115), Hse/Fam #1608
    Jariel [Jorial or Jorile] Barnett 42 M Farmer $600 Real Estate. $200Personal  b SC
    Nancy Barnett 25 b SC [second wife, Nancy Powell]
    James Barnett 18 b NC
    -- page 230 --
    John Barnett 15 b NC
    Thomas Barnett 15 b NC
    Evaline Barnett 12 b NC
    William Barnett 10 b NC
    Frances Barnett 8 b NC
    Isabell Barnett 6 b NC
    Zachary Tailor Barnett 9mos M b NC [b Jan-Feb 1850]

    Additionally, after finding the marriage information for Nancy Powell,we know that Zachary Taylor Barnett here is the son of Nancy Powell,not Jorile's first wife Nancy.  Because Zachary is reported here as 9months old, we know he was born in either January or February (censuswas in November 1850).  Since Jorile married Nancy Powell in October1848, He is definitely Nancy Powell's son.  The other children shownin the 1850 census are the children of Jorile's first wife Nancy.

    One genealogy reports Jorile's first wife with the same children andmarriage place and date as Ophelia.  This may indicate that her fullname was Nancy Ophelia.  This genealogy, however, like others, has nodetails or source information and no information on her parents.  Thename Ophelia may be a middle name or an error by that compiler.

    Birth 1810 in Ill, Death BEF 1844 in Cherokee, North Carolina
    Marriage to Jorial R Barnett 1829 Maco, North Carolina
    --  Barnett,

    This source reports the same children, all born in North Carolina, asother sources report for the known first wife Nancy.  But though thissource reports all her chidlren as born in North Carolina, it reportsthat Ophelia was born in Illinois.  This is extremely unlikely, sincethere is no record or indication that Jorile was never in Illinoisuntil after the death of his second wife, Nancy Powell in Tennessee.Like most genealogies no source is given.


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