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Jorile R BARNETT8,12,7,9,6

also known as Josiah BARNETT13

also known as JoRoyall BARNETT5

also known as Joseph BARNETT14

also known as Joroyall BARNETT1

13th Mar 18028,3,7,9,4 - after 188010,7,4

Life History

13th Mar 1802

Born in Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina.1,2

(most likely)

about 1808

Born in Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina.8,3,7,9,4

(less likely)

about 1829

Married Nancy Ophelia WEDONTKNOW in Maco, Brunswick, North Carolina.16,10,12


Resident 1830 Federal Census in Spartanburg County, South Carolina

about 1832

Birth of son James BARNETT in North Carolina.8,15

27th Apr 1834

Birth of son John N BARNETT in North Carolina.8,17,16

about 1835

Birth of son Thomas BARNETT in North Carolina.8

22nd Dec 1835

Birth of daughter Evaline BARNETT in Cherokee County, North Carolina.18,19,20,21,22

about 1840

Birth of son William D BARNETT in Murphy, Cherokee, North Carolina.24,8


Resident 1840 US census in Cherokee County, North Carolina.12

21st Feb 1841

Birth of son Francis Marion BARNETT in Murphy, Cherokee, North Carolina.25,26,4,27,28,8,24,3

about 1844

Birth of daughter Isabella Carline BARNETT in North Carolina.8,3

between 1844 and 1848

Death of Nancy Ophelia WEDONTKNOW in Cherokee County, North Carolina.29,4

27th Oct 1848

Married Nancy POWELL in Monroe County, Tennessee.3,13,8,10,10,34

about Jan 1850

Birth of son Zachary Taylor BARNETT in Cherokee County, North Carolina.30,31,8

12th Nov 1850

Resident 1850 Federal Census, Monroe County, Tennessee, 12 November in Monroe County, Tennessee.8

about 1851

Birth of daughter Clarinda BARNETT in Monroe County, Tennessee.32,3,9,33

about 1852

Birth of daughter Susan J BARNETT in Monroe County, Tennessee.9,3

between 1852 and 1857

Death of Nancy POWELL in Monroe County, Tennessee.11,3,8

3rd Jul 1855

Resident State census in Washington County, Illinois.6

15th Jan 1857

Married Sarah J MORGAN in Jefferson County, Illinois.11

15th Jan 1857

Resident Married Sarah Gipson; he may not have been resident there, but onlymarried there, since in the 1860 census, he and Sarah were inWashington County, where he had been enumerated in 1855. in Jefferson County, Illinois.11

22nd Jun 1860

Resident US Census there with his wife Sarah in Ashley, Washington, Illinois.3

13th Feb 1862

Death of son William D BARNETT in Ashley, Washington, Illinois.23,10

23rd Aug 1867

Death of son John N BARNETT in Illinois.16

23rd Aug 1870

Resident 1870 Federal Census, Hill County, Texas, 23 August, PO Hillsboro in Hillsboro, Hill, Texas.9

after 1880

Died in Hill County, Texas.10,7,4

(less likely)

after 1880

Died in Hill County, Texas.7

(most likely)

5th Jun 1880

Resident 1880 census in Hillsboro, Hill, Texas.7

Other facts


Also Known As2: Jorial R Barnett.3,4,5


  • This family was hard to reconstruct.  One of the problems was thevariety of first names of the husband/father of this Barnett family.Some sources seemed to have the name Josiah, but most had Joriah orJosial, or some other odd forms like Josill, which turned out to beone of the common mis-transcriptions we find on Ancestry.com.  Josialand Joriah were likewise errors or misreadings of the census listingsfor Jorial.

    Some listed him in genealogies or records as Jorial.  The 1860Illinois census and his record of marriage to Sarah Morgan Gibsonspell his name as Jorial.  The 1870 census spells it Jorile.

    Once I saw the 1870 census in actual handwriting, this name made senseto me.  His name is the same as the middle name of his grandson, theson of Clarinda Barnett and Jackson Green, my great-grandfather.  Wehave good records in our family on this name.  Great Grandpa Green'sfull name is Toliver Jorile.  The first name of Clarinda Barnett'sfather in the 1870 census looks exactly like this Jorile.  It is sounusual, it is no wonder so many had trouble figuring it out.

    The name is confirmed in the family naming patterns.  Toliver is thename of Jackson's father, Toliver Green.  So Toliver Jorile was namedafter both his grandfathers Toliver Green and Jorile Barnett!  Thismakes sense of the name of Clarinda Barnett's father.  It alsoexplains the sometime spelling of the name as Jorial, which is anotherspelling for the same phonetic name.

    In searching with this more detailed Barnett information, I also foundthat there was another line of Barnetts, many of whom came to Texasfrom Alabama.  Their ancestors were also from South Carolina, and havemany similar names in their line.  These Barnetts appeared to stemfrom a common ancestor.

    The genealogy of the Virginia-Carolina-Alabama Barnetts does notreport all the lines from the Virginia and South Carolina individuals. Some details are missing on several of those who are reported.  Datesof birth also vary among the few genealogies reporting on this line ofBarnetts.

    A striking feature of these Carolina-Alabama Barnetts is the nameJorial which continues in various forms throughout the generations.This also gave insight into the origin of the name Jorial.  Forms ofthe name in this line appear as Jorial, Joroyall or Rial.  Thevariation Joroyall gives some clue into the linguistic origin of theunique name.  Variations of this name will be found for individualswith the name.

    A Joseph Barnett, born in 1731 in Goochland County, Virginia (justwest of Richmond), had a son named Joseph Royall.  I found that JosephRoyall's nickname was Joroyall.  One of Joseph Royall Barnett's sons,Micajah Cicero, named one of his sons Joroyall.  Another genealogyreports that this Joroyall's name was also spelled as Jorial.  JosephRoyall's son John also had a son whose name he spelled Joroyl.Another son, Richard, named one of his sons Jorial.  Richard's sonJoseph named one of his sons Rial.  Rial named one of his sons Rial T.

    When I saw these variations it gave me a clinching insight to the nameforms, and the origin of the name Jorile/Jorial.  The pronunciationrepresented by these spellings indicates a vowel change betweenEnglish dialects that is documented today.

    It is well-known that in Northern Ireland, the OI/OY diphthong ispronounced as a standard English "long I" as in right or sight.  Thusthe normal word spelled ROYAL would be pronounced RILE!  This isexactly the phonetic change we see in this line of Barnetts to give usthe name sequence JosephRoyall-Joroyall-Jorial/Jorile.  The strongestconfirming evidence of that is that Joroyall's name is also spelledJorial.  The short form Rial automatically follows as a nickname orvariation of the new name Jorial/Jorile.  The  spelling Jorile is usedfor the name in our line of Barnett-Greens.

    These Alabama Barnetts wound up in Kaufman and Cherokee Counties ofTexas, or nearby Texas counties.  Jorile and Sarah's final residencewas in Hill County, Texas, a little west of Kaufman County.  Theirdaughter Clarinda married Jackson Green in Hill County before movingto Indian Territory (Oklahoma).  Rial T Barnett in our Alabama linewas born in Kaufman County 1871.  He moved from Kaufman County, Texas,to Maricopa County (Phoenix), Arizona, where he died in 1940.

    The accumulated body of facts indicates that Jorile Barnett, who wasborn in South Carolina, married in North or South Carolina, lived inTennessee and later in Illinois, and finally moved with his third wifeto Texas, is a cousin descended from one of the earlier generations inthis same Barnett line, with the early name Royall handed down invarious phonetic forms.  Jorile/Jorial Barnett is reported in severalsources as Jorial R Barnett.

    The middle initial R probably stands for the proper second name Royallin the full name Joseph Royall, as we find for many individuals inthis lineage, for which Jorial/Jorile was originally a nickname.  It isthe proper middle name for the grandson Toliver Jorile Green.

    I have found that the Barnetts were one of several prominent familiesin Goochland County, Virginia, and all these families have the nameRoyall, Joroyal, Joroyl or variations, deriving from a family nameRoyall.  The Royalls were related to the Farrars, Barnetts, Bowmansand some other families in Goochland, all of which use the name Royallas a given name in their lineage from this Royall family.

    The Barnetts of Virginia appear to derive from an ancestor who wasoriginally named Bernard.  I have reconstructed the Bernard line backto the Norman Fitzbernard nobles in 1145.  There are indications goingfarther back, but I have not felt as confident of reports earlier than1145.

    Jacob Green's wife Susan Barnett was not Clarinda's sister, as I hadoriginally surmised from the fact that Clarinda had a sister namedSusan.  But Susan's father was John B Barnett from Alabama, and seemsto be kin to the line of Barnetts originally from Virginia with manybranches in Alabama, which I discuss above.  I have not found thedirect connection of John B Barnett's line to Jorial's line ofBarnetts (as of December 2013).  But there are many signs that thelines are related.  See entry and Notes for Susan A Barnett.

    I found a listing for what appears to be this Jorile/Jorial Barnett inSpartanburg, South Carolina, in the 1830 census.

    1830 Federal Census, Spartanburg County, South Carolina
    Jorial Barnet  Head of household
    Males 1 under 5 years, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 2 males 20-30
    Females 1 x 20-30

    There are two males in the age range of 20-30 years.  It appears oneof Jorial's brothers is staying in his household.

    We find Jorile and his first wife with their family in CherokeeCounty, North Carolina in the 1840 census, initially transcribed forme by Nadene Snyder.

    1840 Federal Census, Cherokee County, North Carolina, page 236
    Joriael Barnet
    Males  1 under 5 (William?), 3 between 5-10 (James, John, Thomas), 130-40 (Jorile/Jorial)
    Females 1 under 5 (Evaline), 1 5-10 (??); 1 10-15 (Nancy), and 1 30-40(1st wife)

    There is an additional female child here in 1840, aged between 5 and10, whom we do not see later.  This is probably a child who diedbefore the 1850 census.

    In 1848, Jorile married Nancy Powell, after the death of his firstwife.  His name in this record is written by the clerk as Josiah.

    Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002
    Josiah [Jorial/Jorile] Barnett
    Spouse Nancy Powell
    Marriage 27 Oct 1848, Monroe County, Tennessee
    --  Tennessee Marriage Records, page 78, entry 226,http://www.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=1169&enc=1.

    1850 Federal Census, Monroe County, Tennessee, 12 November, 14th CivilDistrict, page 229 (scan 115), Hse/Fam #1608
    Jariel [Jorial or Jorile] Barnett 42 M Farmer $No Real Estate b SC
    Nancy Barnett 25 F b SC
    James Barnett 18 M b NC
    -- page 230 --
    John Barnett 15 M b NC
    Thomas Barnett 15 M b NC
    Evaline Barnett 12 F b NC
    William Barnett 10 M b NC
    Frances Barnett 8 M b NC
    Isabell Barnett 6 F b NC
    Zachary Tailor Barnett 9mos M b NC [b Jan-Feb 1850]

    When first analyzing the 1850 census, going by the ages of Jeriel (42)and Nancy (25), it appeared that Nancy was his oldest child, makinghim about 17-18 when she was born.  Later information indicated thatthis Nancy was actually Jorile's second wife Nancy Powell.  NadeneSnyder had found church records indicating that Jorial and hisapparent wife named Nancy had joined a newly organized church on 8June 1844.

    The records of Hanging Dog Baptist Church in Cherokee County, NorthCarolina, report that Jorial and Nancy Barnett joined thatcongregation on 8 June 1844.  The church had been organized only inMay of that year.  Minutes through 1847 show Jorile (Jorial) chosen asa deacon (August 1844), then church clerk (April 1845), then ordainedas an elder (April 1846).

    The day after Nadene sent me that information, (in June 2008) I foundinformation on a genealogy discussion list giving several helpfuldetails about Jorial (Jorile) Barnett.  Barbara Stevens informs usthat Jorial married his second wife Nancy Powell in 1848.  Thisindicates that the Nancy who joined the church with Jorial in 1844 washis first wife.  Thus both his first and his second wife were namedNancy.

    Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002, page 78, entry 226
    Josiah [Jorial/Jorile] Barnett, Spouse Nancy Powell, Marriage 27 Oct1848 Monroe County, Tennessee
    --  http://www.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=1169&enc=1

    The date given is the date the license was issued, but the date of theactual ceremony was not entered later as usual.

    In seeing the name Nancy Powell, I realized that her name had alsoappeared in the membership records of the Hanging Dog Baptist Church.Nancy had joined the same congregation on 9 November 1844.  I have notyet found the death and burial information of the first Nancy Barnett,but this combination of facts indicates that she died there inCherokee County, North Carolina, in the community near Hanging DogBaptist Church.  Her name does not occur in the partial transcriptionof cemetery burial records of that church.

    Nancy Powell Barnett, according to the 1850 census, was born in SouthCarolina.  Note that all Jorile's children with his first wife wereborn in North Carolina. It is helpful to note that Monroe County,Tennessee, borders Cherokee County, North Carolina, so they were justa few miles from where he had lived before, and still near the HangingDog Baptist Church.  However, I do not find any reference to Jorile orNancy Powell Barnett after 1846.

    Note in the 1850 census the spelling of Frances is the femalespelling.  In 1860, Frances is reported as Female, but in latercensuses the name is spelled Francis and this person is reported asMale, including the 1880 census showing F M Barrett as the husband ofa family living next door to his father J R Barrett in Hill County,Texas.

    The spelling of Jorile's name as Jariel probably indicates that thename was pronounced as Juh-RILE.  This follows the accent of the nameJoroyall, a combined form from Joseph Royall.  The descendants of hisgrandson Toliver Jorile Green pronounced the name as JOE-rile.

    In 1850, another Barnett lived 5 houses down from Jorile and wasenumerated on the same page.

    1850 Federal Census, Monroe County, Tennessee, 12 November, 14th CivilDistrict, page 229 (scan 115), Hse/Fam #1608
    Michael Barnett 21 M Farmer $No Real Estate b Tenn
    Melissa Barnett 20 F b Tenn
    William Barnett 1 M b Tenn

    A Harding family genealogy tells us he was the son of Thomas Barnett.This genealogy does not give the sources for its information, but themarriage information matches the Monroe County, Tennessee, marriagerecords and this 1850 census record.

    Mitchael Barnett
    Birth Abt 1828 in Polk, Tennessee, Death BEF. 1928
    Parents Thomas Barnett 1795-1882, Elizabeth Davis 1798-1894
    Marriage to Melissa McNutt 3 Apr 1848 Monroe, Tennessee
    William R. Barnett b 1849
    Hillary Barnett b 1852
    Anderson Barnard 1857-1931
    --  Harding, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/5493285/person/-940529497

    Note that the genealogy has his name spelled Mitchael.  His andMelissa's marriage records spells his name Michial.  This may indicatehis name was pronounced MITCH-ee-ul, rather than Mitchell or Michael.But most family trees spell his name as Mitchell.

    Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002
    Michial Barnett
    Spouse: Malissa Mcnutt
    Marriage 3 Apr 1848 Monroe County, Tennessee

    The Thomas Barnett reported as Mitchael's father in the Hardinggenealogy is a Barnett I did not previously have in my tree.  TheHarding tree had no parents for Thomas.  It seems likely that thisThomas is from the same lineage as Jorile and the other Barnetts inneighboring counties of North Carolina and northern South Carolina.Thomas' wife was Elizabeth Davis, whose father is from Virginia likethe Barnetts and related families. Mitchael and Melissa's son Williamalso moved west and settled in Oklahoma.  When she died, Elizabeth wasliving in Fannin County, Texas, which borders Oklahoma on the RedRiver.  Barnetts in Jorile's lineage live all across north Texas.

    The 1950 entry for Mitchael and Melissa appears to be a duplicate ofthe same family enumerated nearby across the county line in PolkCounty under the names Mitchell and Malissa, with Wm R, age 1.  Nearbyare his parents Thomas and Elizabeth, and other members of thatBarnett family.  From 1860 Thomas and Elizabeth and other members oftheir family are enumerated in Monroe County.

    Some time after the death of his second wife Nancy Powell inTennessee, Jorile moved his family to Illinois.  He was there by sometime for the 1855 state census.

    1855 Illinois State Census, Washington County, 3 Jul 1855
    Jorial Barnett  1 male under 10 years, 2 males 10-20, 1 male 20-30, 1male 40-50
    3 females under 10 years, 1 female 10-20, 1 female 20-30

    Nearby is another Barnett household.
    Leonard Barnett  1 male under 10 years, 1 male 10-20, 1 male 50-60
    1 female under 10 years, 1 female 10-20

    Then he married an Illinois woman, Sarah Morgan, in January 1857.

    Illinois Marriage Index, Book 2, Page 16
    Barnett, Jorial -- Gipson, Sarah 1/15/1857, Jefferson County, Illinois

    We find Jorial enumerated with his third wife Sarah in WashingtonCounty, Illinois in June 1860.

    1860 Federal Census, Washington County, Illinois, 22 June, Ashley,page 42, Hse # 298, Fam # 270
    Jorial Barnett 52 M Farmer $600 Real  $200 Personal South Carolina
    Sarah Barnett 38 F Missouri
    Frances Barnett 19 F North Carolina
    Isabella Barnett 17 F North Carolina
    Z Taylor Barnett 12 F North Carolina
    Clarinda Barnett 9 F Tennessee
    Susan J Barnett 8 F Tennessee
    Jane Gibson 13 F Illinois
    Arminda Gibson 9 F Illinois
    John Gibson 8 M Illinois

    In June 2008, I got more information explaining these Gibson children. Nadene Snyder, another Barnett researcher, contacted me withinformation on this Illinois family, indicating that the Gibsonchildren are Sarah's children from a previous marriage to Charles SGibson of Washington County, Illinois.  This, then, would also meanthat Sarah is not the mother of these Barnett children.  The ages ofthe Gibson children run concurrently with the Barnetts, and JohnGibson is the same age as Susan J Barnett.

    Nadene had identified additional census information that added orconfirmed information on this family.  In the 1850 census, 42-year-oldJerial (Jorile) is already a widower.  In the 1840 census, which didnot give names other than the head of the household, there is a femaleof the same age range as Jorile.

    Nadene had also located the marriage information for Sarah Morgan andJorial Barnett in the Illinois Marriage Index.  Sarah Morgan hadmarried Charles S Gibson on 26 January 1841 in Washington County,Illinois.  The index tells us that Sarah Gipson married Jorial Barnetton 15 January 1857 in Jefferson County, Illinois.  Thus Jorile's firstwife, whose maiden name we do not know, died before he married NancyPowell in October 1848.  Sarah Morgan's husband Charles Gibson diedsome time before January 1857 when she and Jorile married.

    Sarah and Jorial were not married until 1857, so Sarah is not themother of Clarinda or Susan Barnett, having had her last child JohnGibson in Illinois in 1852, the same approximate time as the birth ofSusan Barnett in Tennessee.  The mother of Clarinda and Susan, as wellas Zachary, is Nancy Powell, Jorile's second wife.  This means Nancydied sometime in late 1852 or later, after the birth of Susan.

    Jorile probably moved to Illinois after Nancy died, but I have notfound her death or burial information in North Carolina or Tennessee.

    In the 1860 census, there are two children, Clarinda and Susan, whowere born after the 1850 census, Clarinda in 1851 and Susan in about1852.  But Jorile and Sarah married in January 1857.  This means thatJorile had a second wife after Zachary's mother died and before hemarried Sarah Morgan.

    Jorile and his family were living on the North Carolina side of thestate border, in Cherokee County, when Zachary was born in November1850.  Jorile had moved across the line to the neighboring MonroeCounty in Tennessee sometime before the 1850 census.  He married thereand his next two children Clarinda and Susan were born there in1851-1852.  This would mean their mother died in Tennessee sometimeafter Susan's birth in 1852 and before Jorile's marriage to SarahMorgan Gibson in January 1857.

    From there it is easy to envision them as part of the continuingstream of families moving west.  Jorile first took his motherlesschildren to Illinois, where he met and married Sarah, then at sometime after 1860 they moved on with their blended family to HillCounty, Texas.

    1870 Federal Census, Hill County, Texas, 23 August, PO Hillsboro, page39, Hse/Fam # 265
    Barnet, Jorile 62 M W Farmer No Real Estate value  $150 Personal SouthCarolina
    Barnet, Sarah 49 F W Missouri
    Barnet, Clarinda 19 F W Tennessee
    Barnet, Susan J 17 F W Tennessee
    Barnet, John [John Gibson] 16 M W Illinois [b abt 1854]

    The fact that John is reported as John Barnett rather than John Gibsonmight indicate that Jorile had legally adopted him.

    We see that Jorile's son Francis (Frank) and his wife Nancy Jane(Gibson) also moved to Texas with Jorile and Sarah.  They are living afew houses from Jorile and Sarah, and are enumerated on the pagebefore them.  The ages of their two daughters indicate that theBarnetts moved to Texas about 1867.  Fran and Nancy Jane's firstdaughter Sarah was born in Illinois in about 1846-7, and the secondMaude was born in Texas about 1868.

    1870 Federal Census, Hill County, Texas, 23 August, PO Hillsboro, page38, Hse/Fam #259
    Barnet, Francis 25 M W Farmer  $100 Real Estate born Alabama
    Barnet, Nancy 23 F W born Illinois
    Barnet, Sarah 3 F W born Illinois
    Barnet, Maude 2 F W born Texas

    Nadene Snyder shared with me the entry she had found for Jorile andSarah in Hill County in the 1880 census, along with other censuses.The initials J R here may stand for Joe Royal or for Jorile/Jorial R.This is the last public record I have found for Jorile Barnett.  Ihave not found his burial information.

    1880 Federal Census, Hill County, Texas, 5 June, Justice Precinct,District 73, Page 13, Hse #107, Fam #106
    Barnett, J R  W M 71   Farmer  SC NC SC
    Barnett, Sarah  W F 50 Wife  Keeping House  MO TN TN
    Pugh, Ella  W F 16 Granddaughter  At Home IL IL IL

    Ella Pugh is the daughter of Mary S Gibson, daughter of Sarah andCharles S Gibson.  An anonymous Ancestry.com genealogy givesinformation on her marriage to Joshua B Pugh, born in St Clair County,on 22 May 1856.  They are recorded in the 1850 census for WashingtonCounty, Illinois, living a few houses down from Jorile and Sarah.This entry of their daughter Ella in her grandmother's householdprobably indicates that her parents had both passed away at that time.

    Barbara Stevens prepared this chart of the places of residence ofJorile/Jorial Barnett. Posted: 20 Mar 2005

    The migration of Jorial Barnett:
    1808 = born SC
    1830 = married 1. probably Maco Co., NC
    1840 = census Cherokee Co, NC
    1848 = married 2. Nancy Powell, Cherokee Co., NC
    1850 = census Monroe Co., TN [adjacent to Cherokee Co]
    1857 = married Sarah Morgan Gibson - Jefferson Co., IL
    1860 = census Washington Co., IL
    Civil War = sons Frank, William serve and wounded in Civil War -William mortally wounded and died in Ashley, IL 1862
    1866 - Maude Bell Barnett born in Hill Co., TX - daughter of Francisand Nancy Jane Barnett.
    1870 = census Jorial & Sarah, Frank & Nancy, and John Gibson et al inHill County, TX
    1880 = census Hill Co., TX

    After some months of fruitless searching to tie our Jorile/JorialBarnett to the Barnetts and Royalls in Virginia, I found severalgenealogies on both lines.  Various genealogies had different childrenwith various genealogies having some of the same children.  Estimatedbirth dates for the same or similar children varied considerably,making it difficult to know if they were speaking of the sameindividuals or different children with similar names.

    Finally one of these had our Jorile with the same wives and children,with a birth year of 1802, and reporting his death in Hill County,Texas.  This last detail was a definite confirming factor that theywere referring to the same Jorial Barnett as ours, though the reportedbirth year was a bit different.  No other family of this Barnett linein genealogies I had previously seen reported a Jorial that wouldmatch ours, and none reported any members moving to Hill County, onlyKaufman or Cherokee County, Texas.

    One question arose when I found Micajah C Barnett's will.  Severalchildren are mentioned, including some who had died, whose children(Micajah's grandchildren) are mentioned in the will. Why isJoroyal/Jorile not mentioned?  It may be that he had moved away fromthe homestead area.  There is a small chance that we have not properlyplaced Jorile Barnett as the son of Micajah C Barnett Sr.  But theother known facts support this relationship.

    But in Micajah's will a son named Joseph is referred to.  Since weknow that Jorile/Jorial/Joroyall and other variations found inJorile's and various other Barnett's names, Jorial stands for JosephRoyall.  Joseph seems to refer to Jorial/Jorile.

    8th All the remaining part of my estate real and personal to beequally divided between my beloved children Jessey Barnett, ElijahBarnett, Joseph Barnett, and Mikajah Barnett and Gency [Genny?] Corder

    and I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my beloved sons JessyBarnett and Javan Barnett Executors of this my Last Will and testament
    --  Will of Micajah Barnett Sr,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/8180737/story/c4359186-7de9-43b4-934a-77a9c2cbae2d?ftm=1

    Nothing is known about Jorile's death and burial.  His last knownresidence was Hill County TX; the last record found for him was the1880 census report for him there.


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  • 34. Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002

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